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World Cricket Championship 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a World Class Cricketer

Are you a huge fan of Cricket; the second most played and watched sport in the world? Have you always dreamt of owning your own cricket team and ruling the championship charts? The good news for you is that all this and more is possible now with the brand new simulation arcade title World Cricket Championship 2. The game has been developed and released by Nextwave Multimedia and offers a variety of modes and challenges for you to end those days of boredom from your life. Even better news is that this game is free to download and play on iOS devices from the iTunes Apple App Store as well as on Android devices through the Google Play Store. Due to advanced graphics and surreal gameplay, World Cricket Championship 2 is slightly hefty in size with a download package size of 626 MB and frequent updates coming in. However, you would do well to keep some space in your phone cleared out for this game because the additional features coming with every update are not something you would want to miss out on.

The developers keep rolling out updates according to user demands and bug reports. The latest version of World Cricket Championship 2 is 2.7.7 and was updated on 13 June 2018 bringing with it improved game play and a new feature called Super Ultra Edge Detect. The beginner tutorials will serve to familiarize you with the basics of the game and how to control the movements of your team players on the cricket field. However, World Cricket Championship 2 has a difficulty curve which becomes harder and harder to overcome as you progress to the higher stages. This is why you need to employ some strategies and tricks in order to beat this ever rising difficulty level and allow yourself to get ahead of the game. Our World Cricket Championship 2 guide has all the tips for you to rise up to every challenge that the game throws at you and to get you started on the fastest path to becoming a world class cricket player.

1. Master Control Of The Cricket Bat

A batsman is a key player in the game of cricket and as the controller of all batsmen on your team, it is vital that you should learn to control your shots like a pro. The best tip for mastering control of the bat is to start practicing the swiping movements on the screen needed to hit shots. There are two types of shot combinations in the game and knowing when to use which type of shot is essential to your making a high score with your batsman during the innings. Having a good idea of the pros and cons of each type of shot and the best times to utilize them will give you a definite edge over other players and you will be able to make much faster progress in World Cricket Championship 2.

Lofted Shots

Although not mentioned in the game mechanics, this type of shot is also known as the “power shot” because it packs a powerful hit from your batsman. Ideally you should be able to hit a six, which is the highest run in the game, every time you hit a loft shot with perfect timing. However achieving perfect timing on all your shots is not as easy as it sounds. The in game tutorial will offer no help to you on perfecting the shots and it is only through sheer practice that you will be able to master this sense of striking the ball. A very handy tip to keep in mind while you are on the batting end is to wait for the last possible moment before swiping across the screen to hit the ball with your bat. This is because when your batsman is in the Lofted Shot pose, he leaves the entire wicket below his waist exposed to the oncoming ball.

Needless to say, this means that if you badly time the swipe and miss the shot, it will almost always lead to you being bowled out or a “Leg Before Wicket” dismissal. Therefore while the Lofted Shot provides a huge amount of power and the ability to score multiple boundaries in a row, it is not always the safest choice. You should especially take caution while trying to play Lofted Shots while facing spin type bowlers as the ball can move in an unexpected direction quite suddenly leading to a quick loss of wickets at your end. Practice as much as you can and your efforts will be rewarded when you finally learn to time every shot to score a perfect sixer!

Ground Drive Shots

If you are a fan of watching live cricket games, you will agree with the fact that most of the innings of any batsman is based on easing the ball through the gaps in the field and trying to score runs by running between the wickets. This technique applies to the virtual matches you will be playing in World Cricket Championship 2 as well. Ground Drive shots are the bread and butter of any good batsman and the highest amount of runs you can score using this shot is a “4”.

It is also much easier for newer players to get familiarized with because unlike the Lofted Shot, these shots can be played while your batsman is in the default stance. This means that there is no need to tap a button to switch the stance and this saves a lot of time and worry on the batting end for new players. Another huge advantage of maintaining the default stance through most of your innings is the safety it provides against being dismissed as your batsman is covering the wicket at all times. Therefore if you are a new player and want to play the safe way to the top, choosing the ground drive shots over the lofted shots in uncertain situations is the way to go forward.

2. Batting Order And Lineup

While playing World Cricket Championship 2, you control the players on the field as well as manage the entire team as a coach. This means taking critical decisions about which players to send as opening batsmen for your team and deciding the overall batting order. Even though it seems like a very trivial thing, your opening batsmen are actually the players who establish your suprrmacy in the innings. If the opening is weak, it will be very hard for your team to perform under pressure and you will likely end up scoring a lot less than you would have been able to with a strong opening pair on the pitch.

In order to help you select the best batsmen for each role, there is a selection screen which is displayed before the start of your innings. On this screen, you can see the roles each member of your cricket team is used to playing and also their power and skill levels. As a general rule always put the players with the highest power and skill on your opening squad even if they are not on top of the batting order by default. This is because you need to score as many runs as you can at the start of your innings and this might not always be possible with the default batting lineup that is given to you.

A very handy tip to remember at all times during the game is that you can still access the team selection and batting order screen during your innings. This means that after the dismissal of a batsman, you should always take a look at your team’s performance and if it is not going good, shift some of the key players further down the batting lineup. Having better skilled players towards the end of your batting lineup prevents your team from being wiped out and ensures that you always have a good player to score runs at the strikers end of the pitch.

3. Effective Fielding Formations

Cricket is a game that focuses upon two batsmen trying to score runs and the opposing team of 11 players trying to stop them from achieving that objective. Once you have made a respectable score for the opposing team to chase, it is now your task to stop as may runs as you can on the field. This is only possible with an effective fielding formation in place according to the style and preference of the batsman on the strikers end. By default there are three types of fielding formations available for you to use in the game but it is much better to use a custom formation to adjust for all styles of play by the enemy team. Before moving on to field formations it is necessary for you to know that the field is divided into three zones and this is where you will be rotating your fielders. The inner circle is very close to the pitch, then comes the mid field and lastly the outer circle comprises of the areas near the boundary line.

An aggressive fielding formation is recommended for you to use during the earlier stage of the innings. This is because the openers will be looking to get comfortable at the wicket during this stage and an aggressive formation builds up pressure around them by placing 4 fielders in the inner circle very close to the batsmen. Remember, if you can stop the batsmen from running between the wickets, they will try to play lofted shots and this can lead to an increased opportunity for catches.

A defensive fielding formation is best for the middle order game as this is the point where your opponent will try to set or chase a high score. This means lots of lofted shots and chances to get catches at the boundaries. The defensive formation will focus most of your fielders towards the boundaries and this should stop the enemy batsmen from hitting a lot of sixers and fours during this stage of the game.

Once you have gained a sufficient idea of how the fielding formations work and the factors that affect the efficiency of your fielders, it is recommended to switch over to the custom formation. This is because each enemy batsman will have his own style of play and you can judge this from the first ball. It is therefore much easier to control his shots by placing fielders in his favourite play zones.

4. Bowling With Maximum Accuracy

As every game of cricket is divided into 2 innings, it is equally important for you to be familiar with the bowling mechanics in order to excel past a certain point in the game. By default, almost every team in the single player mode has an equal amount of fast, spin and medium paced bowlers. However, there is a pool of players accessible from the main menu where you can customise the team squad lineup and select more bowlers of the type that you feel comfortable playing with. Fast paced bowlers are a safe and easy to learn choice for most beginners as most of the job is done by the pace of the ball. However you will have to aim for Yorkers or directly at the stumps because if you give even a slight bounce to a fast paced ball, the enemy batsman can hit it for a six out of the ground.

Alternatively if you want to give a really tough time to the opponent, you should go for a spin bowling focused squad. Spin is a bit hard to master in the beginning but once you start to practice it gets easier and is much more rewarding with wickets than any other type of bowling. While spinning the ball you will have an additional spin meter on the screen. Depending upon the batsman at the striker end you should choose the opposite spin to his batting side. For example if it is a left handed batsman you should spin to the right to make him uncomfortable and grant the opportunity for a quick dismissal.


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