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Warship Legend Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Enemy Fleets in Battle

If you are into battleships and naval warfare and enjoy taking command of your very own fleet as you engage in various challenges, then chances are that you have played one or some of Strategy Gamez’ offerings on both Android and iOS platforms. As the company behind Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire, Rise of Napoleon: Empire War, and Sea Commander – Fleet Battle, Strategy Gamez has experience and accomplishments in the development, launch, and management of strategy games, most especially in the naval warfare sub-genre.

Warship Legend is Strategy Gamez’ latest mobile RPG title. Packed with a plethora of game modes and features, the action-packed marine battles you will engage in becomes an even bigger treat for battleship lovers as the vessels you collect, upgrade, and use in various skirmishes are named after popular battleships around the world such as America’s USS Nimitz, Japan’s Akizuki Class Destroyer, South Korea’s KDX-2, and many others.

Warship Legend essentially shares some of the more common features found in typical strategy games but as complex as naval warfare may be in real life as well as in most games within the genre, Warship Legends makes itself a lot easier for players of varying levels of expertise. Definitely not just a game aimed at fans of naval warfare, Warship Legends is definitely worth jumping into if you enjoy idle strategy games and action-oriented battles.

warship legend tactics

There are certainly a lot of unique mechanics and features in Warship Legend that players will need to learn and, truthfully enough, the initial screen full of different structures and icons, along with red dot indicators, can be an intimidating scene. The in-game tutorial will walk you through each phase of the game and provides a quick guide on every new feature or game mode you unlock. Battles are on full auto mode and there are various quick menu buttons for most other basic processes.

Additionally, information on certain items or menus are readily available as well, making the entire package as newbie-friendly as possible. Warship Legend is an easy game to play and you can make good progress even if you are a non-spender or free player. If you find yourself taking a lot of losses in battles or looking for ways to enhance your fleet, then read our Warship Legend beginner’s guide below! With the help of our tips, tricks and strategies you will dominate every battle in Warship Legend!

1. Prioritize Progression Through The Story Campaign

Warship Legend isn’t just about senseless naval battles and fleet management. Following the story by pushing forward with the campaign leaves you to have a better understanding of why you need to engage in such conflicts. Your adventure takes you to different locations on the map with each one having 12 stages to conquer. The campaign mode stands as your main source of experience points to level up your account or commander level and holds the key to unlocking the rest of the game’s features and game modes.

how to complete the story campaign in warship legend

Warship Legend does not employ in-game energy that gets consumed each time you battle through the campaign, which means that you can push through it as much as you can. The only 2 barriers that would prevent you from progressing through the campaign mode are the battles that may become too challenging or the minimum level requirements that come with latter stages. Although we have yet to encounter a concern with the former, waiting out for idle rewards will eventually get you through the next stage.

As Warship Legend is a game that lets you earn idle rewards, there is continuous growth even if you choose to do nothing. Idle rewards, however, are dependent on how far you have progressed through the campaign. If you notice, you will have to select the next stage and tap on the auto battle button on it first before you actually engage in a battle on that stage. This means that even if the current level is too difficult for you to beat, you can still start farming resources from it.

Relative to this, another good thing in Warship Legend when it comes to earning idle rewards is that there are no limits as to how much idle earnings grow unlike in most idle games that require you to log back in periodically to claim rewards that has a cap.

Beyond unlocking added features and game modes as well as earning higher idle earnings, every stage you conquer also earns you one-time rewards and progression through each are comes with some extra premium items as well. Note that as you make progress through the campaign, you may be taken to the new feature or game mode that you have just unlocked but as soon as you go through with it, you should step right back into the campaign. Likewise, you should also spend time occasionally performing upgrades on your ship to keep up with the growing strength of enemy fleets in the campaign.

2. Choose Your Battleships Strategically

There are numerous warships to choose from in the game and each one essentially has the potential to be as strong as the rest. For the most part, your fleet will be composed of six battleships and there are many factors to consider in choosing from among the plethora that you will acquire. There are 5 types or classes of battleship each with its own unique qualities and Warship Legend employs the “rock-paper-scissors” approach in determining advantages and disadvantages each class has in combat.

There are aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, and supply ships. Aircraft carriers and destroyers have average attack and defense values and can be suitable for either the front lines or back row depending on their tier and overall upgrade level. Frigates exhibit the highest defense values and serve as the tank of the fleet.

list of warships in warship legend

Submarines have tremendous firepower but lag behind as far as defensive strength is concerned. Last, but definitely not the least, supply ships are behind in terms of overall stats and should be kept at the back row. Supply ships serve as the fleet medic and can restore HP of allied warships in battle.

Submarines have an advantage over aircraft carriers but are disadvantaged against frigates. Aircraft carriers have an advantage over destroyers but are disadvantaged against submarines. Destroyers have an edge over frigates but are weak versus aircraft carriers. Frigates can handle submarines with relative ease but are burdened against destroyers.

Warship classes that have an advantage deal 25% more damage. Supply ships, which are weaker in both offensive and defensive strength are unaffected by the “rock-paper-scissors” restraint.

Considering the restraint feature of dealing and receiving damage, it should be ideal to consider all 5 different ship classes in a 6-ship fleet. That way, you can be fairly certain that you will not be grossly disadvantaged if two or more of your ships have restraint disadvantage against several enemy units. At the very least, considering at least 2 of the 4 classes within the restraint cycle in such a way that you will have an advantage over the classes that disadvantage your other units is a viable option. For example, you can use aircraft carriers as your main damage dealers and if there are submarines within the enemy lines, you have frigates to deal with them.

In addition to the class restraint cycle to keep in mind, you should also take note of activated attributes you can earn by deploying similar classes of ships within your fleet. You can check this out by clicking on the icon at the lower right side of the formation screen. As an example, 2 warships within the same class grants all your ships a 3.5% increase in attack and a 3.5% boost in health.

Additionally, warships of the same class will also earn an additional buff based on their class. Aircraft carriers receive a bonus block rate, destroyers get an increase in crit rate, frigates earn a defense boost, and submarines receive an extra dodge rate as well as energy.

Considering all of the above, you should look into what each warship in your collection can do. Though each one falls within 5 different classes, each one is unique as far as stats and special skills go. As you view your ships by tapping on the fleet icon at the bottom of your main screen, your ships will typically be arranged based on star grade and relative power.

As you tap on each ship to view its details, check the icon at the lower left side of the warship page to see the best recommended partners for that ship. It can be a challenge to follow that as a lot of time, grinding, and luck are needed to complete your collection but this feature is still worth checking as you may have warships that can better synergize with one another and therefore worth the investment.

3. Be Very Selective When Upgrading Ships

You will initially have some 3 and 4-star ships to start your adventure but since Warship Legend provides a ton of gifts and rewards for new players, you should be fortunate enough to nab at least one 5-star ship on your first day of playing. You will certainly need to use some 3-star warships early in the campaign but for the most part, you should only invest in 4-stars and up. You can hold off on upgrading until you secure higher grade ships. Battles in the game are not rated based on how many ships survive at the end and the only thing that matters is winning so feel free to invest heavily in your units that you feel will be useful for a very long time.

how to upgrade ships in warship legend

The most basic way of upgrading your warships is by levelling them up. You will need to spend cash and warship EXP for this and expectedly, the higher the level, the more of each resource is needed. Both are common resources you can earn from just about anywhere but eventually, you will need more of it than what you have so it is best to only spend them on warships you plan on keeping for good. A ship’s star grade determines its maximum tier and only 4-star ships and above can be upgraded all the way through.

Tier 1 is indicated by a gray color, tier 2 is green, tier 3 is blue, tier 4 is purple, tier 5 is orange, and tier 6 is red. A ship’s tier will also determine its level cap, which can only be extended once the cap is reached and you have warship design drawings and cash to tier them up. Each ship can unlock 4 different skills based on their star grade and their tier.

Once you unlock the Retrofit Factory, You can upgrade any 4 or 5-star ship to the next grade provided that you have the required extra ships to do so. For each ship you can retrofit, there will be indicators on ones you can initiate or even on any of the requirements. It will certainly take a while to complete the requirements for any ship so at least look at the ones you are close to building and avoid recycling the required components.

Relative to all this, keep in mind that you have a limited number of berths or slots to hold your ships and would need to spend gold to expand it. For efficiency, choose to dispose of your lower-grade ships to free up some berths through the Recycle Center. Recycling 1 and 2-star ships will earn you warship EXP and warship design drawings while 3-star and above ships will earn you more of both plus service certificates you can exchange for 4-5 star warships via the Exchange Shop.

4. Keep Your Armaments Upgraded

On top of each warship’s individual stats that grow as you upgrade them, a tremendous boost to stats can also be earned from the armaments you equip them with. Like the warships themselves, these gears are covered by star grades and tiers to indicate the amount of bonus stats they provide. Basically, each ship can be equipped with 6 different armament types with the first 3 adding health and defense while the other 3 provides health and attack boost.

missile arsenal in warship legend

You can easily equip ships with the gears you have in your inventory by tapping on the quick equip button on the ship window but for best results, you should prioritize front row ships with gears that boost defense and lodge rear lane warships with the best gears that boost attack. It can still depend on the kind of ships you have on both rows but for the most part, ships in the front end of the formation will take a lot more damage from the enemies.

Once you unlock the arsenal, you can begin processing gears into higher tiers and star grades. For example, you need 3 basic missiles to craft an advanced missile and 3 advanced missiles to craft 1 improved missile. You can easily spot craftable armaments within the arsenal and you only need to spend cash for each process.

Do note that equipped items on your warships will not be reflected on your inventory so feel free to unequip some of them if you have cash to perform crafting gear several times. Likewise, since you will only be using 6 warships at a time, remember to strip everything off of the warships you no longer use.

5. Join A Legion And Add Friends As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, clans, or loosely similarly named player groups have long since been an integral part of many online games. For the most part, and despite most games being made playable and enjoyable all on your own, the question does not revolve around whether or not you should choose to join one but rather, on whether to join or create a group of your own.

warship legend legion

In Warship Legend, you can join or create a legion fairly early in the game and if you feel like you will stay very active and be able to lead your own legion well enough, then it is never a bad investment. Otherwise, there are an abundant supply of active and open legions you can join and some will instantly consider you without having to wait for an approval from the legion leader.

There are various events and activities you can engage in only if you are a legion member. It comes with a lot of perks and hardly any disadvantage. Aside form donating cash to develop the legion, the only other thing constantly expected of each member is active participation. Every activity you engage in as a member of a legion earns you legion contribution points that you can use at the legion shop to exchange for 4-5 star warships.

Additionally, legions are a great source of in-game friends. You can easily tap on any legion member’s banner at the legion hall and send them friend requests. Likewise, choose to accept friend requests as well.

By clicking on the arrow underneath your avatar at the main screen, you can see the friends list icon. Tapping on it will take you to your friends list and you can send and accept gifts daily. Gifts come in the form of help to open the boxes below the friends list window so having more friends give you a better chance of opening up all 3 daily.
Beyond that, having friend enable you to partake in some cooperative content in Warship Legend that earns you immediate rewards as well as assistance points you can use to purchase new ships.

6. Engage In Training Center Activities Regularly

If you play Warship Legend extensively enough, then chances are that you will quickly hit a dead end in the campaign. It will unlikely be due to lack of combat firepower to take on the enemies but rather, due to the minimum level requirements of some stages. In such cases, it is best to spend time on the game’s other game modes and you will find some of it within the training center.

The first and most basic is the daily instances. This game mode is divided into 4 distinct categories with each one providing you a basic resource you will constantly need. Cash, warship EXP, warship materials, and shards of 3-4 star warships can be earned from each daily instance. You have two attempts daily for each instance as well and beating the sassiest level, as well as reaching the level requirements of the next one unlocks it.

training center activities in warship legend

Naturally, higher level instances are more challenging but offer more rewards. If you are close to meeting the requirements to proceed to the next level, then it will be best to save your attempts at the latter part of the day.

The cruise, on the other hand works more like an idle exploration. There will be random nodes available each day and you will need to deploy the required warship classes on each node to initiate the cruise. After a fixed amount of time, you can check back and claim the corresponding rewards. The ships’ level and overall strength does not impact the cruise’ outcome, which means that deploying 2 or 3 level 1 ships will be sufficient. You can refresh this feature for 20 gold, but it is hardly worth it.

The War Game within the training center is a unique game mode where you continuously progress through a series of battles in different waters. Each location is divided into 5 areas and clearing each one earns you cash and warship design drawings. Every fifth are holds extra rewards and a special offer will be presented to you as well after completing each water or location.

7. Accomplish Missions And Achievements For Extra Rewards

There are plenty of resources and rewards to claim from practically every activity you engage in as you work towards naval dominance in Warship Legend. On top of the immediate items that you earn, however, more can be obtained through completing missions and achievements. For the most part, both missions and achievements relate to the usual activities you should engage in as you spend time in the game.

Missions are typically easier to accomplish while achievements often take longer to complete. Missions reset daily while accomplishments are available forever. Some accomplishment objectives are replaced with higher level challenges once you complete them.

how to earn more rewards in warship legend

You can view daily missions via the mission icon at the bottom of the main screen. Most of the objectives set here are accomplishable within minutes. Beyond outright rewards for completing each mission objective, activity points you earn accumulate to unlock special crates above the page. If you can, push to complete each objective to unlock all the crates and earn the most rewards.

Achievements, on the other hand, are lodged inside the Archives Bureau. Achievement goals serve as milestones and an overall basis of your progress in your adventure. Achievements are likewise divided into categories pertaining to different aspects of progress. Just like missions, accomplishing a certain number of feats within the achievement section earns you additional rewards at the top of the window in addition to immediate items you can obtain from completing each goal.

While there will be red dot indicators atop each structure or icon if there are rewards to claim or matters to attend to, it is advisable to visit both the list of missions and achievements regularly. The idea is to let both serve as your guide to identify areas in the game you may need to spend a bit more time and effort on. While every feature of the game will be discussed with you as you unlock them, it can be a challenge to remember and tend to everything once you have unlocked most of the game’s features.

Relative to achievements, the Display Cabinet within the Archives Bureau will also reward you with gold based on your ship collection. Be sure to look into it to see which from among the many warships in Warship Legend you have unlocked and which ones remain to be collected.

8. Expend Daily Challenge Attempts On PvP

No strategy game is complete without a chance to test your mettle against other players and Warship Legend showcases a variety of PvP content for naval warfare enthusiasts to revel in. In most cases, beginners are apprehensive to partake in PvP battles especially if they feel they still have a lot to learn from the game they are playing.

warship legend daily challenge

In Warship Legend, however, PvP combat is not done in real-time and battles are always on auto mode. On top of all that, you will clearly see the enemy team’s combat power and readily compare it with yours, making it very easy to identify opponents you can easily beat.

All PvP battles follow the 6-ship fleet formation so there will hardly be adjustments to your formation. For the most part, the only battle you should be wary about are players who only deploy one or 2 ships to lower their combat power, but then have one or both of those ships be heavily upgraded enough to wipe out a newbie fleet. In any case, it is best to engage in PvP towards the end of your daily run as your fleet ought to be at its peak conditions at the end of the day.

9. Regularly Visit Your Warehouse For Consumable Items

The warehouse in Warship Legend houses every bit of item you obtain in your conquests. It can be an alternative way to check if you have 3 or more of a particular equipment, a place to check how much warship EXP and technology points you have left, consumable items you should use sooner than later, and warship shards you have collected.

warship legend warehouse

For the most part, though your attention when it comes to warehouse management ought to be focused on the latter 2. Under the normal items tab, there are various consumable items that are not readily usable but needs to be opened to reveal the resources inside of them. Be sure to check each item out and read through the short descriptions as well.

With the exception of various currencies you can exchange at the shop for shards of 4-5 tar warships, every other consumable are best used sooner than later, especially if they contain basic resources like cash, warship EXP, or even warship design drawings.

10. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

While Warship Legend already provides a ton of content for players to engage in, there are plenty of special events in the game and each one offers very valuable rewards that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. Most especially at the start of your dive into the game, the first seven days will be the most important as it holds a variety of time-limited events that can earn you valuable items to help boost your progress in the game.

To start off, be sure to log in every day and claim the starter gifts through the special gift box icon at the left side of the main screen. The tactical objectives event that lasts for seven days as well outlines a variety of objectives you need to complete just like missions and achievements. Each stage focuses on two aspects of the game like the story progression and ship improvement in terms of star grade, the arena and ship improvement considering tiers, the war game and equipment upgrades, and even assistance purchases and cruise missions. Each milestone achieved grants valuable rewards and completing 100 points will net you a 5-star Nimitz.

how to take advantage of events in warship legend

There are certainly a lot of events that may require you to spend actual money on the game but still, you can still earn a lot of free rewards without spending a dime. On top of events that require you to accomplish certain feats to earn some rewards, Check the Intelligence Directorate and other structures within your base for some events that will require active participation. Most of it are not yet announced prior to its start but be sure to take note of indicators on the relevant structures to determine activities you can take part in.

There are still more content and features left in Warship Legend that we will no longer cover in detail such as the club and the research center. For the club, gamble your chips away as soon as you obtain them and for the research center, expending resources you have on education and the rand lab is rather streamlined.

For the Rand Lab, though, you should take extra care as research points are much harder to earn and you will never have enough to boost every aspect of improvement. Considering everything, additional content and features you may unlock later are easy to understand so long as you have a good grasp of the basic features and mechanics we discussed above.

And that’s it for our Warship Legend beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you learned a lot from all the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading it as well. If you have played Warship Legend a lot and stumbled upon some additional tip or strategy other than what we have already mentioned in the article, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment area!