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Word Cake Mania Answers for All Levels

Word Cake Mania is a new iOS word game from Eternus Games, and contrary to its title, there aren’t any Match 3 mechanics to speak of in here. But you will be, in effect, finding hidden words from the party cakes, cupcakes, and pastries as you improve your vocabulary skills and, as the game claims, your spelling skills too. And, as makers of word games usually do, Eternus has their own twist on “brain training” — this is a game that serves as the “best match puzzle game for enhancing your game,” as well as a game for “sharpening your mind.”

Of course, we can also tell you that the mechanics of this game aren’t really anything unique or groundbreaking, but that’s not what you look for in these games. These are titles that, despite their frequent similarity, are designed to keep you thinking, while being simple enough even for non-gamers to enjoy and get addicted to. But if the going gets too tough for you in the early parts of this game, you might want to read on for our Word Cake Mania answers and solutions — we’ve got the first 30 levels figured out, so read on for some easy answers!

Word Cake Mania Answers Malicoco

#1: He, The
#2: An, Ad, And
#3: Of, Or, For
#4: Say, As
#5: Tub, But
#6: Of, Go, Fog
#7: Ow, Low, Owl
#8: To, Opt, Pot, Top
#9: Arm, Ram, Mar
#10: As, Ash, Has

#11: Or, Do, Rod
#12: At, Pat, Apt, Tap

Word Cake Mania Answers Secret Spiral

#1: At, Hat, Tat, That
#2: It, Hi, Wit, With, Whit
#3: He, The, Yet, Hey, They
#4: Of, Or, For, From, Form
#5: At, Hat, What, Thaw
#6: No, On, Wok, Now, Own, Won, Know, Wonk
#7: It, Me, Tie, Met, Time, Item, Mite, Emit
#8: Yea, Rye, Ray, Ear, Era, Are, Year
#9: We, He, Hew, New, Hen, When
#10: At, Tea, Ate, Eat, Take, Teak

#11: Go, Do, God, Dog, Good
#12: If, Lie, Lei, Elf, Life, File
#13: Do, Ow, No, On, Don, Nod, Own, Won, Down
#14: Or, Voe, Ore, Roe, Rev, Over, Rove
#15: As, Last, Sat, At, Lats, Alts, Slat, Salt
#16: Me, An, Men, Man, Mean, Mane, Amen, Name
#17: Rut, Nut, Urn, Run, Turn, Runt
#18: At, Rap, Pat, Apt, Tap, Art, Rat, Part, Rapt, Tarp, Trap