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WordQuest Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Tappeal’s WordQuest is a game for Android and iOS devices that invites you to pack your bags, or in this case, your brain, as you go on an adventure through a magic kingdom by solving word puzzles. That’s what the game’s makers believe is the main selling point in this new “brain game,” where your goal is to solve puzzles with several scrambled letters, swiping your screen to connect the letters and form the hidden word. This game is highly-recommended for anyone who wants to build their vocabulary, and is arguably one that’s best-suited for the younger crowd, though anyone can play it and enjoy hours of addictive fun and challenges.

As there are hundreds of levels in this game, you’re sure to hit a roadblock or two along the way. But you don’t need to panic, or to ask your friends on social media for the correct answers. Check out our WordQuest answers and solutions; while it’s not recommended that you read the guide from start to finish, we’re happy to inform you that there are almost 600 levels in here, meaning a whole lot of ground covered, regardless of what point in the game you are in.

WordQuest Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Level 1: Cat
Level 2: Hat
Level 3: Fun
Level 4: Warm
Level 5: Table
Level 6: Love
Level 7: Pool
Level 8: Plant
Level 9: School
Level 10: Same

Level 11: Tapes
Level 12: Life
Level 13: Saying
Level 14: Sand
Level 15: Miles
Level 16: Fill
Level 17: Rich
Level 18: Runner
Level 19: Leaf
Level 20: Police

Level 21: Tutor
Level 22: Popcorn
Level 23: Even
Level 24: Became
Level 25: Ocean
Level 26: Spot
Level 27: Melody
Level 28: Spicy
Level 29: Boat
Level 30: Brown

Level 31: Walk
Level 32: Music
Level 33: Lock
Level 34: Monday
Level 35: Ball
Level 36: Hairs
Level 37: Fortune
Level 38: Star
Level 39: Speak
Level 40: Island