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Tracked! (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

The missiles have found their target, and they are all locked on you! Tracked! is an action-packed arcade game created by Voodoo for mobile devices. In the French developer’s latest game your goal is to explode as many missiles as you can while they all chase you. You will need to channel your favorite spacecraft pilots in order to survive the endless onslaught of missiles. It takes a lot of skill and foresight in order to lure the missiles into ramming into each other. There are various power ups for you to pick up, but in the end, you will only have your skills to save you from doom. Collect coins in order to unlock various skins, so you can fly in style. Keep flying and dodging to earn high scores! Don’t forget to read our Tracked! tips and tricks to learn how you can push your scores even higher!

1. Turn Missiles Into Gold

Missiles that explode will drop coins. If your want to get even more coins, however, wait until the missiles turn into gold. They will turn gold when they almost collide with you. Just fly around and try to get as close to them as possible. Once you have a bunch of golden missiles flying around, it’s time to start ramming them into each other, and watch your screen explode with coins.

2. Activate Fever Mode

Near-misses aren’t just useful for turning missiles into gold. They also fill up a fever bar on the left side of your screen. Once the bar is full, fever will be activated. When in fever mode, all missiles that collide with your trail will blow up. You can also crash into the circular obstacles, and they will explode instead of you. See if you can activate fever mode while you have a lot of gold missiles following you. It will be a lot more fun to watch those coins fly out in fever mode.

3. Upgrade The Power Ups

There are several power ups available in Tracked!, but you will never know which one you will get, so it is a good idea to upgrade them all. Upgrades will have different effects on power ups. Upgrading the magnet and the shield will increase their range. If you upgrade the guns, their shots per second will increase, allowing you to shoot more while the power up is active.

4. How To Remove Ads

Since Tracked! is a free-to-play game, you can expect a flood of ads to come your way. It can be very distracting when you are playing, so it is best if you get rid of them. The first option is to pay for the premium version of the game. For $2.99, you will be able to remove all the ads permanently while helping the developers at the same time. If you don’t have the cash to spare, however, you can go for the second option. Just switch your device to airplane mode and the game will not be able to launch any ads.

5. Unlock More Skins

Skins are nice ways to change up your look, and you can unlock them for free. You can’t really purchase skins using coins. You just need to accomplish the requirement for the skin you want to unlock. For example, if you want the UFO, then you need to get at least 250 coins in a single game. If you want the kiwi, you have to ram 30 missiles into obstacles. The tongue-out smiley can be unlocked by using five-second charges. There are other skins for you to unlock. Just keep playing the game until you reach milestone requirements in order to unlock them all.

Dodging missiles is an exciting way to earn points! Make sure you follow our collection of Tracked! cheats, tips and tricks and you will be getting high scores with ease!