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Vector 2 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Missions

Nekki’s new mobile game called Vector 2 was released last month as the follow-up to Vector. This mobile title is described as a game featuring intense gameplay with procedurally generated environments and lifelike animations in a dystopian world. In other words, you’ll be going down a complicated research facility, where each version of that facility is different from the last – those “procedurally generated” environments, as you can see, bring some replay value to the game. You can try out different types of gear to help you last longer, upgrade the items as you see fit, and learn new stunts that can help you avoid traps easier.

If you’ve played the original Vector, you’ll encounter a lot of similar mechanics, such as how you respond to certain things in the game, as well as the parkour mechanic that helps you avoid those ninjas and get to where you need to be. Now, if you haven’t played this game’s predecessor, we advise you to read on as we now present to you our exclusive list of Vector 2 tips, tricks and strategies.

1. Collect Those Data Chips And Don’t Spend Them Frivolously

Data chips, in case you aren’t familiar, are the game’s main currency. And as far as collecting and spending them are concerned, restarts are the last thing you want to use these for. The game will ask you if you want to skip the timer to restart a mission after you fail it thrice, and if you wish to do so, you’ll be paying five data chips. Not a good idea at all.

You want to hang on to your data chips mainly because they’re the game’s primary currency, and you can use them to buy upgrades and help your character move forward. And contrary to what you may think if you’re a newbie or haven’t even played the game yet, these chips are quite hard to come by. Do not spend your data chips on items or things that you can simply wait for, but spend them by all means for upgrades.

2. You Need Momentum In A Parkour Game

Vector 2 is a parkour game, as we had mentioned. And in order to succeed in games like this, you shouldn’t just be acting quickly, but also very accurately. You should make it a point to properly time your jumps, and that includes the new movement options and parkour tricks; for example, the game will now allow you to vault over a low barrier, then transition into a high jump, or move forward with additional momentum. And that momentum can be very important – more of it means longer jumps, shorter wall climbs, and quicker movements from your character.

3. Watch Out For Those Precision Traps

Remember what we told you in the above tip about accuracy? Well, you’re going to need it in spades, thanks to the “precision parkouring” traps in the game. In such settings, you’ll only have a small space to work around in, and if you move too fast, you might end up careening into a wall or trap. Move too slow and you might not be able to parkour properly. As important as timing is in a broad sense, it’s doubly important when talking about these traps.

4. Go Back To Your Journal

Your character in this game keeps a journal, containing all the information you had discovered while playing the game. That would include new parkouring tricks that you had unlocked, new equipment, and new challenges – think about this feature as a “one stop shop” of sorts. Completing the challenges can earn you more data chips for upgrades, and these chips may even end up in you earning more data chips for free.

5. Be Smart When Upgrading

In Vector 2, you’ll collect and be given a lot of items, each of which has their own unique effect. These effects may have a bearing on how you exit the lab, or how you deal with certain traps. As a recap, you’ll be dealing with lasers, floating mines, security doors, land mines, and all sorts of weapons or obstacles. Equip the items you collect and upgrade them so you can better respond to those traps. Here’s a simple example – you will encounter one upgrade for your feet that allows you to better deal with mines and their devastating effect.

6. Upgrades Can Only Nullify One Trap

Before you go upgrade-crazy, you should keep in mind that upgrades only negate one trap at a time. Make sure you upgrade your equipment, though, to maintain the bonus charges you may have gotten, but always remember that you’re only allowed to work with one trap at a time with your upgrades; multitasking, unfortunately, won’t cut it.

7. Be Patient, And Replay Those Levels

We mention this in so many games that we sometimes feel we shouldn’t even be mentioning it. On the other hand, though, we understand that not everyone is patient enough. Yes, we understand that the levels are procedurally generated (read: random), but replaying them enough will allow you to have an idea of what to expect or where to expect it. Know the basic layout of each level, and work toward going faster each time you play that level so you can earn more points. You might be able to explore enough of that level to discover and unlock new tricks, which could then allow you to collect more data chips, or more points for that very matter.

As a bonus tip, there’s one level (Level 2) that always has the same amount of traps of a certain kind. Even the platforms will be the same each time you play; for example, you’ll see the same collapsing platforms that uncover a pit, and also the same moving walls which you need to mount and climb. Take advantage of this predictability and if you’ve mastered Level 2, you might not need to replay it for much longer.

8. Do Some Scouting Before Those Equipment Upgrades

Also be patient enough to scout the next level before upgrading your equipment; you will sometimes be forced to upgrade a certain type of equipment or buy a new piece of equipment to make it to the next level. You will also be informed after each run about the weapons that truly need an upgrade, so keep this piece of intelligence in mind so you can do some smart upgrades.

9. When Parkouring, Look Before You Leap

We mean that literally, and then some. The most important gameplay-related tip we can advise you for Vector 2 is to be aware of your surroundings, and be alert at all times about the actions you perform! For instance, don’t get swipe-happy with the accelerate function, as the game will want to tell you some key details about the upcoming areas, which is information you should be aware of.

It may tell you that there are mines nearby by flashing a white exclamation point (with red background). You may also see the classic skull and crossbones logo if you’re heading to an area that may be jampacked with traps or enemies that can easily get rid of you and end out your run. Working fast is still paramount, but sometimes you just have to take stock of what’s around you and get a good idea about your present environment.


Saturday 25th of September 2021

Vector 2 is a challenging series from the parkour brothers Library. Tips and game Hints can help you visualize the levels.