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World Conqueror 4 Guide: 6 Tips & Strategies to Become a Legendary Army General

Are your fingers tingling for war but you don’t want to go far from the comfort of your couch? World Conqueror 4 is a fresh new game in the strategy war game category which will fulfill all your passion for fighting all the while you go no farther than the screen of your smartphone. World Conqueror 4 has been developed and published by the gaming house of EASY Inc. The game is available to download and play for $0.99 on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. World Conqueror 4 has been very successful on the App Store with great customer reviews and the developers of the game take these user comments very seriously with regular updates coming through to add new features according to user suggestions. The most recent such update occurred on 13 November 2017 and included various new features and mini expansion packs to the campaign mode which shows the dedication of the developers towards the game.

World Conqueror 4 is similar in its basic essence to many other popular attack and defense strategy games like Clash of Clans and Age of Empires. The main objective is to destroy all the enemy buildings and claim victory for your army before they get to you first. In addition, the extensive campaign mode in this game allows you to play as many of the legendary civilizations that mankind has known over the centuries. World Conqueror 4 introduces this concept through every style of character that you can possibly imagine and a gameplay which is very reminiscent of popular classics like Stronghold Crusader and The Age of Empires series. You play as the commanding general of your army and you have a force at your command which consists of both ranged and melee units and it is up to you to decide how to structure your army and rally your troops for the strongest attack combo possible.

World Conqueror 4 might appear as a boring game with not too attractive graphics and characters at first sight but once you have played it long enough you will begin to realize that there is much more thinking required on your part as an army commander than you originally expected when you started playing the game. Needless to say after advancing to the higher levels you will definitely feel a need for more help than the guidance you received through the in-game help at the starting levels. You need not worry though as this guide is tailored to help you in every time of distress as well as provide you additional tips and tricks to aid you in your journey towards becoming the ultimate Army General in the land.

1. Watching Over Your Supplies

In World Conqueror 4, your ability to place different kinds of troops on the battlefield depends upon the amount of rationing and food supplies that you have in your army storage camp. The water supply is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen and every time you put a troop on the field, you will see the amount of water drop by a certain amount. This is the water requirement for the troops and it derives its reasoning from the fact that you are usually in the middle of a war where the land is mostly desert and therefore water and food is the most important resource for the survival of you and your soldiers therefore proper rationing and an effective control over the limited food supplies available to you will help you fight the enemy at optimum performance.

As you might have noticed, the weakest troops which are the front infantry foot soldiers take up the least amount of water and food from your reserve and you can deploy multiple batches of front line infantry troops without having to worry about depleting your water supply. This is because the font line infantry troops do not have to carry heavy equipment and large guns so they can move much faster and consume comparatively less resources. However, when you deploy a single Heavy Machine Gunner, a Bazooka Man or Demolitions Expert on the battlefield, you will see a significant drop from your water and food supplies and that is because these are much stronger units and carry very heavy loads which is why they need a lot more water to survive. The game will begin to warn you when you are about to reach the end of your water and food supply and at this stage you should either slow down the deployment of your troops on to the battlefield or change the arrangement of the troops being deployed to a less consuming alternative.

Take care to never let your water and food supply completely finish because if this happens, your troops will begin to die of thirst midway while they are covering the distance to the enemy strongholds and this will result in a much smaller army arriving at the stronghold than you sent from your dispatch camp. Not only will this mean certain defeat for you it may also give the enemy troops to send a revenge attack on you which you will not be able to cope with due to your rationing and supply situation. Therefore always remember to keep a track of how much water and food rationing you have left in your reserves as well as the consumption of each troop and plan the deployment of your troops accordingly to avoid any regrettable situations.

2. Focus On Your Strategy

World Conqueror 4 is a complete strategy war game with traditional as well as modern war elements thrown into the mix so expect the laws of battle mechanics to come into play as well while you are engaged in a tense showdown with your opponents. Similar to a real life situation, you will have to choose whether you want to confuse your enemy by using spies and covert strategies or meet him head on with the firepower of hundreds of soldiers in tow. Whichever strategy you choose to play with, always remember you can change your gameplay style whenever you like to one that suits you much better and it ultimately depends upon which style of play you are more comfortable with because you are the General and Ultimate Commander for you soldiers and you have the responsibility to look out for their best interests.

Numbers Are Strength

If you are confident in your ability to command a huge army of front line infantry soldiers, machine gunners and heavy explosives and finishing your opponent with only one mighty blow, upgrading the starting weapons available to your soldiers and ensuring that they deal the highest damage output as a team is the best option for you. You can also opt for heavier armor on each individual soldier category as it will lead to a much greater overall defense when your forces are met by resistance from the enemy walls of defending soldiers and this will create a much bigger impact creating the opportunity for a one shot defeat of the enemy forces.

You will immediately feel the difference when you upgrade your weapons and armor as your soldiers will become much harder to control. This is due to the additional weight of the heavier equipment and you will have to adjust your gameplay style accordingly. To deal with the extra weight, wait for your opponent to settle down before you launch your soldiers into battle. Now using your new and upgraded troops, strike the enemy and you shall witness true carnage and an epic scene of war right on the screen of your smartphone. If your strategy is good and this can be perfected through practice; the enemy will immediately fall back down to the defensive and will not be able to retaliate due to the extreme force of your heavy initial attack. With stronger warriors you will deal less blows but much more damage to your foes and this is very beneficial if you have an aggressive play style but cannot devote too much time to the game which would prevent you from making successful repeated attacks on the enemy.

Controlling The Timing Of Your Attacks

World Conqueror 4 employs the extremely famous and addictive launching mechanism found in the classic strategy war games. This means that you can simply decide which city of which country to launch an attack on and provided that you fulfill all the prerequisites and requirements for an attack on that state or city, you can launch your well prepared troops into battle with the click of a button right from the screen of your smartphone. The attack launching mechanism is very straightforward and easy to understand even for those new players who are playing such a game for the first time. However, the real mastery comes into effect during a battle when you will have to control the launch of your troops to match the situation that they are up against in real time because World Conqueror 4 takes into account real time updates from the internet and in fact you can even battle out different scenarios against your friends and family via the online campaign scenario mode. It is at this moment that your real capabilities as an effective military commander will be tested and you will have to make decisions in real time as you advance to the higher and much more difficult levels in World Conqueror 4 and the future of your military empire will depend upon your successful performance as the Ultimate War General in the area.

The Attack Launch bar is located at the right hand of the screen of your smartphone in World Conqueror 4 and has a blood red indicator shaped like a sword which you can adjust according to the situation in order to control the launch decisions of your troops on any stage. This means that you can always stay up to date with regards to the status of your currently deployed troops and this will greatly help you in the long run as it will help you decide which countries or regions to go after in the following weeks or days depending upon your current successful campaigns. Gaining an effective idea of a good attack launch schedule is essential for becoming a good commander for your grand army as it is the determining factor for the life and death of your troops. A good attack launch sequence is defined by how accurately you are able to read the movements of your enemies before deciding to attack and whether your troops are able to land on their target after you have launched them into the battlefield. The precision of their attack timing plays a vital role in how quickly you are able to take down a watchman, gunner or rifle infantry because your troops will deal the maximum amount of damage when their attacks land directly on the enemy and takes them by surprise. If the attack is uncoordinated or poorly timed, the damage dealt is reduced and you will have to expend more troops to defeat the same enemy over and over again.

A very easy to follow tip which will make sure that your launch trajectory is almost always accurate is to create a mock attack sequence using your finger on the screen of your smartphone. This might sound like a weird tip but once you try it out you will find the wisdom behind it as you can use this technique to predict the position of the indicator at the launch bar for each enemy city or stronghold that you need to take down. This is especially effective during the higher stages when your soldiers need to deal with multiple enemies on a single level and minefields as well. Knowing the approximate launch sequence beforehand can save many of your soldiers from needlessly dying in battle and you will be able to land a powerful and unexpected attack on the enemy forces much more effectively. Also approximating the attacking sequence will give you an advantage when you will have to change the attack launch controller very quickly because you will already be familiar with the positions required and therefore you will be able to adapt dynamically as you progress throughout the game.

Always remember that once you initiate the launch of the first front line infantry group in your army, the launcher will not stop until you have either defeated all of the enemy soldiers on the battlefield or run out of able to fight army men. The game will be over in case your soldiers are killed before you are able to kill all the watchmen, machine gunners and defences on the enemy walls and you will get a choice to continue using additional in-game purchases like gold coins which are very hard to come by or give up and start all over again! The choice is yours to make and if you are willing to spend money in game for the purchase of gold coins then fire away to your heart’s content!

Load Up Your Armoury

In addition to the common heavy and light machine guns and rifles, World Conqueror 4 also provides players with the choice of more brutish and destructive weapons like the Bazooka and Remote Cannons. Using these weapons is a bit different from the regular guns and they have unique combo attacks ranging from heavy explosions to devastating kill counts. When it comes to flexibility this category of weapons is not well suited to the speedy attacker but is well known for its ability to cause a high amount of damage per hit. Choose this category if you love to play tough and want pure destructive strength in your hands which will enable you to defeat the enemy forces much faster and this you will enable you to earn a greater bounty for your efforts.

3. Ensuring The Survival Of Your Troops

Once you are in the battlefield opposite your enemy, every other detail ceases to matter and the only two things that are important for your survival are your troops and your battle strategy. You are given a standard set of weapons and armor at the beginning of the game and they serve you quite well for the duration of early battles with the weak watchmen, infantry soldiers and spies. However when you are faced with more powerful soldiers like the Heavy Machine Gunners, these weapons and armor prove to be quite inadequate for your defensive needs. At this point you will have to choose between upgrading the standard set of weapons and armor to a higher level which improves its defense and protection stats or to sell your previous equipment in favor of a new bundle of weaponry and armory for your precious soldiers in World Conqueror 4.

This is a crucial decision making point in the game and your choice will determine whether you will need to make further upgrades or even spend some money on in game purchases to ensure your survival in the game. This does not in any way entail that you should not try to play for free but it is a well-known and appreciated fact that there is a much better selection of weapons and armor available for a small amount of gold coins so a little investment into your troops could really change the fate of the world as we know it in World Conqueror 4.

Creating An Additional Layer Of Defence

World Conqueror 4 operates on the principles of real life physics and blocking aggressive enemy attacks with a strong barrier is one of the most important aspects of a battle with all the enemies in this extremely addictive strategy game. Many times you can turn a lost situation to your advantage by blocking a critical strike from the enemy and bouncing back with your own counter strike on the opposing forces. This counter move on your part is only possible when the defensive mechanisms you have in place to take on the enemy forces are strong enough to withstand the impact of that first critical blow that your opponent lands on it. Simply put, a better defence mechanism greatly increases the survivability of your troops and cities which leads to loss of fewer lives in battle and more importantly less resources being spent to restore the damaged buildings on your own cities.

In order to ensure that you have the best defenses and especially if you are a defensive style player, always keep checking the inventory tab where new offers come in regularly. Some of these offers allow you to exchange your existing fire shields for new ones with much better stats and defense abilities. Be on the lookout for such offers because they can greatly help you step up the survivability of your troops.

When upgrading your fire shield you should always look towards striking a balance between penetration protection and counter retaliation. You may be able to get a very strong fire shield but its sheer weight will cause your city to be crushed under it when the enemy lands the first critical aerial strike. On the other hand a very light shield will definitely allow your aircrafts to leave quickly for battle but a single strong hit from the enemy could easily penetrate your shield causing significant damage to your stronghold. Keep all stats balanced and you should be ready to take on all kinds of enemy forces in World Conqueror 4!

A Strong Defense Equates Power

You must have heard of the popular phrase “Knight in shining armor” and it’s prevalence in contemporary as well as modern literature just goes to show how much value armor holds for a soldier. In World Conqueror 4, you start with simple camouflage bulletproof armor which only works to deflect dull ended bullets and does nothing in the way of protecting you from close range physical attacks or heavy machine gun fire. However, the developers have made sure to provide a huge collection of armor with varying stats and defensive abilities so that you can customize your precious troops according to your game play style.

The choice of good armor for your knights also depends on the play style that you have taken up that is aggressive or defensive. Similar to the mechanics of upgrading your fire shield when you are on defensive mode, if you have an aggressive play style then go for lighter and stronger armor which allows more speed and flexibility for your soldiers in battle. These are mostly light Carbon Fiber and Lycra thread armor types and wearing these your Infantry troops can easily spring back and forth and attack the enemy forces when they are least expecting it.

An alternative option is to upgrade to a heavier armor set like heavy plated bulletproof armor. This choice should be considered if you have a defensive style of play and prefer to increase the health of your soldiers over their overall damage output during a battle. This armor is very heavy so be warned that your troops will have very restricted movement and you might even confuse this factor with the game running slow on your device sometimes. This choice of armor is only for those patient players who have the will to keep standing against all odds and any type of threatening enemy in front of them.

4. Using Combos To Your Advantage

World Conqueror like any other Strategy War Planning game greatly rewards players for displaying skill and experimenting with different kinds of combos during battles. There is a huge variety of combos that you can perform in the game using the same techniques that you would while playing normally. However, by performing combos you can ensure that the enemy forces will be destroyed much faster and you will be able to advance through different stages of World Conqueror 4 very easily.

In order to perform a combo in the game, you will first have to judge the environment and real life physical objects that are present and visible to you on the screen of your smartphone on any specific stage. In fact you can win an entire stage in one blow if you time these chain moves right and this is all possible by the amazing power of the combos that exist in World Conqueror 4.

Another important thing to remember while trying to land combo hits is that once you are in the animation of a specific multi hit combo, you cannot initiate another combo move at the same time. This means that during the duration of the combo being initiated and the actual attacks landing, you cannot change the launch indicator which would allow you to chain together multiple combos. The game developers have made sure that this does not impact the hard work that goes into practicing and timing in order to achieve perfect combos by introducing a multi combo effect that automatically comes into play if possible while the combo that you executed is already in motion. For example, on the stage where you have a huge army of enemy Infantry soldiers, Heavy Machine Gunners and Demolition Experts placed in between the empty spaces, the best strategy would be to use your Spies to gain info about the enemy movements, then send your Infantry soldiers to deal the initial critical blow and deal the nail into the coffin by having your Demolition Experts plant a plethora of bombs around the Enemy Stronghold.

The key to executing a perfectly timed combo is to practice as much as you can even on those stages where a combo might not seem as effective as other ways. Initiating a combo also ensures that you deal much more damage than normal because your opponent is left exposed immediately after attacking and cannot retaliate as quickly because they are still trying to repair the damage that you troops dealt. So enjoy experimenting around with as many combinations as you can and become the Ultimate Army Commander in World Conqueror 4!

5. Beware Of The Ticking Clock

World Conqueror 4 challenges your skill at strategizing effectively while also putting your reflexes and quick decision making to the test. You might not even notice the presence of a timer at the upper left corner of the screen of your smartphone during the early levels because they provide an ample amount of time for you to make good decisions concerning the fate of your army and soldiers. However, as you advance to the higher levels you will notice that the game starts challenging you by giving you less and less time forcing you to make ill-advised decisions and thus jeopardizing your troops as a result.

This situation can be easily avoided if you plan beforehand and judge the strength and weaknesses of your opponent even before the stage has commenced. You are able to see the overall heath and perks as well as the type of defensive troops and abilities that your enemy stronghold possesses at the start of each level. Think of this as blueprints to the enemy base and if you are able to exploit the information provided to your advantage, your troops will most certainly come out on top as long as you take care of all other requirements as well.

Keeping an eye on the timer at all times will not only help you to gauge how much time you have left to lay waste to the stronghold of your enemy without being destroyed yourself but it will also help you to make a much more effective strategy and you will focus on troops that can finish the job according to the time that you have left on the clock. For example if you have very short time left but ample water and food reserves, the best strategy would be to deploy as many Bazookas and Heavy Machine Gunners as you can on the battlefield to completely demolish the enemy in the shortest time possible. Similarly if you have a lot of time on your hands but are running short on water, the best course of action to take would be to deploy many infantry troops and spies as they require much less water and will be effective in large numbers against even the most impenetrable enemy stronghold.

6. Making The Right Choices

There are some very important decisions that you have to make as a responsible War General in World Conqueror 4 because the outcome of any battle ultimately depends on your initial choice of troops and how you manage to mold yourself according to the flow of battle. At the start of any battle against an enemy stronghold, you will have to place three types of troops on to the battlefield. The starting types of troops are divided into short ranged and long ranged troops and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your water supply will be full at the start of the battle so you can choose to either place your strongest warrior on to the field or to bring a slow but sure siege to the gates of your enemy. This is no easy choice because you will have to factor in all the variables that can come into play which include the water consumption of the troops that you intend to deploy, the number and size of enemy towers and defenses and the total life of the central enemy stronghold. After making an accurate assessment based on these factors you should be able to make an informed decision on whether to deploy short ranged or long ranged troops or a mixture of both as well as the types of troops that would prove to be advantageous for your army.

The short ranged soldiers of your tribe are divided into the Infantry Front Liners and the Spies with Spies being the weaker of the two. Spies are a basic troop type and can be deployed very quickly with a very short water consumption quota. They have decent damage but have very low defense which makes them an expensive investment if deployed in very large numbers. The Infantry Front Liners do heavy damage to enemy structures and are visibly much stronger as compared to any other soldiers of your army. This super strength comes at the price of a high water consumption and slow movement speed. Therefore the best strategy is to send a wave of Heavy Machine Gunners, followed by two waves of Spies and then a wave of Infantry Front Liners and even though this strategy might seem counteracting to the name of the soldier types, you will definitely see the wisdom behind it when you start winning multiple times. This allows the enemy to be occupied with expendable troops while the slow but strong Infantry Front Liners followed by the Demolition Derby and Bazooka Men to make their way across the battlefield and lay waste to your enemies!