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Word Trek Answers for All Levels

Those word games just keep on coming along, and why shouldn’t they? We all know how these titles can be the ultimate way to challenge our word power and improve our vocabulary, while still allowing us to have some fun. That’s what makes these games so popular, and one of the many games in this genre is Word Trek. Though the title may evoke images of Star Trek, the logo is actually closer in appearance to the McDonald’s logo, but that’s maybe because we can’t help but think Mickey Dee’s when we see yellow text and a red background. The rules and mechanics require you to find the words hidden in a grid by sliding and dragging your finger to identify them. And while things do start off fairly easy, they do get complicated over time, as the grids get bigger. Characters can also evolve as your word score goes up, and that would mean evolving from Amoeba to Alien as the score goes up.

The game comes with hundreds of levels and thousands of words, and we are going to cover all the levels in this huge list of Word Trek answers and solutions. Scroll down so you can find the answers to the puzzles you’re having difficulty with. Just don’t use this guide to spoon-feed you the answers to all the levels, because what fun is the game if all the answers are right in front of you?

Word Trek Answers Amoeba Levels

#1: Cake
#2: Song
#3: Love
#4: Gold
#5: Blue
#6: Boat
#7: Flow
#8: Page
#9: Last
#10: Door

Word Trek Answers Earthworm Levels

#1: Moon, Light
#2: North, West
#3: Jelly, Fish
#4: Rock, Music
#5: Chill, Wind
#6: Bird, Wings
#7: Large, Tree
#8: Snow, Flake
#9: Pop, Bubble
#10: Surf, Ocean

Word Trek Answers Spider Levels

#1: Dry, Cactus
#2: Up, Chimney
#3: Tea, Coffee
#4: Act, Script
#5: Raw, Carrot
#6: Pen Needle
#7: Toe, Rubber
#8: Plug, Water
#9: Fly, Nimbus
#10: Snake, Hiss

Word Trek Answers Caterpillar Levels

#1: Brazen, Pot
#2: Sky, Rocket
#3: Dark, Cloud
#4: Bunny, Bugs
#5: Wet, Turtle
#6: Paw, Feline
#7: Muffin, Eat
#8: Sea, Voyage
#9: Shoe, Horse
#10: Left Right

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