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Troll Face Quest Classic Walkthrough & Answers for All Levels

Troll Face Quest Classic is one of Spil Games’ most enduring games in the Troll Face series, a mobile franchise for iOS and Android that certainly doesn’t take itself seriously. The game allows you to solve brain-teasing puzzles, allowing you to think out of the box and see what you can do to solve the variety of situations you will be up against. There are more than 30 levels in the game, various characters with pop culture references in some of them, “unexpected hilarious situations,” and a lot more fun waiting for you as you keep on trolling and keep your brain working. You can also play this game offline, if you’re not a fan of pop-up ads and other distractions.

Trolling may be great fun, but what if you’ve tried various solutions but couldn’t find the right one for any given level? Well, we’ve got something that might be right up your trolling alley. This Troll Face Quest Classic walkthrough provides the answers and solutions to all 37 levels available in the game, and also shows you where to find the secret hats. Refer to this walkthrough any time any of the levels are giving you a hard time or, staying with the theme of the game, if you feel the levels are the ones trolling you!

Troll Face Quest Classic Walkthrough & Answers for All Levels


Tap on the bird a few times, and you’re good.


Simply open the fifth cage, or the middle cage in the second row.


Tap twice on the small button above the square clock – the one reading 11:05.


Click the man inside the tank once it appears. That will allow the man to exit the tank and walk on the bridge.


Tap on the right curtain’s corner to show the button. Once you see the button, tap on it.