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Truck’em All Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock All Trucks and Beat Every Stage

Truck’em All is the first game released by Leo Jia, who started being active in the mobile gaming industry just a little over a month ago. As a casual truck-driving simulation game with oversimplified gameplay, Truck’em All is designed to be suitable for players of all ages.

Truck’em All provides the simplest interface and the easiest of control, ensuring that players will know what to do within their first minute into the game. The goal in Truck’em All is to reach the destination and deliver the merchandise intact. There is only a gas pedal that you can activate by tapping and holding the screen and releasing the pedal is as simple as releasing your hold on the screen.

Different trucks with better stats can be unlocked and your cargo, as well as the number of trailers you pull become heavier as you progress through the levels. The profits you earn can be invested into upgrades that improve the truck’s performance and profitability.

Driving in Truck’em All makes it seem like a rollercoaster ride with a one-track road that steers your truck for you. The main factors that affect gameplay is fuel that you need to manage and speed that you need to regulate. As the terrain and distance you need to travel varies from one level to another, the challenge stems from either your truck’s capacity, or your driving skills.
If you are looking for ways to unlock all available trucks as well as making rapid progress across all levels, then check out our Truck’em All beginner’s guide below for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Track

Just like in endless runner games and racing games, it is important to always keep your eyes ahead of the path or track. Although you will always travel a single lane road with no obstacles to worry about, managing your fuel and speed requires a bit of preparation for different sections of the level.

truck'em all tricks

What makes this important is that the varying terrain should dictate how you manage you truck’s speed as well as how you regulate fuel consumption. Seeing an incoming uphill would naturally want you to accelerate while an incoming downhill necessitates keeping away from the pedal. Being able to see what is ahead of you will give you more time to prepare on how to strategically go over steep climbs and even sudden or consecutive speedy turns.

The smoke effect that comes out of the truck’s exhaust pipes adds a cool effect to the game. On the downside, though, it poses a challenge to the visibility of the immediate road ahead of you. If it is no longer possible to predict how the road ahead and prepare for it, the next best preparatory measure is to observe your truck’s speed and adjust accordingly to maintain it at average speeds, which is simply a moving speed that does not trigger the “too fast” message.

2. Balance Out Upgrades

Having a trio of upgrades you can invest in adds more fun and motivation for you to keep pushing forward in Truck’em All and to a huge extent, these upgrades are necessary for you to make it through levels a lot faster and progress more efficiently.

Every level you clear and every bit of distance you travel in case of failure earns you money. If you have played any idle clicker simulation games before, then you should already know that every bit of income you generate should be invested immediately to boost productivity. The same strategy applies to Truck’em All in terms of profits and investments. This means that as soon as you have enough money to purchase an upgrade, you should do so without hesitation.

truck'em all upgrades

Upgrading fuel is as basic as it sounds. Every upgrade gives you more fuel and it is important to steadily upgrade it to lessen the chances of you emptying out your fuel reserves before reaching the end of the level. More power means that your truck can easily climb up slopes, even steep ones and even without much prior acceleration. Investing in power makes it easier for your to run up slopes, which directly impacts fuel consumption and speed as well.

Last, but definitely not the least, is earning. Spending money to upgrade earnings naturally give it back to you every step of the way. A higher upgrade level on earnings means more money for completing a level, more money in instances of failure, and even more idle rewards.

Each upgrade level costs more and while you may see one upgrade category as more important than others, all are essentially of equal value. The best way to go about upgrading, therefore, is to spread it evenly across the three choices. For example, you can upgrade fuel first, and then power, and finally earning. Keeping all upgrade levels on equal standing effectively means more upgrades per money invested.

3. Going Too Fast Is Not Always Bad

As one of the 2 factors that affect your performance in each level is speed, you need to learn to manage it well even in the early levels. If you run too fast, then your truck may lose balance and tip over, ending your run and earning you a fraction of the entire payout based on distance travelled. On the other hand, if you move too slowly, chances are that you will run out of gas before making it to your goal.

Seeing the “too fast” message can be very alarming. For the most part, you will instinctively let go of your hold on the screen once you see it. If that does not stop you from over speeding, then actually experiencing your truck flip over in an accident and losing all your cargo will remind you why you should ease down a bit on the gas pedal.

truck'em all strategies

Given that the warning signs will flash on your screen long before your truck flips over, you can work around to make it through the area where you are in danger of crashing without necessarily losing too much speed. For starters, instead of immediately letting go of the gas pedal whenever the “too fast” message pops up, you can maintain your speed and lightly tap on the screen to keep it that way instead of totally slowing down.

Considering everything, the only danger in going too fast comes during the turns, and the sharper the turn is the more it negatively impacts your truck’s balance. This is also a point of consideration on how much you will have to reduce speed as you approach a turn. To some extent, you can even take not of the line between when your truck will flip over and when it will just bounce back, but as you unlock better trucks, the balance of the latter ones make it easier to survive sharp turns at fast speeds.

It takes roughly a minute to complete a course and if you tip your truck over as a result of over speeding, it is fairly easy to start over. You earn cash as well for the distance you travelled so it will not be a complete loss. The point is that you can afford to risk tipping your truck over for the purpose of identifying the point it will and attempting to adjust your speed accordingly in subsequent runs. As your truck earns more power and as you unlock better ones, circumstances will change but, in truth, you do not need to master going over the speed boundaries to clear each and every level in the game.

4. Use Inertia To Save Fuel

One of the 2 things to keep tabs on is speed and other one is fuel. Every bit of time you spend tapping and holding the screen of your device consumes fuel and even if you keep levelling it up, the increasing number of trailers you pick up sort of negates the added fuel effect you expect to feel.

In truth, the added fuel you receive through upgrades can hardly be felt even if you purchase several folds of it and run on the same level. Just the same, performance on each track is not entirely dependent on how many fuel upgrades you have purchases, but rather more impacted by how you manage it across the level.

Relative to our earlier strategy of keeping your eyes ahead of the track, doing the same enables you to determine just when to keep pumping for gas and when to stop doing so. Relative to our description as well that Truck’em All can look and feel like a rollercoaster ride, taking advantage of slopes along the trail effectively, particularly downhills, can save you a lot of fuel.

how to save fuel in truck'em all

Every level you take on in Truck’em All looks and feels different than all others but some of them will basically be repeats with different scenarios and so. One consistent feature to take note of as well as take advantage of are the downhill slopes that not just keeps your truck running without fuel consumption, but can also cause for its acceleration beyond your maximum speed on gas.

In essence, you will only have to consume fuel heavily on upward terrain and will also need to keep consuming fuel to maintain speed in fairly flat surfaces. Every climb on the road naturally comes with a downhill ride afterwards, in which fuel consumption becomes unnecessary. With this you can regulate fuel consumption by releasing your hold on the screen once you reach the peak of the climb and just enjoy free-wheeling to wherever inertia leads you.

This does not mean you will have to wait for your truck to come to a halt before stepping on the gas again as you would have to keep injecting fuel to maintain a certain level of speed. There will be instances when you will only have to consume fuel early on and a long downward ride will take you all the way to your goal. In any case, it adds to the fun and excitement to experiment with just how much fuel you can save for free-wheeling, so take advantage of it as much as you can.

5. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Video Ads have long since been an integral part of mobile game, especially free-to-play ones and most especially mobile games that cannot rely on micro transactions for profit. As much as the existence of video ads can still irritate or annoy some players, it should be accepted that these element is what keeps the game available for free for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

how to earn more rewards in truck'em all

Although Truck’em All does play video ads after every level outside of your control, all other video ads you can play earns you huge benefits. To start off, the money you earn from completing each level is decent enough but playing a short video ad after its completion can triple your rewards. The better, more powerful trucks can each be unlocked once a day and there are no ways to purchase them either.

You can test each one, however, by playing another hand before proceeding to initiate the level. You can tap on the “Change Car” button at the left side of the screen and hit on the try button below the truck you want to use. Last, but definitely not the least, Truck’em All also grants you offline rewards and every minute you are out and away from the game, you are earning money. When you log back in, a huge sum of money awaits you and you can readily triple the amount if you choose to play a short video ad.

6. You Can Play The Game Offline

Although Truck’em All does connect to the internet, it does not need to do so for you to completely enjoy the game. Given that Truck’em All entirely consists of single player content and features, it does not require internet connectivity to run. You can still play the game regularly even if you choose to run it offline and the only thing you will be missing are the ad boosts that can earn you extra money and free trials of the better trucks.

truck'em all level complete

If you feel that the video ads that play at the end of each level bothers you too much, you can simply exit out of the game, turn off you Wi-Fi or mobile data and launch the game again. The 3x multipliers will still pop up for idle rewards and at the end of each level, but you obviously won’t be able to take advantage of it. As a tradeoff, though, you can more freely play the game without any interruptions of any sort.

For efficiency, though, we recommend separate runs with one intended to amass wealth through watching ads while another offline run is aimed towards uninterrupted gameplay. That way, you can enjoy both perks. As an added tip, you can always just play ads while doing something else, while keeping focused on continuous gameplay on offline mode.

7. Take Advantage Of The Time Travel Cheat

Knowing that Truck’em All can be played online should already spark ideas on how to easily cheat your way towards rapid progression, especially if you have been a mobile gamer for quite some time and have been aware of the time lapse exploit or time travel cheat in some offline mobile games.

In Truck’em All, there are 2 game aspects impacted by time, both of which rely on your device’s time instead of a server-based timer given that it can be played offline. The first feature relates to unlocking the other trucks. As we mentioned earlier, new trucks can only be unlocked after 24 hours. This means that once you launch the game for the first time, you have to wait 24 hours to be able to use the second truck and 24 hours after that to use the third one.

Another feature that is linked to the system timer is the offline rewards. We discussed that you continue to earn money while away from the game and when you step back in, you will be greeted with a huge sum of cash based on how long you were gone.

Now, before we proceed on how you can cheat your way through the game, it is worth to mention that cheating in games can result in loos of motivation for the game much sooner than it should especially since you will be fast-tracking tracking everything, if you are up to that then you can proceed on but if not, then you can simply skip this part.

how to use the time travel cheat in truck'em all

To make a time jump in Truck’em All, simply log off the game and go to your device’s date and time settings. Any adjustment to the time from hereon in will impact the game and, of course, what we would want is to move the time or date forward. For starters, one of the reasons we are doing this is to unlock the other trucks immediately. Since each new one can be unlocked after 24 hours, you can simply adjust you device’s date to tomorrow’s date. Once you log back in on the game, you will not have just unlocked a new truck, but you will also earn the maximum amount of offline rewards.

You can actually opt to fast forward to more advanced dates but then there is a limit to how much offline rewards you earn. As such, it is best to it one day at a time as the money you earn can greatly help your progression through the levels as well. The reason why we recommend option out of the game first before adjusting the date is to ensure that no glitches will occur.

As far as the instant offline rewards are concerned, the same goes when it comes to investing them. If you plan on doing this cheat several times, though, it is best to heavily invest in earnings first so that your next log in after the time travel will generate more idle income.

Note that once you decide to stop with the time jumps, you can simply revert back to the original date and play the game normally. Doing so will not make the game take away the trucks you unlocked or the money you so deviously earned.

To be honest, even after purchasing massive amounts of upgrades here and there, Truck’em All still provides challenging levels that you can enjoy even if you feel your upgrade levels have gone beyond it. Again, as simple as the gameplay mechanics seem, it is not all about the better trucks and the upgrades, as how you manage speed and regulate fuel consumption through utilizing inertia and taking advantage of free-wheeling matters more.

Although each new level still imposes bits of surprises along the tracks, one of the other important traits to exhibit relates to your patience and retrying and learning from past mistakes. There is nothing that prevents you from spending as much time as you want to play and make progress through Truck’em All’s numerous levels. Though it is categorically a casual game, it should not be a surprise to discover just how much time flew as you plow through numerous levels.

And that sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Truck’em All. We hope that each of segments we presented will help you perform much better in your subsequent runs and that you enjoyed reading through it as well. If you have played Truck’em All as extensively as we did and chanced upon a different tip, cheat or strategy outside of what we have uncovered, do not hesitate to tell us about it and share away in the comment section!


Tuesday 13th of July 2021

The pics that are in the App Store, where in the game will I reach this level in the game? Like backing the truck into the docks.