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Westy West Tips, Cheats & Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

The bad guys are spreading terror across the west and it is up to you to keep the civilians safe in this latest adventure game for iOS and Android. Westy West lets you control your character with taps and swipes as you hunt down the despicable Black Hat gang. Scour the wild west in search of bandits in order to collect on their bounty. Dangers and treasures await your cowboy character, and you will need the help of our Westy West tips, cheats and tricks to be able to survive.

1. Shooting Straight

The controls for the game are simple but can get confusing in the heat of battle. All you have to do is to swipe and tap. Make a swiping motion towards the direction you want your character to go. You can do this anywhere on the screen so moving is the easy part. It can get a bit tricky when you are moving and shooting because you will need to tap in order to shoot. When you are busy fighting the bad guys, you might accidentally swipe instead of tap which can easily get you killed. The solution for this is to use the Fire button. Just go to the settings and turn the Fire button on. This will give you a button to press whenever you want to shoot. This takes away your freedom to just tap anywhere on the screen but it also takes away the risk of incorrect taps so the tradeoff is worth it.

2. Beating The Bad Guys

When you see the enemies on the map, don’t get too excited. Get the jump on them by patiently waiting for them to enter your line of sight before shooting. Don’t go chasing after them as it can get you killed. The bandits shoot as soon as you enter their vision which can catch you off guard. Play it safe by ambushing them one by one until you wipe them all out. This is important because killing bandits consecutively without dying adds to your combo. The higher your combo is, the more money you get as bounty reward. While it might be tempting to go in with guns blazing as cowboys do in the movies, the risk is not worth losing bounty bonuses over.

3. Get Your Boom Stick

No matter what game you play, there probably is no weapon more satisfying to use than a shotgun. There is a certain appeal to being able to just blow away your enemies with one shot. Despite the pixel block, this concept is still true in the game. Get a shotgun as soon as you can and enjoy exterminating the bad guys with one shot. Feel free to just buy the $1500 shotgun as the more expensive one is not remarkably any better. You also don’t need to worry about spread shot in this game so you can safely blast those outlaws to high heaven even if there are civilians nearby.

4. Act Fast

If you fail to one-hit an outlaw, you will need to have quick reaction times as they will start shooting back at you for as long as you are in their line of sight. You may choose to keep moving first until you are in a better position before returning fire. Be careful when shooting back at enemies and make sure you weave across the map in between shots to avoid taking damage. Always play it safe even if it takes longer to kill the enemy. Getting too aggressive can get you killed and will end up wasting any combo you may have built up. Remember, a dead cowboy is a useless cowboy.

5. Complete The Quests

Like most games, there will be quests for you to complete. Always take time to complete these quests even if you feel they are repetitive as they provide as an alternate source of income for you. Weapons can be quite expensive so getting as much additional gold as you can will always be helpful. The quests usually involve killing certain bandits. It works like some kind of bounty system where you hunt down Wanted men in exchange for money. Not all quests are about hunting bandits, though. There will be other quests that will send you on random errands such as destroying certain items on the map. Just keep checking out the quests and complete them whenever you can. Your money will pile up and you will have enough for a shopping spree before you know it.

6. Entering Mines

Some of the stages you enter will be gold mines and that means you have officially hit the jackpot. Gold mines have gold piles that you can destroy to get money from them. Keep hitting a gold pile and it will eventually drop a gold nugget which is worth $10. That may not seem like much at first but if you clear all the gold piles in the mines, you will come out with a pretty hefty stash. If you are feeling bold, you may equip a pickaxe in the mines which will improve your chances of getting gold nuggets from piles. This is a risk that you will be taking, though, because there are still enemies inside the mines. The pickaxe is a melee weapon and you will have a tough time taking out bandits without taking damage in return.

7. Breaking Public Property

For some reason, most heroes in games are rewarded for breaking things they don’t own. This is true for this game as well. When you are going around the map and you spot boxes, feel free to destroy those. Not only will the citizens not mind your vandalism, you will also occasionally be rewarded with some money bags and bills. Money bags are worth $14 while the bills are worth $3. Again, those amounts may not seem like much but to get paid for wrecking public property isn’t so bad. Destroy all the boxes you see in order to add more to your income.

It’s now time for a showdown with those Black Hat bandits in Westy West. Just follow the tips and tricks above to improve your gun-slinging skills and bring in the bad guys.