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WWE Immortals Cheats & Tips: 6 Tricks to Demolish Your Opponents

Warner Brothers’ WWE Immortals is to EA Sports’ WWE 2K as NBA Jam was to the NBA Live series way back in the day, even if the two wrestling-themed games above are from different companies. Still, they’re both licensed products, which means this more casual take on things comes with real WWE Superstars, albeit in “fantastical” form. In this game, you aren’t fighting in the ring on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, but rather in fantasy-based scenarios, where you can upgrade your fighters’ gear and support cards, as well as their signature moves.

Regardless if you’re into the wild and wacky world of pro wrestling or not, we’ve collected some WWE Immortals cheats, tips and hints that will help you in battle and improve your game.

1. Play In Single Player Mode First

Sure, you may want to take advantage of WWE Immortals’ social element as soon as possible and compete in online matches, but before you get your butt kicked by a far more experienced player, it would be best to learn single player mode first. This could be the best way for you to learn each character’s fighting style and signature moves.

2. Learn The Adrenaline Rush Moves And Prepare For Them

All wrestlers available in WWE Immortals comes with their own Adrenaline Rush moves, and they can deal a whole lot of damage against your opponent. You will, however, have a limited amount of time to make use of those moves, and that’s where you’ll need to swipe rapidly on your device’s display. Likewise, your opponents can use these moves as well, and that’s where our next tip comes in.

3. Focus On Defense

In other mobile fighting games, players can often get away with using only the minimum amount of defense and still surviving to win most, if not all matches. But in this game, you’ll need to learn how to block because as we said above, opponents can use Adrenaline Rush moves, and you’ll want to block those attacks. The best time to go on defense is when their adrenaline bar is almost full; block your opponent from unleashing a special move, and try to prevent them as well from tagging in a teammate.

4. Upgrade Your Roster

In this game, we recommend having six cards which you can then prioritize for your upgrades. Keep on upgrading these six fighters, preferably with a mix of cards you purchased from the in-game store and coins that you earn throughout your progression in the game. Those first Adrenaline Moves should definitely be upgraded, with a priority on unlocking the second such move as soon as possible.

5. Replay Previous Levels

Grinding it out, in other words – if you need more experience points for your roster, or simply want to upgrade a new wrestler quickly, it’s a good idea to repeat levels you’ve previously completed.

6. Focus On Dailies When Playing Online

Last, but not the least, if you’ve gotten to the point where you can play in online mode, focus your attention on the daily quests. Completing one per day will give you some great rewards and help you level up your character quickly.