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TwoDots Walkthrough and Tips – A Guide to Levels 16-20

Today we shall be offering you more TwoDots tips as we walk you through this interesting and addictive game. As this is the fourth part in a series, we’re now going to tackle levels 16 to 20.

Level 16 Tips (clear 25 blue dots and 25 yellow dots in 30 moves)

There aren’t any anchors here, but the board does have a rather odd shape, which makes it important to be sure the colored dots fall where they should. The corners and the final two dots on the bottom are especially tricky, and you’ll need to clear those last two dots by matching them with the ones right above. While blue and yellow squares would ideally be the best shapes for you, don’t hesitate to create squares or large patterns for other colors, so as to create more room for additional blue and yellow dots.

Level 17 Tips (drop 11 anchors and clear 40 blue dots, 30 red dots, and 20 green dots in 24 moves)

Though, the board doesn’t look too big, the fact that you need to clear 101 objects (dots and anchors combined) makes it important for you to use your moves wisely. Work on creating patterns and shapes that would allow the anchors to move downwards, especially those that would both clear dots and move anchors down at the same time. As blue dots are the hardest to clear, work on these ones before the red and the green ones.

Level 18 Tips (drop 7 anchors in 25 moves)

As your only goal is to drop anchors, feel free to create patterns covering any color, but make sure there’s a method to the madness – your moves, after all, should result in those anchors moving down the board. Boxes would be ideal to create in here, since it could be hard to create smaller shapes covering a smaller part of the board. Also, go about this level as if you were thinking of the big picture. It would be too obvious to always work around the anchor when trying to hurdle Level 18.

Level 19 Tips (drop 8 anchors in 30 moves)

What applied in Level 18 will also apply in Level 19, meaning you should focus on dropping anchors and that alone, but to add to what we mentioned above, it would also be advisable to work on what’s below the anchors, and not what’s above. Just like we said in the earlier level, creating boxes would really help if dots come in the way of the anchors.

Level 20 Tips (drop 10 anchors in 35 moves)

Don’t freak out if you don’t notice any anchors in this round. They’re actually there, but you won’t see them coming until two moves into the level. Creating boxes and/or bombs (which are helpful in any level) wouldn’t be as important here, but you’ll still want to create those, as well as big patterns. As there are usually one to two anchors on the board simultaneously, this should make it easier for you to focus, instead of being distracted by more than two anchors in all places on the board.