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Will it Crush? (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Hints to Earn More Money

French game developer Voodoo has done it again. The company’s latest idle game called Will it Crush? is an instant hit that has players hooked for hours on end. Available on iOS, this game is all about watching things get crushed between two rotating wheels. The wheels are equipped with spikes that will help them with the crushing process. Your job here, aside from watching the destruction, is to make sure the wheels are upgraded regularly. You will start off with two simple wheels, each with a handful of tiny spikes. As you would expect, those will only be able to crush a few small items. As you upgrade them, they will transform into massive wheels of doom. The more things you crush, the more money you will earn. Don’t forget to check our Will it Crush? tips and tricks for some help!

1. Know Your Upgrades

There are several aspects of the wheels that you can upgrade, each with its own benefit. Even though you will eventually need to upgrade everything, knowing what each upgrade does will help you decide which one you want to prioritize depending on your style. Speed increases the rotation speed of the wheels. Power lets you deal more damage to the cubes. The Reducer decreases speed, but it will increase the crushing power of the wheels as well as the price of the minerals you harvest. Gravity helps pull the cubes down while Tooth increases the number of spikes. Tooth Size makes the spikes bigger. Finally, Marketing will greatly improve the price of the minerals you harvest.

2. Earn Offline

There is only so much you can do while the game is on. After the first few levels, your progress will slow down. Just purchase all the upgrades you need then log off from the game. You will earn a lot more through passive income than when you stay online. When you return, you will have a lot more money to spend on additional upgrades.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

Your offline earnings are dependent on how much time has passed. You can cheat the system by changing the time on your device. There is a catch, though. Your offline earning has a cap that is dependent on your upgrades. That means moving the time forward on your phone will only work up to a certain point. Make sure your upgrades are updated to get the most out of this cheat.

4. Double Your Earnings, Here’s How

Aside from the normal flow of income, you will be able to take advantage of boosts in your earnings by keeping an eye out for rare minerals and ad offers. The level-up button will turn into a bonus button if a rare mineral is available. This will reward you with a lot more than a normal level up. On top of that, you will receive ad offers whenever you collect bonuses, level up, or claim offline earnings. Accepting these offers will double your rewards.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions

Aside from the ad offers, you will often see other advertisements pop up as you play the game. There are two ways to remove them. You can pay two dollars through an in-app purchase in order to unlock the ad-free version of the game. Alternatively, you can also just switch your device to airplane mode to play ad-free without spending real money. Keep in mind, though, that doing this will remove ad offers as well.

It’s time to destroy objects and rake in millions! Just rely on our Will it Crush? tips, hints and tricks to ensure your success! If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comment area!


Tuesday 20th of February 2024

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Tuesday 31st of October 2023

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Friday 29th of September 2023

How to withdraw money in the game will it crash?

Lawrence Munuhe

Thursday 10th of November 2022

How do you withdraw from this app?


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

How the withdraw process works, tell me?