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Word Camp Answers for All Levels

While Match 3 games are arguably the king of all puzzlers, there’s another type of puzzle game that’s extremely popular with gamers, especially the casual set that doesn’t exactly look for something so good that it reinvents the proverbial wheel. Word Camp – Brain Puzzle Game is a new word puzzler for Android and iOS, and it’s the creation of Pocket Play – as such, it’s not to be confused with a couple other Word Camp games we’ve seen along the way. Your goal is to find hidden words in a grid, and while that isn’t anything new or innovative. You can play with other players around the world in daily tournaments, and try to make your way up the daily leaderboard.

It takes lots of experience to become a true master at word puzzlers such as this one, but you don’t have to be bad right off the bat. But regardless of your skill level, there’s sure to be one or two words that you won’t be able to find right away. Or more. So check out our complete list of Word Camp answers and solutions, and try your best to use it only if you’re hard-pressed for an answer!

Word Camp Answers Butterfly

Butterfly Level 1-1: Book
Butterfly Level 1-2: Fire
Butterfly Level 1-3: Milk
Butterfly Level 1-4: Pink
Butterfly Level 1-5: Corn
Butterfly Level 1-6: Dice
Butterfly Level 1-7: Soft
Butterfly Level 1-8: Wall
Butterfly Level 1-9: Star
Butterfly Level 1-10: Camp

Word Camp Answers Toad

Toad Level 1-1: Sand, Beach
Toad Level 1-2: Fork, Knife
Toad Level 1-3: Roof, Attic
Toad Level 1-4: Twist, Turn
Toad Level 1-5: Drum, Piano
Toad Level 1-6: Duck, Goose
Toad Level 1-7: Warm, Humid
Toad Level 1-8: Palm, Wrist
Toad Level 1-9: Empty, Full
Toad Level 1-10: Billboard