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West Gunfighter (iOS) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies You Need to Know

Cowboys are some of the most iconic fighters in the world. The notorious Wild West is home to tough gunslingers whose only law is kill or be killed. West Gunfighter is an open world adventure game where you can finally become a cowboy. Available on Android devices, the game lets you create and customize your very own cowboy or cowgirl, head out on missions, duel against bandits, and earn a lot of cash. Feel free to explore the land, go horse riding, and even drink at saloons. There are different horses, weapons, and equipment that can help you become the best in the West. Take on hundreds of different activities that can keep you busy in the game. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can take on stronger enemies, including infamous outlaws and zombies. Do you have what it takes to survive in a kill-or-be-killed frontier? Make sure you read our West Gunfighter cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your success!

1. Master The Controls

West Gunfighter utilizes a control system that is similar to most adventure games on the mobile platform today. You have the standard virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and a draw or fire button on the right. You can also swipe around on the screen to make your character look around. There are also reload and mount buttons on the screen. Aside from these, there are buttons at the top of your screen that allow you to switch between your weapons.

Keep in mind that knowing what each button does and actually using the buttons are two different things. To use them in combat, you need to rotate your character and use the joystick until you have the enemy in your sight. You will have crosshairs that will lock into them. Once locked in, you will be able to move around while you shoot. You will be able to keep shooting without adjusting your aim as long as you are within range and you don’t lose sight of your target. Take time to familiarize yourself with the use of the controls until you are comfortable with them.

2. Know Your Weapons

There are three types of weapons in the game. The first one is a shotgun. If you are familiar with any other game that involves guns, you would know that this weapon is famous for having the power to blow away enemies. It is equally famous for having terrible aim unless you are close to the enemy. The second type of weapon is the blade. As you could probably guess, this is a melee weapon. It is a high risk, high reward type of weapon, so choose it only if you know you can handle it. Finally, you have the revolver. This is your long-ranged weapon, and it allows you to attack from a relatively safe distance. You have the option to get a pair of revolvers for dual wielding, or you can also get a rifle for shooting from even greater distances.

3. How To Avoid Getting Shot

There are two ways for you to avoid getting shot in West Gunfighter. The first one is to duck behind a cover. The down side to this is you will also have a tough time returning fire from behind a cover. This option is best used when you have multiple attackers coming from different directions. Getting behind a cover will allow you to deal with one of your attackers without worrying about the others for a while. The second option is for you to dodge the bullets. Obviously, that is easier said than done. However, you should keep in mind that your opponent has the same limitations as you do. If you stay on the move, you will be a more difficult target to hit. Hopefully, that will buy you enough time to put a bullet between your target’s eyes.

4. Make Sure You Stock Up

Before you head out on missions, make sure you stock up on ammo and blood vials. Ammo is an absolute necessity since you cannot fight without them. Blood vials are the potions in this game. You need a lot of them, especially if you tend to get hit a lot. The good news is that they are fairly cheap. You can buy them for around 100 to 200 each. You don’t have to waste resources on expanding your maximum capacity for these, either. You can actually open up the Store menu at any time, so you will be able to buy what you need. Just make sure you don’t go shopping while someone is shooting at you.

5. Upgrade Your Weapons

West Gunfighter rewards you with various items whenever you complete quests. These items can be used to upgrade your weapons or expand item capacity. Make sure you prioritize upgrades over inventory expansion. You can upgrade your weapon by going into the weapons tab in the Store. You can also do this through the Inventory menu. Just tap on the minimap and select the third tab. Look for the materials you need for upgrading. Tap on the Use button in order to open the upgrade menu. One thing you should note, however, is that blades cannot be upgraded. Remember this if you plan to stick with blades as your primary weapon.

6. Buy The Right Weapon

There are several weapons that you can buy in the game. As mentioned above, blades cannot be upgraded, but you are free to buy the next level weapon if you want to get stronger. Weapons require either coins or diamonds to purchase. Some of them are affordable, but stronger weapons would naturally be more expensive. We have listed the different weapons available for purchase to help you get an idea of how much diamonds you need to save up.

Colt Revolver – Free from the start
Remington Revolver – 3,000 coins
Peacemaker – 10,000 coins
Semi-auto Shotgun – Free from the start
Sawed-off Shotgun – 10,000 coins
Riot Shotgun – 18,000 coins
Thompson Rifle – 20,000 coins
Double Peacemaker – 25,000 coins
Double Schofield – 40,000 coins
Wilson – Free from the start
Clanton – 2,500 coins
Valance – 5,000 coins
Calvera – 15 diamonds
Angel Eyes – 15 diamonds
Hedley – 30 diamonds
William – 50 diamonds
Little Bill – 50 diamonds
Derringer – 60 diamonds
Double Remington – 80 diamonds
Carved Revolver – 100 diamonds
Frontier Revolver – 100 diamonds
Deckard Revolver – 180 diamonds
LeMat Revolver – 180 diamonds
Schofield Revolver – 120 diamonds
Triple-barrelled Shotgun – 200 diamonds
Double Carved Revolver – 240 diamonds
UTS-22 Shotgun – 250 diamonds
Double Sawed-off Shotgun – 250 diamonds
Double LeMat – 300 diamonds

7. Update Your Wardrobe

Since you will most likely be using just one weapon throughout the game, you don’t really need to buy all of them unless you want to. If you already have a good weapon, you can start investing in outfits instead. Clothes in West Gunfighter are not just cosmetic options. The give you added defense as well as some special abilities such as increased headshot damage.

Make sure you pay attention to the description of the outfits you plan to buy. Utility should always be your priority over looks.

8. How To Get More Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. You can buy premium weapons, horses, and outfits using diamonds. You can also spend diamond to continue after failing a mission. There are several ways for you to get more diamonds. The most straightforward option is to simply buy them using real money. If you purchase any diamond pack above 50, you will also automatically remove all ads from the game. Invest well if you are considering playing for a long time.

For free players, diamonds will be harder to come by. You can get a few diamonds from completing quests. The better your performance is during a quest, the more rewards you will get. Keep grinding quests in order to collect a lot of diamonds. You should also complete extra quest objectives in order to gain even more rewards.

The game also rewards you well for completing achievements. These are in-game milestones that you will be able to reach naturally as long as you keep playing the game. Make sure you claim your rewards as soon as they are available. Just go to the main menu before starting the game or hit pause at any point once you are in-game.

Daily login rewards and treasure boxes are also ways to get more diamonds without spending money. It takes a bit of luck, buy you will be able to get diamond rewards eventually. It may not seem like much at first, but if you play regularly, they will eventually pile up.

9. Play A Lot Of Minigames

West Gunfighter is not just about shooting and killing. There are also some minigames that can help you pass time aside from allowing you to earn massive amounts of money. You can find the minigames by following the blue markers on your minimap. It involves a bit of gambling since you will need to place bets. Your chances of winning, however, will depend on your skills. We have listed the different minigames below, so you can get an idea on how to beat them.

Quickdraw – While it may seem more serious than most minigames, this mode lets you test your reflexes. You need to tap and draw at the precise moment in order to win. Pay attention to the crosshairs and ensure they are green the whole time.

Blackjack – This minigame follows the standard rules of the card game Blackjack. The key is knowing when to stop drawing to keep yourself from losing your money.

Race – This minigame allows you to race your horse through the markers in order to beat the record. It takes a bit of practice since the controls get a little tricky during the minigame compared to regular horse riding.

Darts – Accuracy is important here. You need to reach your goal without taking up too many rounds. Practice is your friend, although you might end up losing some money before you can get the hang of it.

Target Practice – This minigame lets you work on your aim. You get to shoot a bunch of stuff without worrying about getting shot in return.

10. Buy The Starter Package

If you decide to spend real money on the game, you might as well buy the introductory offer. You get 27,000 coins and 300 diamonds for $4.99. This is a steal considering the price of both items if you purchase them individually. You only get to take advantage of this package once, so if you have five bucks to spare, spend it on this one.

Surviving in the Wild West is not easy, but with the help of our West Gunfighter cheats, tips and strategies, you will be gunning down outlaws with no problems!


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