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War of Colony Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

War of Colony is an immersive new strategy game in which you have to rise among the ranks and keep your base safe while at the same time trying to poach resources from other players and obliterate their towns. The game is multiplayer-focused and you have to be wary of your neighbors at all times. There are multiple servers and all of them are actually huge maps in which new cities are spawned at random locations. Once you make an account and start playing you will be placed on a random tile inside the map. From then on you have to rise in power, and develop production in order to have enough resources to build a mighty army.

The beginning is rather quiet. You (probably) won’t be interested in battling with stronger foes since your power will be quite humble. Once you manage to push your industry to higher levels, and once you begin recruiting soldiers, the real battle begins. Players can attack all other bases, and there is also random resource mines placed all around the map. While invading other players’ cities can get you a bit of resources, looting a resource mine will give you high amounts of single resource. Your army can invade mines and bases, and also participate in single-player campaign where your soldiers are pitted against gradually stronger enemies in lots of different missions.

By generating experience points your leader will become stronger, you will be able to lead more troops and recruit advanced unit types. Over time, you will either become a force to be reckon with, making most other players to avoid invading your base, or will end up as a cannon fodder who doesn’t have a strong army and can’t defend its main base. In order for you to avoid experiencing the latter scenario, we prepared a detailed War of Colony guide in which you’ll find lots of helpful tips, tricks and advice that will make playing the game one highly enjoyable experience. Let us begin.

1. Ramp Up Production Early On

Once you finish the tutorial and receive a city to manage, you should focus on ramping up your industry. There are five main resources in total: copper, stone, steel, wood, and food. Make sure to build (and upgrade a couple of times) at least one production building for each resource. Since food and wood are more important early on, once you level up your castle high enough, construct a couple more farms and sawmills. You see, wood and food are the two most important resources for recruiting new troops so make sure to have more farms and sawmills than quarries. Also, after you reach a certain level you’ll be given one ironworks building. Only one because steel is a rare resource.

As soon as you receive a new resource spot, construct a building and upgrade it a couple of times. For a steady resource flow, you’ll need five quarries and well as four sawmills and four farms, all leveled to level 10 or above. After a couple of levels your leader will be able to construct the tax office where your base generates copper. For a steady income we suggest that you keep the tax office on the same level as your castle. So, once you level up the castle make sure to upgrade tax office.

2. Once You Ramp Up Production, It Is Time To Build An Army

During early game all that you need is enough basic units to fill up your city defense regiment. Just train them and assign them base-defending duty. In order to do that, enter castle, select city defense and enter it. Then tap on the “max power” button, and tap on save.

After you managed to secure steady resource flow, instead of upgrading your resource buildings, upgrade your barracks. At the beginning you’ll have just one barracks on your disposal but after a while another will be unlocked. As with the tax office, make sure to have one barracks the same level as your castle. That way you will be able to recruit stronger units as soon as your castle fulfills level requirements.

Make sure to have lots of soldiers, so you can send multiple regiments to conquer other bases and loot wild mines. Also, the single player campaign is a great source of XP for leveling up your leader. Since battles are very brief you can finish entire campaigns in just a few minutes. Make sure to always send your strongest troops, and to heal all injured soldiers. This is very important, since all injured units can be healed, but if you fail to heal them in time, you will lose them. So, after each battle tap on the “troops” button and heal all injured soldiers. Copper is used for unit healing so make sure to always have at least 150,000 copper in order to heal powerful units. Since advanced units cost a lot more to heal, we advise you to send regiments made out of cheaper unit types so you don’t have to spend a fortune on healing just a couple of powerful soldiers (for instance, healing a couple of elite snipers can cost more than 100,000 coins!).

Also, always check to see if city defense regimen is full since the game won’t reserve the troops defending the city. If you accidentally choose units assigned on the city walls, they will abandon their posts.

You can recruit as many units as you want, there are no limits. The only limit is your resource numbers. Also, you can recruit weaker units; don’t save up for more powerful ones. After your leader reach a certain level you’ll be given a training camp in which you can upgrade weaker units to their advanced types. So, you can upgrade Light Grenadier to Heavy, Flintlock to Musketman, etc. We advise you to recruit lots of Flintlocks and after you upgrade barracks to level 15 you will be able to upgrade them to Musketman units, which are very powerful units that get unlocked at level 15.

3. Make Sure To Pick Up All Prizes

In War of Colony you can get lots of different prizes. You get daily rewards, hourly giveaways, the game also has a lucky roulette, there’re ways to get free equipment for your soldiers, and many more. After you connect and enter your city make sure to check them all. In most cases, icons hovering over buildings will let you know about the prize, but in some cases you have to enter different menus. Make sure to tap on all hovering icons, and to collect different rewards.

War of Colony has daily quests but you have to manually activate them. Just enter the pub and select daily mission icon. There you can assign different daily missions that will give you lots of different rewards. You have to be active and constantly check out if you are eligible for different rewards because you wn;t be able to get them all just by clicking on icons.

4. Wild Mines Are Great Way To Get Lots Of Resources

Wild mines are dotted all over War of Colony map and they differ by level. Low levels will give you fewer resources but won’t be guarded by powerful units, while high level mines will give you hundreds of thousands of resources but will be difficult to conquer. It is best to pick medium level mines (levels between 10-20) since they usually give a couple of thousands resource points while having relatively weak defenses.

Remember, each mine can give just one resource type, so make sure to attack those that contain resources you need. Always send a strong army to be sure that it will destroy defenders. Once your army starts collecting resources, let them finish and after they are done send them back to your base.

5. Use Auto-Equip Option When Assigning Equipment To Your Troops

Once you start getting battle equipment that can give your troops different bonuses (higher damage, higher accuracy, more hit points, etc.) make sure you don’t have a single piece of unused equipment. The fastest way to give your troops equipment bonuses is to enter your castle, tap on “city defense” and from there tap on “go to equip” button. Once you enter equipment menu, just tap on auto and assign equipment to each regimen until you spend all your pieces of equipment.

Remember to revisit the menu each time you receive a new piece of equipment. This way your soldiers will always be maximally buffed.

6. Your Regimens Are More Powerful When A General Leads Them

In War of Colony generals are quite important. They give your troops different bonuses, and can have some special abilities. When assigning a general to a regimen, make sure that his ability is in sync with your soldiers (for instance, if your regimen is made mostly out of cavalry, make sure to assign a general who has an ability to improve the damage of cavalry). Also, some generals have a special ability that shortens the time needed for gathering a resource after occupying a mine so make sure to assign these generals to troops who are supposed to loot mines.

7. Your Warehouse Keeps Resources From Getting Looted

You have two warehouses that secure a part of your resources from getting looted in case other player defeats your defenders. You should level them to at least level 10, so that other players can’t take all of your riches. Also, each time when you upgrade a warehouse your entire production will receive a small bump.

8. Always Have An Active Research

You can research different technologies at University. First, choose techs that can give you production bonuses (especially food and wood production) once your food and wood production is upgraded by at least 20 percent, research HP and damage technologies. HP and damage can be upgraded for each unit type. We advise you to research cavalry and musketry technologies because those two unit types are the ones you’ll be recruiting the most during early game.

Once a research is finished make sure to immediately start researching a new one. New technologies (especially those giving your soldiers higher damage) can be extremely important, especially when attacking other players. For instance, if both you and your enemy have regiments made out of light cavalry, you can beat them by having a higher damage bonus. So, make sure to always have an active research going on.

9. Spend Resource Rewards Only When You Really Need Them

In War of Colony you will receive lots of resource rewards. Some can give you a certain amount of one resource while others (resource chests) will give you more than one type. Make sure to use them only when they are needed and do not use them as soon as you receive them. This way you will have a stash of different resources for times when you want to build lots of soldiers at once.

10. Always Scout Wild Mines And Other Bases Before Deciding To Attack

Scouting a base or a mine will show you the amount of resources available, the amount of resources you can plunder, as well as type and number of soldiers defending a base or a mine. Scouting reports are cheap but they can be rally helpful so make sure to scout a base or a mine before deciding to attack, every time.

11. How To Spend Gems

Gems are War of Colony’s premium currency and while it is hard to get, you can spend gems on defend things, just be careful on what. You should save up gems and spend them on speeding up construction when you need a higher level building (like when you need a higher level barracks to recruit more powerful units) or to speed up the time needed for recruiting units, especially when you suffer a defeat, or when you receive a new unit type for recruitment.

Ok folks, that’s all you need to know to succeed in the game. We hope this guide will help you in building a powerful army and crushing your foes in War of Colony. Thanks for reading and happy gaming.


Saturday 21st of March 2020

This game is good but the developers are the worst ...I have spent money and now locked out from game....piss poor

Alfred Neumann

Thursday 15th of August 2019

Login every day and complete the daily tasks. Each one level 3 - 5 awards vip points.

Tolor taym

Friday 5th of July 2019

How does one increase vip level without spending real money.?


Monday 4th of September 2017

Well this guide should be called "How to become the best farm in WoC". Own resource production early on is useless You can farm 10 times more than You need from npc bases (base with 1/1 prosperity which are spawned on new servers). If You farm actively You will get muuuuuch more food and wood than the rest resources so if You want to build up own rss build mostly stone couple wood and some food, on higher lvl castle You can have multiple iron rss as well. About the troops musketers are most lame soldiers they are demolished by cavalary and later on one-shooted by artillery . If used properly artillery is most powerful unit. Gems should be stacked up and spend on spending event days (saturday and sunday at my timezone) best to spent them on some event lotteries. If You want to play f2p game login daily to do daily activities. For building priorities: Castle and one barracks should be building 24/7 in downtime for 2nd building slot You should build some tax office and warehouses. At least until You reach the point when castle is to expensive to farm so much rss in one play session. From where You get rss when all nearby npc bases are empty? Well players following this guide will be easy pray(xD) but You should be able to reach green canons at this point and have some blue army as well. Combine them together and farm wild mines if You do it right You should be easily farming lvl 24 mines which is enough to keep Your war machine going. One of most important things in the game is equipment, apart of doing campaign missions You should try to do as much explore missions as possible to grab some blue equipment. When You get to many of them keep on collecting, in Your armory You can retire blue eq for purple shards, purple for gold shards and so on. You can also lvl up eq using other eq or eq exp chips dont be tempted to lvl up anything below purple eq its waste of resources. Hope I helped. Cheers.