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Truckers of Europe 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Top-Notch Truck Driver

Truckers of Europe 2 is Wanda Software’s follow up to its truck driving sim game of the same name. With over 50 million downloads accumulated from the Google Play Store alone as well as earning largely positive user review ratings from both mobile platforms, Truckers of Europe 2 has more than proven itself to be a huge hit to driving sim enthusiasts and perhaps gamers in general.

With a greater sum of driving games geared towards cars and racing mechanics, simulation games like Truckers of Europe 2 effectively provides a unique set of challenges that guarantees to test a different set skills and strategies of both racing game experts and complete beginners in the genre. With a focus on picking up and dropping off cargo to earn income, speed becomes a much less important factor behind path adherence, fuel management, and collision avoidance.

truckers of europe 2 guide

Truckers of Europe 2 is designed comparatively a lot simpler than most truck-driving simulation games. Despite that, it still has plenty to offer experienced driving game enthusiasts as far as challenges are concerned and complete beginners in the genre will take a bit of time to get used to the controls and mechanics in general.

There are no tutorial sessions to greet you in Truckers of Europe 2 and you can head on straight to your first job once you dive in. If you have just started playing Truckers of Europe 2 and want to start out your virtual trucking career perfectly, then stay with us and read our compilation of tips, tricks and strategies below!

1. Discover The Best Settings Configuration For You

While it is okay to let the excitement take over and jump right in on your first delivery task, what we would always recommend players, especially for shooters, fighting games, and driving games, is to check and make necessary adjustments first to the game’s settings and options. Of course, the overall game settings are expected to be configured as best as possible for everyone but no single configuration scheme will simply be a perfect fit for everyone.

truckers of europe 2 settings

There are basically 2 sets of configurations you should look into before you start driving, and these can be accessed by hitting the pause button at the upper right side of the screen once you start the truck’s engine. These are the settings menu and the controls, which only offer a few but important options you can tinker with. The settings menu holds options for sounds and graphics while the controls encompass everything about the control settings you can configure.

By default, Truckers of Europe 2 considers your device’s capacity to configure the graphic settings. However, it can happen that optimum graphic settings it chooses for you may still be difficult for your device to work with. In case you experience slowdowns, graphical glitches, or any type of problems that may be attributable to your device’s performance and processing capacity, you can always go for a lower graphics quality and resolution as well as turn off some of the game’s effects.

truckers of europe 2 controls

You will be primarily set to be able to steer the truck using a virtual steering wheel. You can, however, change it to buttons instead or even consider steering by tilting your device. Note that you can always change this at any time, so you should give each choice a quick spin just to get a good feel of it. The sensitivity level applies to steering and will be set at the mid-point by default. Increasing sensitivity would result in putting less effort to make a turn while reducing it will yield less steering with the same amount of effort.

Be sure and try to make adjustments as you test them in-between so you can eventually land the optimum sensitivity settings for you. Transmission can also be either automatic or manual. Manual transmission is certainly something worth experiencing but we recommend automatic transmission for beginners.

2. Drive Around The Garage Before Picking Your First Job

Tinkering with the different settings and control configurations will require a bit of testing and there is also a matter of getting accustomed to the button layout and overall controls. Although you can still do all that after you picked up the first cargo for delivery in the pursuit of completing your job, it is going to be a much bigger challenge to only practice everything with a huge trailer behind your truck. As such, we recommend that even after you have selected your first job, drive a little bit around the garage first and familiarize yourself with all the buttons.

driving around in truckers of europe 2

Steering controls, unless it is through tilting, will be at the lower left side of the screen while the brakes and gas pedal are on the lower right side. Turn signals are just at the upper part of the steering controls and if you click on the “…” icon at the upper left side of the screen, you can see buttons for the hazard, wipers, and ignition.

Above the gas pedal is auto transmission controls which are oversimplified to say the least. It’ a click away from “D” or drive to “R” or reverse and vice versa. At the bottom of your screen where you can see the speedometer and the GPS map, there are small icons above them for the headlights and camera views.

truckers of europe 2 camera view

Camera views provide 3 distinct perspectives, which also include a cockpit view. Beyond that, you can swipe anywhere on the screen to adjust your current view. Note that regardless of which perspective you choose, there are numerous instances when making manual adjustments to the camera will make navigation a lot easier. This especially applies when backing up to pick up or deliver goods as well as other difficult maneuvers you may encounter.

3. Take As Much Time As You Need

We just have to stress how much different driving sims are compared to racing games and it is very important to note that Truckers of Europe 2 is not a racing game. For one, faster driving leads to faster deliveries and more jobs taken over a given amount of time.

There are, however, no time limits imposed on any given job and certainly no added bonuses for delivering speedily. On the other hand, driving fast increases the chances of accidents that can just cause damage to your truck, damage to goods you are carrying, or even further slow the delivery time down in events of huge accidents.

truckers of europe 2 green light

In addition to the habitual use of the brake pads for stoplights and turns, setting a maximum speed lower than what your truck can actually go for is advisable most especially for beginners. There are hardly any straight roads in Truckers of Europe 2 and since the map you travel on is huge, to say the least, it will be difficult and potentially impossible to be familiar with its entirety. In this sense, it is best to avoid risks especially given the long drive that goes with each job and the random element as well of other vehicles on the road.

More so, Truckers of Europe 2 also employs different weather conditions as well as day and night rotation. If you find it very challenging to avoid collisions and inflicting damage on your truck as well as your precious cargo in daytime on a sunny weather, then expect the level of difficulty to climb up a little more when it starts to rain, when it gets dark, or when it is raining at night time.

Added effects can provide an extra layer of visual treat as well but it may also impact your device’s performance. Be sure to keep an eye out for weather and time on the road, and take even more care with your driving during these times.

An excellent tool for you to regulate your truck’s speed as well as reduce the exhaustion caused by manual acceleration and brake pumping is the cruise control. You can find the cruise control button just on top of the gas pedal.

Once you hit the desired speed, you can tap the cruise control button and your truck will diligently adhere to the current speed. You will still need to hit the brakes on stop lights and vehicles ahead of you but on long empty roads, the cruise control feature should be normally utilized.

4. Always Stop For Gas And Repairs

Even the shortest routes between the pick-up point and the delivery location in Truckers of Europe 2 are still long drives. Most especially if you are fairly new to similar driving sim games, the experience can be a big challenge, especially as far as endurance is concerned. Newer virtual truck drivers will normally be a little more tense than they need to be and if you are that type of player, then it becomes even more necessary for you to always go for pit stops.

truckers of europe 2 gas station

As we mentioned earlier, the factors in the game mechanics that are important rather than speed of delivery include following the correct path, managing gas, and avoiding collisions. Depending on your device, it can be difficult to see the GPS clearly so taking a slow ride is always better. Fuel naturally gets consumed every step of the way and, while possible, it can be very difficult to avoid taking damage especially considering the length of each trip.

As you continue to drive as safely as you can following the GPS path laid ahead of you, you will also need to keep watch of other vehicles as well stop lights. It can add a bit of challenge to also keep an eye out for repair stations and gas stops, but both are essential to ensure a smooth trip.

truckers of europe 2 repair

The number of gas stations and pit stops from point A to point B will always be more than enough for you to make the entire trip without much trouble. You can even safely make it through the entire distance without having to stop each time there is a gas station or repair shop on the way.

Although efficiency may dictate that a faster accomplishment of the job at hand with less stops made, you will eventually be able to achieve that and yield better results with more driving and delivery experiences. Even if you are a pro driver in real life or an expert in racing games, the kind of expertise you gain from Truckers of Europe 2 is simply something that can only come from patience and time.

5. Avoid Quitting On A Job

Considering everything we have discussed so far in the above tips and strategies, the underlying purpose in each one is to ensure that you complete each job you take. Having the best configuration settings, familiarizing yourself with the truck’s handling, taking as much time you need for each trip, and being extra careful managing fuel and your truck’s durability all relate to handling each job better and avoiding instances of having to quit along the way.

At any point during the pursuit of any job, you can always pause the game and quit on the current job. Doing so will instantly remove the trailer and you will naturally wind up losing the opportunity to secure payment for the delivery, regardless of how far you have already traveled. Likewise, if you have incurred expenses along the way for fuel and repairs, then that will just lower your remaining balance.

truckers of europe 2 navigation

Given that a giving up option is always available, there are 3 potential reasons we can think of for you to consider taking it. The long drive, even with stops in-between brought about by the constant need for fuel and occasional repairs, can be very exhausting and it may push you to give up on the task at hand and try a new one again once you feel more fit for the endurance challenge.

There can also be predicaments or severe accidents that leave your truck completely unable to continue with the trip. Running out of gas or emptying out your truck’s HP are certainly ones you can easily avoid. Hitting guard rails at a very bad angle and getting stuck or tipping your truck over are also probable reasons to opt out of the current job.

As much as all these instances seem like valid reasons, one nifty feature you need to be aware of and keep in mind is that you can always opt to leave the game as is. When you exit out of the app while your truck is in the middle of the road and with a job in progress, you can continue on with that job exactly how you left it.

With this feature, there will hardly be any pressure for you to continue pushing forward with the current job if you feel the urgent need to take a break, leaving no real reasons to quit on the current job out of exhaustion or urgency.

truckers of europe 2 job

In case you flip your truck over or wound up stuck in the railings or anywhere that makes it impossible to continue driving, there is an option you can access on the steering wheel in cockpit view that can instantly take you back on the road. It will cost you $500 to instantly be taken back on the road, but it is still a much better deal than having to quit your present job.

Beyond loss of potential earnings as well as incurring extra costs on your trip to only quit the current job, it becomes an added challenge as well for you to take on another job in some instances. You will need to be in any of the available cities to take on the job and, again, the map in Truckers of Europe 2 is too big for you to memorize.

No job means no GPS guidance so if you are in a highway away from any city, it can be a huge hassle to blindly follow any road that may lead to any city. The city itself is not that big but finding the garage within it can still be an extra layer of challenge added.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Mobile games that are free to play can always be expected to have ads incorporated into them. For the most part, only games designed to capitalize on micro transactions can afford to be entirely rid of these ads.

For the rest of the free mobile games like Truckers of Europe 2 that promote a solid gameplay without the need to make any additional purchases, ads become an essential component of the game to ensure that it can continue to become available for players to enjoy as well as allow it to undergo continuous development.

It can be understood that too many advertisements can spoil the fun in any game and those that can pop up outside your control while you are playing can cause some disorientations. There are near-constant ads shown at the top of your screen in Truckers of Europe 2 and while it can be a distraction in some instances, you can close it out or swipe it a bit up to have a bigger free space above your screen. At some point in the long drive, random video ads will also appear but these video ads can be closed out after 5 seconds or so.

truckers of europe 2 refill

Beyond those 2 types of ads, the remaining ones all fall within the ad boost category. You would want to take advantage of these ad boosts in every instance as it would save you a lot of money over time and the video ads you need to play to claim the benefits are only 15 to 25 seconds short.

The first 2 instances appear whenever you stop for either fuel or some repairs. Costs attributable to fuel and repair expenses vary each situation depending on your fuel and durability levels, respectively. Instead of paying cash in either case, you can simply play an ad each instance.

As much it is regrettable to get stuck on something and be unable to continue moving your truck, much more complete your current job, accidents can happen. Again instead of spending more of your hard-earned cash to be instantly taken back to the road you can always grab the opportunity to play a short video ad to discount the entire price of the service. You will instantly be back on the road at no cost and be on your merry way to pursue the completion of the job at hand.

There will also be instances of encountering jobs that require specific containers. Containers are rather expensive and each new one costs around as much as a full completion of a job on average. Not having the correct container may also lead you to be presented with an option to be able to use it for the job at hand at zero cost, provided that play a short video ad per instance.

truckers of europe 2 job completed

Naturally, you would want to purchase all the trucks and trailers at some point in your progress but for interim needs, subscribing to the container rental through the ad boost is highly recommended.

Last but not the least, at the delivery point where you get to park your truck to finish the current job, you will be presented with an excellent opportunity to double your earnings by playing another ad boost. Note that while you can utilize the auto park feature and complete the current job faster, we recommend parking manually.

It can be challenging at first given that it will be parking in reverse with a container but doing so not only polishes your overall driving skills as a trucker but also earns you extra cash. The extra cash will also be included in the computation of rewards that you can double with the ad boost.

And that sums up all we have for you on our Truckers of Europe 2 beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips, tricks, and strategies we provided will not just jumpstart your virtual truck-driving career but will also enable a faster progression of your adventure within its world. If you have stumbled upon some cool tricks and strategies of your own on top of what we have already discussed or have anything you want to share with us and your fellow readers, then feel free to drop us a line!