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Valerian: City of Alpha Guide, Cheats & Tips to Build a Space Metropolis

Valerian: City of Alpha is a strategy game created by Spil Games for Android and iOS devices. Based on a popular sci-fi movie, this game will have you build and develop your very own space metropolis called Alpha. The goal is to continuously expand your city, making it a safe haven for humans and aliens to live in. You can unlock new technology by collaborating with different alien species. Explore the galaxy by going out on missions to discover new alien species. Build bigger and better ships through crafting, and put together a stellar crew to pilot them. There are a lot of things you can do in the game and it can get a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what to prioritize. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Valerian: City of Alpha strategy guide in order to build a successful metropolis!

1. Utilize Your Agents Well

There are several things you can have your agents do in the game. Make sure you utilize them well in order to get the most out of them. They can gather resources, boost your reputation, and look for new blueprints for your ship. Maximize their utility by always sending them out on missions. They will be your front liners in the game and how you use them will ultimately determine your success.

Use your agents to befriend alien species that they encounter during explorations. Doing so will allow them to gather more resources that you can use for further enhancements. The goal of the game is development so you should not worry about hostile aliens in this game. The key to success is collaboration.

2. Pay Attention To Power Levels

Different missions require certain power levels in order to successfully complete. Pay attention to the power level of your agents and make sure you only send them out on missions that match their power level. Sending them out on missions that have a much higher power requirement will only result in failure. Try to send as many agents as you can. This will help improve the chances of success for your missions. The skills your agents have can also impact their mission. Take time to read each agent’s skills in order to determine the best mission for them. Lastly, if you find yourself struggling on certain missions, you can hire Epic or Legendary agents. This will cost you but they are worth investing in due to the large boost in power level they bring to your team.

Do not forget to equip your agents with the latest available gear. You may need to craft new gear for them in the Factory once you acquire the necessary items. Equipping good gear on your agents will improve their power level and allow them to go on more difficult missions. Some gear will also unlock special skills for your agents so keep an eye out for those as well.

3. Craft Gears And Ships

While out on missions, your agents will sometimes bring back blueprints. These blueprints are important because they will allow you to craft gear and ship parts. Once you know how to craft a certain item, you will just need to gather the necessary materials. Crafting takes time depending on the item you are making. You have the option to speed up the process but it’s not worth the currency you will spend on it. As much as possible, just try to patiently wait for the item to be completed. Try to make a second ship as soon as you can so you can always have one ship exploring while the other is recharging.

4. Using The Hologrid

Generating and collecting resources can be done through the Hologrid. You will need several alien species in order to get the Hologrid to work. Make sure you check out the different combinations and layout of the alien species in order to maximize resource production. Some alien species need to work together to produce specific resources. Keep the pieces on the grid organized and make sure you have the best possible layout for efficient resource production.

You won’t have a lot of species to put down on the Hologrid at first. As you send your agents on more missions, more species will hear about your metropolis and will want to make it their home. That is when their Hologrid pieces will become available for you to use. Placing them on habitats ideal to their species will help them produce resources more efficiently. Be sensitive to their needs and they will reward you well. Working in harmony with different alien species is the ultimate goal of this game and you should keep this in mind with every decision you make.

5. Build Your Reputation

Unlike most games where you need to beat aliens into submission, success in this game revolves around diplomacy. The more species you convince to work with you, the more successful your metropolis will be. There are several benefits for having good reputation. For one, you will earn extra rewards each time you level up when you have a good reputation. You will also be able to put more pieces of a certain species if you have better reputation, thereby allowing you to produce more resources.

Improving your reputation is easy enough. Going on missions will allow you to gain reputation by presenting you with scenarios. You will be given different options and you just need to choose the one that seems most favorable for the species you are trying to impress. On top of that, you can often use an agent’s special skill to boost your reputation even more. Take advantage of this skill whenever you can in order to increase your standing.

It’s refreshing to find a game that is built on collaboration in order to achieve success. Valerian: City of Alpha does a great job in this aspect by putting much though into how it can encourage working with different species. Use the strategy guide we gave you and you will be able to build the ultimate metropolis with ease!