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Word Pirate Answers for All Levels

Yes, it’s another word game with cookies in them — it seems to be more and more of a thing these days. Word Pirate: Word Cookies Search Game is available for Android devices courtesy of Gameberry, and while it would seem that there are some pirate-themed elements in this game, it’s actually more about the cookies — you need to swipe words to make those cookies in this “word brain search game,” and integrate the disintegrating words. Once again, the ultimate goal here is to improve your vocabulary and your spelling skills, and if you feel like it, you can compete against friends to see who’s better than the rest in figuring out the hidden words. You can also use hints by clicking on the hint button, or by manually asking for them via social media and screenshot of the word puzzle.

Why wait for those hints from your friends, or why waste your in-game hints, though? If it’s easy answers you want, we’ve got them here, as we’ve completed the first 25 levels for this list of Word Pirate answers and solutions. This key is obviously designed for the newer players out there, but in any case, we would recommend that you only refer to it if you’re having difficulty with some of the questions, and not read it from top to bottom!

Word Pirate Answers Levels 1-25

1 My, gym.
2. To, toe.
3. At, to, oat.
4. Go, of, fog.
5. No, so, on, son.
6. Do, go, dog, god.
7. In, pan, nap, pin, pain.
8. No, on, now, own, won.
9. Am, my, may, yam.
10. At, pat, apt, tap.

11. Do, of, food.
12. So, us, soul.
13. Ace, cafe, face.
14. No, on, one, oven.
15. Do, or, row, rod, word.
16. Is, we, sew, wise.
17. It, pit, tip, rip, trip.
18. At, fat, act, cat, fact.
19. As, sea, save, vase.
20. Do, or, so, sod, rod, row.

21. By, us, buy, sub, bus, busy.
22. As, sap, spa.
23. Me, lie, lime, mile.
24. In, gin, rig, grin, ring
25. So, who, how, sow, show.