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Word Market 2 Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Second Gear Games is back with the second installment of their popular Word Market series, and it’s called — drum roll please — Word Market 2. This is an Android and iOS word game packed with new puzzles you didn’t encounter in the first game, and if you’re looking for new features, this game now allows you to redeem hidden words for bonus coins. Just swipe your finger over the letters to create a word and unlock a new fruit. The type of fruit may vary, but they’re all healthy, and they’re all part of this game’s mission to serve as “brain vitamins.”

Brain vitamins may be all well and good, but what about answers? You better believe we have them right here, as our Word Market 2 answer key includes solutions to the game’s first 12 “levels,” which are actually stages with 10 levels within them. You can call them what you want, but we’ve made sure to make the answers as complete as possible, and we should also make sure to warn you not to read this guide straight-up. These games serve as brain training, as their makers often say, so don’t defeat the purpose by feeding yourself all the answers just like that!

Word Market 2 Level 1

#1: At, Cat, Act, Hat, Chat
#2: Nut, Ten, Net, Tune
#3: So, Of, To, Soft, Oft
#4: Of, Or, For, Fro, Roof
#5: Ad, Do, Old, Lad, Load
#6: End, Den, Lend, Led
#7: Be, Fee, Bee, Beef
#8: As, See, Sea, Ease
#9: On, In, Or, No, Nor, Ion, Iron
#10: Lag, Gal, Flag

Word Market 2 Level 2

#1: We, Dew, Wed, Red, Drew
#2: In, Wig, Gin, Win, Wing
#3: Be, Den, End, Bend, Bed
#4: Am, At, Hat, Ham, Math, Mat
#5: As, Sop, Spa, Sap, Soap, So
#6: Or, Of, To, Rot, For, Oft, Fort
#7: An, Ale, Lean, Lane
#8: An, Ban, Gab, Nag, Bag, Bang
#9: An, Raw, Wan, War, Ran, Warn
#10: He, Ire, Her, Heir, Hire, Hi

Word Market 2 Level 3

#1: Ad, Dry, Rad, Ray, Day, Yard
#2: In, Kin, Nip, Pin, Ink, Pink
#3: Of, Go, Log, Fog, Flog, Golf
#4: In, An, Nil, Lain, Nail, Ail
#5: Pat, Apt, Tap, Hat, Path
#6: Rap, Air, Rip, Par, Pair
#7: Rot, Our, Rut, Out, Tour
#8: Is, Sir, Ire, Rise, Sire
#9: Ore, Roe, Role, Lore, or
#10: Lag, Ago, Log, Gal, Goal

Word Market 2 Level 4

#1: Rad, Rag, Drag, Grad, Ad
#2: Me, Lie, Elm, Mile, Lime
#3: In, Hi, It, Tin, Hit, Thin, Hint
#4: Flue, Fuel, Flu, Elf
#5: Keen, Knee, Nee, Eke
#6: So, To, Hot, Host, Shot, Hots
#7: Us, Bus, Sub, Hub, Bush, Hubs
#8: Ad, An, Wad, And, Dawn, Wand, Wan
#9: Or, To, Opt, Rot, Pro, Top, Pot, Port
#10: Us, Gust, Guts, Tugs, Gut

Word Market 2 Level 5

#1: Us, Hut, Huts, Thus, Shut
#2: Tag, Get, Ate, Tea, Eat, Gate, Age
#3: Ad, Ail, Lad, Lid, Aid, Laid, Dial
#4: He, So, She, Hoe, Hoes, Hose, Shoe
#5: In, Kin, Ilk, Ink, Nil, Link, Kiln
#6: Ad, Rad, Bra, Bad, Bar, Bard, Drab
#7: Is, Sip, Lip, Slip, Lips, Lisp
#8: Err, Are, Era, Ear, Rare, Rear
#9: Era, Ale, Ear, Are, Earl, Real
#10: Is, It, Sit, Tie, Set, Its, Ties, Site