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Words on Fridge Answers for All Levels

Black Maple Games’ new title Words on Fridge is just that – you’ve got a bunch of pictures on the fridge, and it’s your job to figure out what those words are. So what else is there in this Android and iOS word game? The game’s makers choose to keep their description short and punchy, but they promise simple rules, hundreds of pictures and words to guess, and a choice of 36 languages – aside from English, you can play the game in Spanish, German, French, Russian, and other languages.

Obviously, we shall be covering the English version of this game, which Black Maple adds is a “terrific” way to improve your vocabulary. Aren’t all these word games alike in that regard?

While the idea of guessing the words being depicted on the photos is nothing new, each of the many word games we cover have their own specific twists and turns that make them different from each other. So if you’re in need of some easy answers for the game, read this list of Words on Fridge answers, cheats and solutions, which includes all the answers from levels 1 to 150. Just make sure not to refer to this guide from top to bottom, unless you want to spoil the entire thrill of the game!

Words on Fridge Answers Level 1-20

Zebra, crystal, organ, length, isthmus, pearl, map, mill, dome, comet. Allegory, meteor shower, cocoa, compass, miniature, Egypt, noodles, xylophone, cubism, hypnosis.

Words on Fridge Answers Level 21-40

Anesthesia, planet, caravan, crossroads, crane, backbone, inscription, height, crossword, flamethrower. Galley, centaur, paintbrush, sesame, climate, gramophone, touch, history, fortunetelling, Europe.

Words on Fridge Answers Level 41-80

Gunpowder, killer whale, news, seedling, photomontage, nymph, flounder, confectioner, octave, italics. Avalanche, coral, classmate, adrenaline, joker, betrothal, collection, alchemy, mammoth, mannequin. Puddle, astronaut, messenger, volume, ballast, still life, opera, pendulum, passenger, deer. Wallpaper, meditation, ruins, baritone, chain armor, lottery, lighting, olfaction, lagoon, contrast.

Words on Fridge Answers Level 81-150

Cartography, tide, blizzard, witchcraft, twins, highway, harpsichord, cocoon, meridian, orchestra. Vaccine, ice cream, labyrinth, waltz, crocodile, oceanography, iguana, olympics, translation, neuron. Kitchen, laboratory, bell, swimming, pedestrian, clover, percent, navigation, poison, prophet. Bas-relief, tax, Tuesday, acupuncture, lasagne, universe, tuning fork, hood, combine, kaleidoscope. Vet, carousel, tenderness, hunter, werewolf, tuning fork, cell, linoleum, woodpecker, muscle. Percent, cardiology, frog, shipyard, ravine, bass, painting, well, canyon, pawnshop. Genius, week, industry, dragon, melody, hedgehog, pump, pride, carnival, oasis.