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Word Hex Key: Puzzle on Hexa Answers for All Levels

Word Hex Key: Puzzle on Hexa is a new game from Smart Up, and you may know this company as one of the more prolific maker of word games and brain teasers for Android and iOS devices alike. Or, as the company loves to call them, “brain training games.” We will probably take issue with the description, which says that this is a “fun board game to train your mind and brain,” knowing that those are very similar words, but we cannot deny that this is a game that will force you to think as you try to get the so-called “hex key.” Expect the levels to get trickier and progressively harder, but that’s what makes these games so fun – you’ve got to adjust and adapt as the game’s difficulty ramps up.

You don’t need to fret so much just because the game’s description talks about how hard it supposedly is. Our list of Word Hex Key: Puzzle On Hexa answers and cheats includes all the answers to the first eight puzzle packs, so read on if you’ve got some trouble with some of the early puzzles. Yes, this game is hard, but we’re here to make sure it won’t feel impossible for you.

Word Hex Key Answers Baby

Note, wind, mars, yard, bank, trip, file, bulb, cake.

Word Hex Key Answers Kid

Maze, golf, beat, club, ship, ball, mist, seed, jade.

Word Hex Key Answers Newbie

Deer cabin, ginger sky, fog fun gas, pie parrot, honey pour, tweet jump, dish guest, paw future, paint film, orange mop. Award sofa, bronze tub, island rug, donkey net, ant cherry, palace cap, track lamp, arc mud hit, clinic elk, cape sald.

Word Hex Key Answers Amateur

Milk apple, bib victim, ink bee zoo, jellyfish, fly cruise, rap oil ivy, puzzle owl, cosmos bug, fuel ocean, bag weapon. Cloud iron, record hoe, mango rose, score neon, storm kite, fox button, mythology, bike bison, ray zipper.

Georgina Cuddy

Sunday 19th of November 2023

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