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You Must Build A Boat Cheats & Tips: 5 Fantastic Hints to Succeed in Your Quest

As we told you last time, Android and iOS title You Must Build a Boat, by EightyEight Games, is an endless puzzler that has its share of role-playing and Match 3 puzzle influences. Aside from building the boat the title tells you to, you get to hire crew members and travel different parts of the world, and play in wholly random Match 3 dungeons. Then there are the requisite monsters and spells and equipment that are part and parcel of your typical role-playing title.

You may already know this if you’ve been playing for some time, so if you have, we’ve got yet another set of You Must Build a Boat cheats and tips, this time focusing on more advanced tricks.

1. Know The Difference Between Spells And Staffs

Both serve a similar purpose, but at the end of the day, they’re both different from each other. Staffs, also known as staves, are red wand tiles that can be matched to do Magic damage against the bad guys, especially those whose weakness is Magic. You can upgrade their power at Silver’s Staffery. Spells, on the other hand, are usable items you can find in crate tiles, as we had told you in our basic tips guide. They don’t deal out any Magic damage, but their effects are based on their element; likewise, their effect on enemies depends on their strengths or weaknesses. You can go to Leem’s Arcanery to upgrade those spells.

2. Focus On Upgrades

Regular upgrades and quick matches are very important as you go through level after level in YMBAB. And the types of upgrades you can perform will keep adding up as you go along – these include upgrading your defenses, your spells’ abilities, the pace of food recovery, the strength of attack and magic tiles, and so on. There’s no such thing as a bad upgrade in here, so take a look at your weakest points and focus on them as you get more upgrade options.

3. Maintain Your Priory Bonus By Choosing ‘Run Again’

Davies’ Priory is a temple that allows you to make an offering and get a blessing or curse at random. This will typically last for just one run, but you can extend it by choosing “Run again” after your character dies. That will allow the Priory bonus to stay intact until you decide to end the run and go back to your boat. Of course, you’ll only want to do this if the Priory gives you a good modifier, which wouldn’t be often.

4. Don’t Mess With The Priory

Things are really, really random at the Priory, and we can’t emphasize this enough. It would appear that the result of a sacrifice is based on what you sacrificed, though not entirely determined by such. In other words, sacrificing at the Priory is pretty much like spinning a roulette or playing slots at the casino – it’s purely a gamble, with no solid way of increasing your chances of getting a positive modifier.

5. Tweak Your Upgrades Based On Quest Requirements

Lastly, we advise all YMBAB players new and old to tailor-fit their upgrade strategy to what a quest requires them to do. And if you’re still stuck in a quest, make sure you’ve exhausted all resources – this may include recruiting monsters or checking Woodward’s book for help on the enemies you’ll be up with.