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Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 Answers & Cheats for All Levels

Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 is the latest update for Orangenose Studios’ Tricky Test 2, and you can now get it for your Android or iOS device. The update adds pumpkins, bats, zombies, and “most evil tricks” to the usual game mechanics, and if you believe Orangenose, this game in general has “tricked” more than three million users, with a good percentage of users unable to solve the puzzles in the game. So what is this title all about, Halloween update or none? This is a brain teaser game where you have to come up with a solution, or an “absurd” one to be specific, to the problem at hand. It’s a game that tests your creative thinking, and there are more than a hundred puzzles to solve, with new ones added with each weekly update.

We’re not going to touch on the usual Tricky Test puzzles in this guide. Because it’s Halloween in a week’s time and Orangenose has just released this new holiday-themed update, this Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 update only centers on the new puzzles released in the spirit of the season. Don’t let those questions spook you out – read on, and let us show you the way to sort them out!

Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 Answers & Cheats for All Levels

Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 Answers Levels 1-50

#1: Click the button thrice.
#2: 3
#3: Drag the word “Me” into the box.
#4: 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10
#5: Cloud
#6: Scratch Card
#7: 6
#8: Chicago
#9: Separate the dog and cat apart with two fingers.
#10: B

#11: Tap on the five mice running left.
#12: Word “elephant.”
#13: Rotate your device to landscape orientation.
#14: Tap to -1.
#15: Tap the “3rd” in the clue.
#16: Light the second candle and tilt your device to one side.
#17: Drag the word elephant to the fridge.
#18: Drag eggs together with two fingers, so that White breaks.
#19: Shake your device.
#20: Drag off the stacked owls to get the number 9.

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