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Word Shop Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Hi Studio Limited’s mobile title called Word Shop bills itself as an Android and iOS game that’s “one of the best word games in the world.” It’s a game that, just like others of its kind, appeals to adults and children alike, and gameplay is just as simple as you would expect from these titles, with a lot of similarities to the classic “word crush” puzzle game. Just unscramble the scrambled letters by swiping them to form the hidden words. But take note as well that there’s a mechanic here where you can name your own word shop and upgrade that business of yours. You also have the option to play solo, or play against friends while you “boost your vocabulary, train your brain, twist your mind, and improve your logic(al) thinking.”

Now we haven’t gotten too far into this game to give you a detailed, answer-packed guide. But we have at least answered a few of the packs successfully, so if this game is giving you some early challenges, we hereby invite you to check out our compilation of Word Shop answers and solutions. While, of course, warning you (or strongly suggesting) not to read the answers like you would read the average list of tips and tricks.

Word Shop Donuts Pack

Rings Level

#1: In, Win
#2: Up, Cup
#3: At, Act, Cat
#4: My, Gym
#5: On, Or, No, Nor

Filled Level

#1: It, Is, Its, Sit
#2: An, Am, Man
#3: As, Gas, Sag
#4: To, Do, Dot
#5: Pea, Ape

Word Shop Answers Cake Pack

Cupcake Level

#1: Do, Go, Dog, Good
#2: Is, As, Via, Visa
#3: We, Awe, Wake, Weak
#4: To, Of, Lot, Loft
#5: Am, Arm, Ram, Mark

(Special Level 1): AM, ARE, ARM, ERA, EAR, RAM, MAKE, MARK, MAKER
#6: Is, Hi, His, Sigh
#7: An, Ran, Bar, Ban, Barn
#8: Do, Old, Oil, Lid, Idol
#9: As, Sea, Sale, Seal
#10: In, Is, Sin, Pin, Sip, Spin, Pins

Tiramisu Level

#1: It, At, Tax, Taxi
#2: In, Rig, Ring, Grin
#3: Us, Use, Sue, Sure, User
#4: To, But, Out, Tub, Bout
#5: It, Tip, Pit, Rip, Trip
#6: To, Or, Too, Root
#7: An, Pan, Lap, Pal, Nap, Plan
#8: At, Fat, Eat, Tea, Ate, Fate, Feat
#9: On, So, No, Son, Soon
#10: At, Car, Art, Cart