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Used Car Tycoon Game Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Expand Your Dealership

Used Car Tycoon Game is a unique car dealership business simulation game from Soul Box that lets players take over and run a used car dealership practically from scratch. At first glance, it may seem comparable to the sea of idle clicker business simulation titles in the mobile gaming market but it offers plenty of unique and challenging mechanics that even experienced and veteran mobile gamers will surely find something new to revel in.

The basic idea that springs to mind when used cars are involved can get as far as completely fixing them up and selling them straight. However, Used Car Tycoon Game goes well beyond the basic objective of selling cars and provides tons of features and activities that will keep you engaged in the game.

used car tycoon game tips

On top of the multitude of car types, upgrades, and other content to keep you busy as you manage the dealership’s day-to-day operations, Used Car Tycoon Game also sets itself apart from conventional idle clicker business sim games in how it challenges players to use their wits and strategic thinking to ensure a fast yet steady growth of your business empire.

Used Car Tycoon Game provides a tutorial session for players to learn the ropes of managing the basics of operating the used car dealership, not just at the start of the adventure, but also on each instance a new feature becomes available. As far as earnings are concerned, Used Car Tycoon Game makes it so that you are always earning cash, even for a limited period of time while you are offline and away from the game.

used car tycoon game gameplay

Both earnings and growth come naturally, ensuring that you will always be moving forward with every activity you engage in as well as every decision you make. However, like all other idle clicker business sim games, there are faster and more efficient ways to grow your business in Used Car Tycoon Game.

If you are one of those tycoons raring to grow your used car dealership as fast and efficiently as possible, then we have you covered as our Used Car Tycoon Game Beginner’s Guide comes with a bunch of useful, tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Follow The Guide Objectives

Used Car Tycoon Game starts you off with a lot on your plate as you manually perform upgrades as well as tend to various customers at the same time. There are plenty of menus and ad boosts and incentives to explore and look into as well. Although remaining to play as actively as possible certainly helps you move forward in your career as a virtual tycoon, having targets and actually following them leads to a much faster rate of progression that ultimately leads to maximization of profitability and company growth.

used car tycoon game junk cars

Your assistant’s icon at the lower left side of the screen takes you to the guide and will almost always have an exclamation mark on it, indicating that there is an objective waiting to be fulfilled. The guide is exactly what you expect it to be, which more like a campaign mission that is designed for you to follow in order to move forward in your adventure.

Guide objectives only appear one at a time but it does not necessarily mean that you can accomplish some targets that will show at a later time. For efficiency’s sake, however, we recommend sticking to it as far as you can practice. Guide objectives do not just show you the quickest and most efficient way towards growing your used car dealership.

Each objective you clear also comes with rewards that can further boost your progression. Unlocking areas, upgrading certain features of each location within your business office, and other common metrics relative to growth and profitability form part of the list of usual objectives to take on.

used car tycoon game overview

A check mark can be seen on the guide icon when the current objective has been cleared. It is best to see it and claim your rewards so you can be apprised as to what your next objective will be. Considering everything, there are no guide objectives that would have you stray from the usual activities you should normally engage in. In some instances, though, you cannot readily fulfill objectives as they may be lodged behind your account level following minimum level requirements relative to most upgrade level caps.

used car tycoon game guide objective

Being temporarily unable to fulfill an objective directly is a normal occurrence but there are plenty of other activities to engage in while waiting for its completion. More objectively, you should always check on the choice of activities available to determine which ones are more contributory to the objective at hand.

As upgrades directly earn you experience points to reach new levels and unlock more features as well as more upgrade choices, you can expect each succeeding cost to be greater than the previous one. Likewise, EXP required to get from one level to the next also grow exponentially. Being aware of these basic mechanics can help set your expectations as well as contribute to how to plan ahead in terms of what you will focus on with each session.

used car tycoon game guide upgrades

2. Strive For Full And Faster Automation

Although Used Car Tycoon Game is a single player game, it is not designed in such a way that you will actually do all the work yourself. At the start of your adventure, you will engage in some tapping activities much like what anyone would expect in any idle clicker game. As your used car dealership continues to expand, however, even the simple task of clicking here and there becomes a huge challenge, especially if there are other matters to tend to besides micromanaging your virtual business.

used car tycoon game guide automation

All the work within your used car dealership does not rest entirely on your shoulders as you can hire a lot of people to help you perform operational tasks. This may not entirely rid you of the need to perform some manual tasks but it can alleviate some burden to help you focus more on the planning and strategic aspects of your business that only you can do.

You can tap on an NPC within the dealership or even any of the silhouettes to hire or upgrade employees. You can also access this feature by clicking on the rightmost icon at the bottom of your screen. The most basic type are sales agents who stand beside the cars you have for sale and automatically tend to potential buyers when they approach the displayed car.

Note that tending to customers by tapping on them to process orders normally take a huge chunk of the tapping actions you perform and there will naturally be instances when you can fail to tap immediately, resulting in a disgruntled customer who will leave your shop and becomes a missed opportunity for earnings.

used car tycoon game guide npc

Some costs for hiring and upgrades relative to employees only cost cash but some can only be purchased using gems. While difficult to earn, there are more than enough ways for you to earn gems like taking advantage of ad boosts or accomplishing milestones. What we recommend is for you to primarily spend these gems for hiring first with your goal in mind of having more help and automating more processes.

used car tycoon game guide painter

Sales Agents are just one of the many types of personnel you can hire to boost your used car dealership’s efficiency and profitability. There is a warehouse manager who is in-charge of releasing cars to customers following its production. The cashier processes payments made by the customer and the researcher can improve the whole process of selling cars.

You can also hire a janitor to clean up the mess that continuous to pile up within and around the used car dealership as well as a parking lot manager to take care of parking fees. Note that you will not see actual trash inside the workplace but rather outside of the facility, most especially the sidewalks.

used car tycoon game guide sales agent

Hiring different people, most especially additional sales agents, can form part of the guide objectives we mentioned earlier but we consider them as exceptional tasks that we prefer working on even in the absence of a specific need to do so. Having more sales agents directly impact how much idle cash you earn over time and even if you can only rack up a maximum of 3 hours-worth of idle income when you go offline and away from the game, every bit of idle cash you earn can go a long way.

3. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

One of the game mechanics that set Used Car Tycoon Game apart from the plethora of idle clicker business sim games in the market is how it limits the amount of upgrades you can perform given your current level. While you may have tons of idle cash to spend across a multitude of upgrade choices in the former, there are less available options for building and facility upgrades in Used Car Tycoon Game, at least within each level.

Still, the idea of managing cash in Used Car Tycoon Game follows the same basic principle applied across all idle clicker business sim games, which is the opposite of how players generally handle basic currencies in other games. For the most part, seeing your cash grow over time in most games will often incline you to maintain a good amount of spare cash for emergencies and, sometimes, a more prudent approach towards spending is even recommended.

used car tycoon game guide repair machine

In Used Car Tycoon Game, much like all other loosely similar games, the recommended approach is to instead actually draining your supply of cash as fast as possible. This is because the only way to spend cash in Used Car Tycoon Game is to actually invest it back on your growing business. Whether it is for hiring or improving the people in your employ or purchasing upgrades across different areas of your business, every bit of cash you spend contributes to the earnings you make over time.

Cash invested in upgrades earn you reputation or EXP, which leads to higher levels and more upgrade options. Beyond that, each upgrade you purchase yields a permanent increase in earnings as well. Spending will naturally reduce your supply of ready cash outright but you can be certain that you will earn the cash back and even more of it over time.

Investing in people may not have an impact as direct as an outright increase in earnings like what the different furniture and location upgrades do. However, the indirect effect of bigger warehouse spaces, automation, and speed boost attributable to their functions all lead to the same ultimate result of higher gains in profit.

used car tycoon game guide car stand

In this sense, every bit of investment, regardless of prioritization, should be a welcomed one since it leads to an increase in profitability. There is still the matter of prioritizing guide objectives as we discussed earlier, so this tip applies only if you have complied with one objective and still need to work or wait for the completion of the succeeding one.

4. Strategize On Product Improvement And Expansion

Hauling used cars and fixing them up makes them available for sale and already earns you income. As plausible as the short process of restoring the vehicles come, though, it basically is just the base level of production. Used Car Tycoon Game goes a lot deeper than what players might initially expect especially considering the number of upgrades cars can have as well as the range of available cars you are able to provide your customers.

used car tycoon game guide production

Along with upgrades on facilities and training done for employees, an upgrade type also applies to each car in your showroom. You can access all cars on display via the car icon at the bottom of your screen. On each car display, you can hit the modify button to bring up the “modification” page. Modifying cars take time to finish but once it is done, the car’s value will increase and each unit you sell will ultimately yield you more profits.

Cars in Used Car Tycoon Game are unique beyond their appearances as each one has attributable selling price and modification costs as well. Each new modification gives the vehicle an enhanced new look and tremendously boosts its value. Although newly acquired vehicles generally have bigger jumps in value with each modification, it is important to consider the ratio of costs and gains. You will naturally want to max out modification levels for each car in your inventory but you should consider prioritizing investments based on its proportional increase in earnings.

used car tycoon game guide modifications

Additionally, you should keep in mind that while modifications boost earnings, there are still plenty of other investment options in Used Car Tycoon Game just like the ones we previously discussed. As far as potential gains are concerned, which is important in any virtual business sim game, there are other excellent sources of income boost beyond facility upgrades, personnel training, and even car modifications.

There are ways to obtain new cars for free but your main source for them is through the dealers that you can access via the map icon at the lower left side of the screen. You will only have the landlady as your sole dealer early on but more can be unlocked as you reach milestones in terms of stars or levels. You basically pay for the same amount of cash for a random car.

Cars will not be readily sellable upon acquisition and you will need to repair them first. Do note that once you have purchased from a dealer, the next one will have a higher level requirement. In essence, this will limit the number of times you can purchase from the same dealer considering your level.

used car tycoon game guide auto repair

Repairing vehicles can be done manually or automatically. While choosing the “auto” option seems more convenient, the manual option of fixing can actually lead to securing the vehicle faster. Auto mode actually leaves you with a countdown timer that takes several minutes to complete. Manual mode lets you finish the job at your own pace, which will more likely be several folds faster than auto mode.

used car tycoon game guide inspection

Manual repairs are actually like a type of mini game that you might want to do for the fun of it and will start off with a scan of the newly acquired vehicle to determine which parts require some work. Once the scan finishes, you can have varying number of tasks to perform as well as different parts to clean up. There are 5 different tools at the bottom of the screen, each with a different function and there are ad offers as well to instantly finish the fixing of the car.

used car tycoon game guide manual repair

5. Consider Extra Strategies To Boost Income

Considering the abundance of concerns and random events in Used Car Tycoon Game that require your attention, it is very much possible to have little time to explore other avenues for extra profits. Likewise, it can also happen that some mechanics you have learned in passing early on will be forgotten as you become too busy with what you might perceive to be more important.

For starters, you should not forget about the flyers you can tap on at the bottom center of the screen. You can have a maximum of 10 flyers at a time and supply starts to replenish a short while after you consume them. Clicking on the flyers will spawn extra customers for you and while customers will naturally come in even with no effort, attracting more customers basically mean increasing profit opportunities, especially at night time when people are scarce.

used car tycoon game guide income boost

Selling cars will always be your main source of income in Used Car Tycoon Game but it will hardly ever be the only one. As your used car dealership grows, you will begin to consider other customer needs as they start pouring in from the streets. You will begin providing shops and additional services that can earn you extra income like snacks, drinks, flower shops, car model shops, and even a hotdog stand. You can even hire a security personnel for the parking space, which also charges a little extra from each customer that drives in.

used car tycoon game guide cash

These areas generate income with each customer catered to and you will see a cash bubble above them when money can be claimed. The cash can accumulate over time and even if the amounts start out small, they still help earn you more money to invest in the plethora of upgrade options you have.

Around every car display space, you will consistently find lumps of cash laying around. These are tips from satisfied customers that can also help you earn bits of cash. Some of these tips may be difficult to claim being close to other items but keep in mind that you can always use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out and make it easier to tap on anything.

used car tycoon game guide display space

6. Dig And Collect Parts

The dig site is one of the first extra areas you will unlock in Used Car Tycoon Game and offers a fun and exciting way to obtain random car parts as well as chances to earn some gems. Once unlocked, there will always be several choices on where you can choose to dig but considering randomness, any choice is equally a viable option. You have a maximum of 10 attempts at any given time but chances replenish over time.

used car tycoon game guide dig site

Although this basically counts as a mini game, it is important to consider spending time on the dig site as often as you can, provided there are free attempts to dig. There are generic parts you collect that can be used for higher level modifications of cars you own. More importantly, you can also earn specific parts that you need to collect to unlock rare vehicles that can net you a lot of cash.

You can use a bit of strategy to make the most out of each dig. Following an instance of uncovering a fraction of a car part, you can presume where the rest of it is. A notification stating that all parts have been claimed will appear and you can stop digging and move on to the next site. If it does not and you feel that no part exists considering the layout of available tiles to dig from, it is because there are hidden gems as well for you to discover.

used car tycoon game guide car part

Occasionally, there will be NPCs standing by within the dig site. These NPCs often dig for you but you can only claim their discoveries by playing a short video ad. In some cases, you may be inclined to decline the offer for free parts, but we recommend always grabbing the opportunity to score 3 free gems as you will never have enough of it.

used car tycoon game guide diamonds

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Different forms of ads have been associated with mobile games for quite some time, most especially considering that there are more mobile games that are entirely free to play. While some mobile games can still afford to be entirely devoid of any in-game ads, those are the same types that can heavily, if not entirely, rely on micro transactions or premium services to stay available for free and undergo continuous development. Casual and hyper-casual games like Used Car Tycoon Game, can be played and enjoyed without spending anything and will need the presence of ads to accomplish the same goals.

Despite having video ads, though, there are no ads in Used Car Tycoon Game that pop up randomly or without the player’s consent. Each ad you play or watch forms part of the ad boost campaign, which rewards players handsomely for each instance they choose to play any video ads. Some of these perks have limited availability so be sure to take advantage of them if you have a chance.

used car tycoon game guide offline income

One of the ad boosts that we consider to be very important is the offer to double your idle income after coming back from being offline, especially if it is close to or beyond the 3-hour cap. Idle income increase as your actual earnings do so getting twice as much idle income will be the biggest lump of cash you can haul, enough to make several purchases and upgrades at a time.

When purchasing cars from dealers, there is a chance to be able to do so even if you do not have enough cash at the time. An offer to play a short video ad will pop up, and subscribing to it will eliminate the gap between your cash and the amount of the purchase. This is a good offer as well since it can effectively save you a lot of cash that you can instead invest on more upgrades and employee training.

used car tycoon game guide landlady

Hiring a janitor costs 20 gems and succeeding training to improve efficiency also costs more gems. Given that your gems ought to be saved for hiring sales agents to automate customer order processing, you can have a consistent alternative to taking care of trash aside from manually picking them up.

When your surroundings are becoming too littered with trash, an ad boost presents itself to have you instantly clear every piece of garbage on the streets. Not only that, this will also ensure that no trash will be available for the next 10 minutes, ultimately improving the flow of traffic around your used car dealership as well.

used car tycoon game guide clean trash

There is an enticing wheel of fortune feature in Used Car Tycoon Game that lets you spin for a random prize 10 times each day. Each attempt can be made after playing a short ad and you can nab 1 of the 8 available rewards at random. With the minimum reward of 500 cash and s good chance of earning extra gems and cars, expending all attempts here is definitely recommended.

used car tycoon game guide wheel

The junk yard where you dig for parts also has some ad boost surprises for you. Since you have limited attempts at a time to dig for parts you need to assemble special vehicles, you will occasionally be presented with an ad option to secure not just extra parts for upgrades but for gems as well.

A red treasure chest also randomly appears at the upper right side of your screen, although only for a few seconds. Tapping on the treasure chest opens up a small window that offers you a random reward at the cheap cost of playing a 5 to 30-second ad. You can visit the shop and play 2 video ads to earn a free gem. If you are raring to hire a new sales agent or start farming for their training, then you can frequently take advantage of this opportunity.

used car tycoon game guide red treasure chest

There is a special ad campaign you can activate via the lady with the megaphone at the lower right side of the screen. There are limits as to how often you can take advantage of this ad campaign each day but each use is certainly worth it. Activating the first 2 boosts available will net you an extra 20 customers for the next 90 seconds. This works along your ability to attract customers using flyers but be sure to consider your business’ capability to handle large sums of customers first.

used car tycoon game guide tour bus

There are also numerous unique visitors that frequent your dealership from time to time. In addition to each one being clearly visible, there will also be notifications of their presence. Some of these visitors, like the tycoon, can earn you extra cash by tapping on them. Some like the drunkard and thief, however, cause trouble and should be tapped to get rid of them. There are guests that present ad offers for temporary boosts and the more often you take them up on their offer, the better it can be for your company’s growth and progression.

used car tycoon game guide visitors

Used Car Tycoon Game certainly holds plenty more of added features to unlock following the accomplishments relative to level milestones. For now, though, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide as we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we presented above should be more than sufficient to ensure your used car dealership’s fast and steady growth and expansion.

We hope that you picked up a lot from the discussions above and that you can readily apply them on the latter features and extras that you will unlock. If you have unique discoveries or experiences to add to the list, feel free to share them down in the comments!


Wednesday 12th of April 2023

I’m level 140, but stuck on how to get the maybeach level 1 car. Keep going to the car lots and nothing is for sale. Any ideas?


Tuesday 5th of March 2024

@Joe, change the date in settings to earn offline cash I earned 100 million by skipping through the days in minutes


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

@Joe, Maybe it is about luck.. You have to buy car containers for 90gems one or 800 gems for 10, and there you can have Maybeach, but it is not too big chance


Sunday 12th of February 2023

I’m at Level 140 and the only thing that I've been able to upgrade is a Gold sculpture for the last 10/15 levels. Is that it?


Sunday 9th of April 2023

@Gino, I just saved $1bn to smash the gold stulpture to lvl 20 and then it says lvl 21 $210,000,000 😔 When does it end?


Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I am lvl 125 and dont know how to go to 126..


Sunday 9th of April 2023

@Kostas, have you upgraded car showroom platforms that cars are sitting on?

Gene Kass

Thursday 12th of January 2023

Hello guys,

I am having an issue with gems production in the lab, each coach used to make me 10 offline gems, now the maximum it reaches is two, any idea why? And how to fix it.


Sunday 5th of February 2023

@Gene, did anyone figure this out?


Tuesday 24th of January 2023

@LFerrer, we need help, can anyone please try to see what the issue is. I tried to contact the game creators but its not easy to reach them, they do not have any support team


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

@Gene Kass, I have the same issue. :’-(


Sunday 25th of December 2022

How do you get the custom car once you finish a set of shards??


Tuesday 10th of January 2023

@Steve, it goes on a showcase that is placed.


Sunday 8th of January 2023

@Cibermaby, how to get the parts the boy stopped coming


Thursday 5th of January 2023

@Steve, those cars aren't for sale, they're on display, you have to buy what looks like a fountain with diamonds, the parts go upstairs.


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

@Steve, I am wondering the same