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Zombie Tsunami Tips & Tricks: 5 More Hints for Amassing a Horde of Zombies (Part 2)

Last time we provided you some great tips and tricks in the first part of our Zombie Tsunami strategy guide. But that’s not all that you have to learn about this interesting title from Mobigames. Before we give you more tips and hints about the game, we should remind you that this is one zombie game where you’re in charge of the zombies, instead of the human survivors. You can either eat their brains or make them one of your kind, and while doing that, you can flip vehicles over and cause all sorts of havoc around town. That all being said, we’ll be keeping this shorter and sweeter and bringing you a second set of Zombie Tsunami tips.

1. Avoid Moving Vehicles At All Costs

In this game, you would certainly want to avoid moving vehicles that may get in your way. And you should also be able to tell the signs that there’s a vehicle incoming. You’ll hear some horns in the background, and once you do, you should be quick with your tapping finger so you can properly time your jump. Otherwise, you’ll end up as toast to these large packs of moving cars and trucks.

2. Don’t Upgrade Certain Items Unless Necessary

There are some missions in Zombie Tsunami that will require certain items to be upgraded. As such, you should only buy necessary upgrades when they’re necessary, meaning when the mission tells you to; this could really save you some of that hard-earned in-game money. If you upgrade prior to the mission, that’ll cost you twice as much as you normally would have to pay.

3. Improve Your Jumping Skills

If you want to assure yourself of a long jump each time you try to leap, then you’ll want to leap off at the very end of any given platform. Make sure you’re holding the jump until it’s complete. This will allow you to successfully make almost all jumps, and make them longer.

4. Complete Long Jump And Flying Missions

And we’ve got more tips on jumping right here! If you’re stuck on the two-second long jump mission, you should jump off a higher platform and onto a lower one, and be sure your finger is held down for the duration of the jump. As for the flying mission, do the same thing when controlling the dragon. It’s really just as simple as that!

5. Sell Your Scratch Cards For More Coins

We told you in the first part of our strategy guide that you can get a random prize from a scratch card. That’s the thing, though – the prizes are random, which means there’s a chance you’ll get something you really don’t need. If you’re a player who wants a sure way to get rewarded, and specifically wants more coins, then you can sell those lottery cards for coins. Isn’t that much better than “winning” a new background that won’t alter anything in the game?