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Wizards & Wagons Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 9 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Wizards & Wagons is a new game for the iOS platform that has some interesting, and rather unusual features that may disqualify it from qualifying as a true-blue RPG. The storyline, too, is quite an interesting and quirky one. According to the story of the game, peace has just returned to the in-game realm after the fall of the Demon Lord. That means the resident Hero is officially out of a job, and your goal is to make a living in this era of peace. You can buy, barter, trade, and sell goods in a peaceful fantasy world with “comical” characters and towns, and make use of a “Tetris-like” inventory system while upgrading your wagon and other equipment.

While the backdrop of Wizards & Wagons is very RPG-oriented, the heart of this game is buying and selling goods. That may throw some of you off, but this Wizards & Wagons strategy guide could help you get adjusted in a peaceful environment as your out-of-work hero tries to make a new living.

1. Talk To The NPCs

Talking to non-playing characters is usually a good way to get quests or gather information in traditional RPGs. Even if you’re now working as a merchant rather than a monster-fighting hero, you’ll still want to talk to NPCs, as they can give you hints or offer you quests. Tap on the Rumors button so you can view what these characters said, just in case you missed it the first time around.

2. Accept Guild Quests

The above tip is a great way to get some nice rewards through questing, but you can also accept quests from guilds. Check the local Guild for side-quests you may be able to complete while focusing on the main ones, and if you can’t find anything you can do just yet, we suggest camping out for a couple days; you just might get a nice assignment in due time.

Guilds also allow you to borrow money, but watch out for the interest rates! Only take out a loan if you’re in a bind and your finances are zeroed out, or if you think it’s going to benefit you in a trade. Build up trust and the Guild may allow you to borrow more coins and give you additional quests at the same time.

3. Check The Town Info

Every town you visit in Wizards & Wagons has an information panel on the world map. Check it and it will tell you what kinds of equipment you can buy, what goods the town mainly produces, and what goods the town demands. Tap on the corresponding icon if you’re not quite sure what an item represents, and you’ll get a full-screen display that will tell you more. Also keep an eye out for the arrows near the goods icon – up arrows mean supply is up for a good the town produces, and cheaper prices when buying the good. Down arrows mean supply is down and prices are high. It’s basic economics, as understanding what these arrows mean could help you earn a tidy profit.

As a bonus tip, take note of each town’s Perks, which are unlocked when you meet certain conditions. You’ll only get satisfactory bonuses at best, but nothing spectacular – still, a small to average-sized reward is better than none at all.

4. Set Up Trade Routes

Most towns in this game have specific goods that are usually in demand. And if you know of a town that sells those goods, you can set up a trade route of sorts, traveling between both towns to buy in one town and sell in the other. This could (and we repeat, could) take a toll on your profits, but that shouldn’t be an issue – just ride it out as prices will soon go back to where they were, thus allowing you to keep on with your trading route.

5. Pricing May Be Affected By Festivals

Each town has their own festivals and similar events that may have a bearing on prices and goods availability. Check your calendar, as it will be marked if you visited a town and it has an ongoing festival. And tap the calendar icon as well so you can be reminded when the next event will take place. Pay close attention to the festivals and events and you could also use this to make a good profit.

6. Choose The Proper Wagon For Your Needs

Inventory size isn’t the only consideration you should keep in mind when choosing a new wagon to purchase. Yes, you will need to buy a new wagon at some point in the game, but that wagon will need to have enough blue and green slots – enough space for your goods, enough space for your weapons. Also take other stats into consideration, such as the health, speed, and armor levels of your wagon.

7. Make Sure Your Wagon Is Properly Maintained

Some players only pay attention to their wagon when it’s heavily damaged – in other words, these players only have their damaged wagons when it’s absolutely necessary in order to save money. But if your wagon is over 75 percent damaged, there’s a good chance some goods may fall off when monsters and bandits attack.

8. Keep Your Inventory Organized

Shopkeepers are normally organized when it comes to placing their goods inside your wagon, but they may sometimes be a hot mess in this area. Move your weapons and goods around in such a way that your storage is maximized.

9. It’s Not All Peace And Quiet

You may have vanquished evil and you may have switched jobs from hero to merchant. But you’ll also encounter some bandits or monsters along the way – always be prepared and bring some weapons with you. Don’t be overconfident and focus solely on stocking your wagon with goods so you can earn more money. There’s always the chance of random encounters with baddies, so be prepared and have some weapons handy.