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Wordbase Tips and Tricks: 7 Hints to Help You Get a Leg Up on Your Opponents

Aller Innovation A/S title Wordbase is another one of those word challenge games that tests your vocabulary skills, and while it isn’t that established yet in the mobile game space, it’s gotten good reviews from prominent publications such as The Verge. But it takes more than being a walking thesaurus to succeed in this game. You’ll also have to be wary of your opponents as you “spell your way towards your opponent’s base” by moving in a number of fashions, and try to cut off your opponents in the process. It’s a free title for Android and iOS, and if you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut and unable to defeat your opponents consistently, check out our quick Wordbase tips and tricks and strategy guide we’ll be offering below.

1. Keep A Dictionary Or Thesaurus Handy

Let’s face it – there will always be some words you didn’t know even existed. That makes it wise to review your dictionary or thesaurus before playing, because you’ll never know when the next odd or unfamiliar word appears on the Wordbase board. This also helps when it comes to the spelling of words.

2. Hit Random Letters If You Can’t Find A Word

As the letters will be randomly arranged on the board, chances are there will only be a few actual words to be seen on there, most of them with three letters or less. Keeping that in mind, you may randomly click on letters in hopes of forming a word out of those letters – it’s definitely not a scientific approach to Wordbase, but it does work at times for those who get stuck.

3. Stretch Your Letters Till You Reach Your Opponent’s Base

In a sense, Wordbase is more Capture the Flag than Scrabble, in the sense that you want your letters to reach your opponent’s home base. In order for you to do that, it would be advisable to build your words as you stretch your way to the opposing base; don’t focus on spotting difficult words, or any kind of word for that matter, unless absolutely necessary.

4. Try Reaching Enemy Base With A Two-Pronged Attack

Alternately, you can also build two paths toward your opponent’s base, including one that doesn’t take a direct, stretching route. That should give you an insurance policy of sorts in case your opponent blocks your way. Remember – in Wordbase, just like in most things in life, you’ll need a Plan B as a fallback if Plan A doesn’t work.

5. The Best Offense Is Often A Good Defense

Likewise, what applies in many an actual sport also applies here – winning can often be about how well you play defense against your opponent. That means immediately working on blocking your opponent’s route if you notice he or she is on a roll and closing in quickly on your territory.

6. Work On Claiming Unusual Letters

This would mean letters such as Q, X, and Z – these letters don’t appear in a lot of words, which will make it extra-special if you’re able to claim them.

7. Create Word Variants

For example, you’ll want to be aware of variants of words that end with “-er” or “-ing,” e.g. “Sleeper” and “Sleeping” aside from simply the root word “Sleep.”