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Wordastic Answers for All Levels

Wordastic is the latest in a series of word puzzlers we’re covering, and just like all the other word-based games we’ve covered, this one has its own share of twists. In this game, you’ll have to look at the photos, which would serve as your clues while looking for the hidden words. Swipe the letters in order to form the word, and find a total of six “secret words” per picture. Right now, the game has more than 200 images for you to work with, which means there are more than 1,200 words for you to guess. We’re wagering there should be more to come as Web Media Solutions keeps updating the title.

With all those levels, you may have come to a point where you can’t figure out what the secret words are, despite looking long and hard at the images. Have no fear, as what you’ll be seeing below is our complete list of Wordastic answers and solutions for all the levels. So if you’ve had trouble in any one of the game’s levels, this may be what you’re looking for. Just make sure not to rely on this cheat sheet too much, lest you take away all the fun from the game.

Below you can find our complete list of Wordastic answers and solutions for all levels.

Wordastic Answers Levels 1-50

Level 1: Mountain, River, Forest, Stone, Green, Nature
Level 2: Vintage, Sewing, Homemade, Crafting, Machine, Traditional
Level 3: Services, Ambulance, Helicopter, Aeroplane, Cartoon, Engine
Level 4: Extreme, Rafting, Paddle, Inflatable, Fast, Energetic
Level 5: Groom, Waistcoasts, Shoes, Socks, Formal, Sitting
Level 6: Camouflage, Family, Reunion, Military, Joyous, Smiles
Level 7: Violin, Xylophone, Keyboard, Recorder, Harmonica, Music
Level 8: Taxi, Headlight, Flag, Transport, Wheels, Buildings
Level 9: Tires, Danger, Snow, Tracks, Vehicle, White
Level 10: Volcano, Eruption, Molten, Lava, Heat, Smoke
Level 11: Horse, Saddle, Branch, Jump, Bridle, Rider
Level 12: Baby, Sleeping, Naked, Crochet, Squares, Chubby

Level 13: Macaroons, Vibrant, Tasty, Baked, Sweet, Treats
Level 14: Rainbow, Cavern, Cascade, Gushing, Lagoon, Foliage
Level 15: Flowers, Calming, petals, Plant, Spring, Flora
Level 16: Batter, Uniform, Stadium, Pitch, Catcher, Crouching
Level 17: Bedding, Vista, Cityscape, Bedroom, Mattres, Decoration
Level 18: Lightening, Tornado, Windy, Damage, Encroaching, Storm
Level 19: Ominous, Road, Sunset, Burst, Secluded, Rays
Level 20: Lounge, Television, Stool, Chairs, Cushions, Fireplace
Level 21: Recreation, Skyscrapers, Grass, Autumnal, Escape, Location
Level 22: Lemons, Cooking, Board, Rosemary, Appetizing, Scales
Level 23: Boxed, Bouquet, Bold, Pink, Cradboard, Roses
Level 24: Kebabs, Skewers, Zucchini, Sauce, Condiments, Tomato
Level 25: Pocket, Watches, Time, Numberals, Clockwork, Mechanic