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Winterstate Tips, Tricks & Cheats: A Beginner’s Guide to Take Back America

Are you ready to save America now that it’s been frozen over? That’s the premise of PlayRaven’s new iOS game Winterstate, where “Knuckle Sam needs YOU” to save the country. This is a dystopian-type game where you get to hit the road with the “legendary” Knuckle Sam and his runners, commanding a fleet of fighting vehicles. You’ll be confronted with enemy raiders as you move closer to “taking the fight back” to the Burners, who serve as the game’s antagonists. As far as specific features, Winterstate allows you to control up to five different classes of vehicles, wield a variety of different weapons, including seeking missiles, flamethrowers, magnetic mines, and lots more, trade different commodities such as coffee and spare parts, and create your own tactical strategies against the enemy.

This is a rather unique real-time strategy game, mainly because of its setting – that’s the country formerly known as the USA, now known as Winterstate. And if you need help getting started in your battle to reclaim the nation, we’ve got all the resources you need, in this Winterstate strategy guide for first-time players.

1. Position Your Vehicles Properly

In the most fundamental sense, because Winterstate’s features prominently include controlling fleets of vehicles, the first thing to know about this game is the importance of vehicle positioning. Making sure your vehicles are positioned correctly is arguably the most essential ingredient in the recipe of winning battles.

Your first vehicle will be the Frostrailer, which is an assault vehicle with light armor. You will then unlock the Loadbeast, which is a big, heavy tank in both senses of the word, with tons of armor. Following those two, you will get access to the Cloudpuncher, which is a long range mortar vehicle. So how do you position these vehicles? Obviously, you want the Loadbeast in front to soak up the damage. As a tank in both literal and figurative ways, it’s not there to do a lot of damage, it’s there to take in the damage from the enemy. Your Frostrailer should be right behind it, doing most of the damage with the Cloudpuncher, which, in turn, handles the long-range attacks. Make sure nothing gets close to either one of those two offensive vehicles!

2. In General, You Want A Balanced Lineup Of Vehicles

Once you’ve unlocked those three vehicles mentioned above, you’ll have full control over which vehicles you want to unlock next. So with that said, let’s take you to the different types of vehicles. First off, recon vehicles are light, fast, and best used for flanking and scouting purposes. Armored vehicles are slow and heavy, and, as we mentioned above, ideal for taking in enemy fire. Artillery vehicles are midrange offensive vehicles. Support vehicles come with miscellaneous utility abilities; for instance, the Educator repairs damaged vehicles, and the Ultramax sends off combat drones to fight alongside you. Lastly, your assault vehicles are your all-rounders, and should be protected amply by your armored vehicles.

3. Destroy The Headquarters ASAP If You Have To

Some levels would require you to destroy enemy headquarters, so if that’s the case, then do as the game tells you. Go all-out for the headquarters, but don’t worry about any enemy tactics raining on your parade. Remember that the enemies will move toward where you are, coming at you from different directions; they may sometimes choose the scenic route and take a rather long time to get where you are. Take advantage of this and go straight for the HQ; chances are you won’t be affected much by enemy attacks.

4. Focus On Attacking The Flank

If a vehicle, may it be yours or that of the enemy, gets hit from behind, it takes more damage than usual. This is something you’ll want to use to your advantage. Dispatch a recon vehicle and have it go around an obstacle should you see slow-moving enemy vehicles moving your way. They’ll hit the enemy from behind, but you should also be sure you’re protecting your rear side as well. Don’t let your focus off the enemy, as they may be attacking YOUR flank as well.

5. Play The Market Wisely

Trading will become a more important part of the game as you capture additional supply bases, thereby earning you more resources. Demand will change as the weather in Winterstate changes, and you should always be looking for the colored arrows when selling items; red is the one you should look out for, as you’ll be earning less profit if you sell such an item. Remember the law of supply and demand – you won’t get good prices for low-demand products, while you would be able to earn a tidy profit if you sell commodities that are currently hot in the market and very much in demand.

And this completes our quick guide for PlayRaven’s new mobile game, Winterstate. If you know additional hints for the game, that we haven’t included in this guide, be sure to let us know by commenting below.