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Townest: Alfred’s Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Solve Puzzles Quickly and Lift the Town’s Curse

Townest: Alfred’s Adventure is a relatively new match-3 game created by Chinese developer Betta Games that blends some unique merge elements into its gameplay. It heavily relies on an absorbing narrative to keep players hooked and craving more.

The tale spins around Alfred, a young man who has recently lost both his parents. Feeling lonely and disconnected, he travels to his childhood home town to visit his grandmother only to find that she is missing.

Distressed, Alfred sets out looking for her. But players soon realize that this is no ordinary town. A curse has been placed on the settlement and Alfred will have do everything in his power to try and lift it. As it turns out, he possesses magical powers and while in town, he is reunited with his supernatural childhood crow friend Vincent. The two team up and set out on a journey to find grandma and save the town from the evil curse plaguing it.

townest story

At its core, Townest is a match-3 challenge where players have to solve puzzles in order to earn stars that, in turn, unlock the next chapters in the story. But what sets Betta Games’ version apart from other titles in the category is the inclusion of merge elements. In this sense, players are tasked with merging buildings to create new ones in a bid to revitalize the town that has been ravished by the forces of dark magic for so long.

Compared to a lot of match-3 games out there, Townest is pretty unique when it comes to the puzzles per-se, as well. We’ll explain exactly why that is below, in the guide we’ve put together for you. If you’re currently in the process of playing the game and are looking for tips and tricks to help you solve levels in Townest, you’ve come to the right place. Our beginner’s guide contains all the tips and strategies you need to know to unlock the secrets of Alfred’s home town.

1. Don’t Give Up Easily, Try Your Best To Solve Levels

Like most match-3 games, Townest gets more difficult as you play it. So while in the beginning puzzles require a minimum amount of concentration, soon things get a bit more complex. In fact, you’ll have to slip into a pretty focused state if you are to be able to progress in Townest. Basically you’ll need to do your best to think before you act, and fight the impulse to start matching randomly, as it’s not a very helpful strategy in the long run.

Depending on your level objective, try and spot matches that are conductive to achieving that goal. Most levels in Townest require players to collect gems of a certain color or to get rid or collect specific elements. The most complicated levels combine these targets during challenging puzzles that take a while to solve.

townest line elimination

While you’re at it, also try to concentrate on finding larger matches of four tiles or above. If you played games from this category before, you know very well that matching beyond the norm gives you power-ups, which are extremely important tools that you need to “harvest” if you want to be victorious every time you tackle a puzzle.

However, these power-ups work a bit differently than what you’re used to, but we will give you the rundown in section 2. For now, we’re going to content ourselves with telling you that you have to constantly strive to create larger matches and the sooner you start training yourself to recognize them the better.

Don’t bet everything on power-ups either, instead try your very best to beat a level by using your own logic and intuition. Don’t give up if you lose a couple of times. Actually, it’s best to set your mind to continue trying until you succeed, because chances are you will, if you have enough patience.

how to solve puzzles in townest alfred's adventure

The thing is, your luck will vary based on a few things – for starters, the tile loadout at the beginning of the level. While it won’t be radically different every time you start a level, the small alterations might prove exactly what you need to secure a distinct outcome at the end. Play the levels diligently at least a minimum of five times before you give up and decide to bring in reinforcements. Try applying different strategies – so, for example, if you started the level by making a specific match, the next time you play you should begin by matching in a different part of the board.

Another way to go about things would be to take a break when you’re stuck and come back to the game later. This action might give you a fresh perspective on how to approach the puzzle. Of course, lots of players will be impatient and curious to see where Alfred’s story takes them next, but our advice is to slow down and take your time studying each puzzle carefully. Don’t forget to always try and eye larger matches so that you can produce power-ups which in turn will help you clear the board faster and more efficiently. Lastly, try revitalizing your gameplay by approaching the board from different angles.

2. Combine Your Power-Ups

Townest has a different approach to power-ups than your average match-3 game. There are three of them you can produce during the game.

Line elimination – create one by matching four tiles in a line either horizontally, vertically or in a square. When activated, the power-up will clear either a column or a row, depending on its direction.

Explosive combo – make one by matching five or six titles in a L or T shape. When activated it will clear away a 3×3 tile radius.

Rainbow bottle – create one by matching five tiles in a line either horizontally or vertically. When swapping it with a tile, it will eliminate all the tiles of that color from the board.

Now when you make a Line elimination or Explosive combo power-up, it won’t appear as a separate item on the board, as you might expect. Instead it will be depicted as a regular tile with a small arrow pointing either upwards or horizontally, depending on its direction. As for the Explosive combo, it’s ringed by a red circle. In order to activate either type of power-up players will need to create a second match using the same type of tiles they used to perform the initial match.

townest tricks

This means these power-ups are a bit tricky to use. The absence of a separate representation for these power-ups makes it more difficult to keep track of them on the board, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes they can be easily overlooked, simply because they blend in with the other tiles very well, despite their subtle differences.

On top of that, it’s not enough to simply spot them on the board, as you won’t be able to activate them just by double tapping on them or swapping them with another tile. Instead you’ll need to match them again to set them off. For this reason, it’s more convenient to make power-up combinations in Townest. Don’t rush – survey the board attentively until you spot two power-ups that are located next to each other and swap them for enhanced effects. No extra matching involved.

Spontaneous power-ups appear all the time during gameplay, and if you keep an eye out you’ll be able to make your own, as well, in no time. Therefore, the chances of finding two power-ups next to one another are pretty high. Once you’ve made a power-up, don’t worry about matching it again to activate it, just focus on making more and hopefully you’ll soon be able to make a power-up combo.

how to make power-up combos in townest alfred's adventure

Not only will you be able to exploit a combo immediately, but their combined effect is a lot more powerful too. Below you’ll find all the possible combos and their respective outcomes.

Line elimination + Explosive combo – creates an explosion that clears away three rows or columns depending of the first power-up’s direction;

Line elimination + Line elimination – produces a cross-shaped blast which will clear a column and a row at the same time;

Explosive combo + Explosive combo – creates a more powerful explosion that will clear away a larger radius of tiles than a single Explosive combo could;

Line elimination + Rainbow bottle – transforms all the titles of a certain color on the board in Line elimination power-ups which then explode all over the board;

Explosive combo + Rainbow bottle – transforms all the titles of a certain color on the board in Explosive combo power-ups which then explode all over the board;

Rainbow bottle + Rainbow bottle – the most powerful combination you can make in the game, as it clears a complete layer of tiles from the board.

In conclusion, try to get used to spotting power-ups while you play so that you can make combinations faster. Moreover, the game has one more trick up its sleeve, which we are going to talk about below.

3. Use The Magic Tiles As Much As Possible

Townest makes it a bit harder for you to use power-ups during games, but it more than compensates through the presence of the Magic Energy Bottle. Once filled, this container has the power to transform regular gems on the board into magic ones. These tiles will pop out on the board because they have a purple backdrop.

how to use the magic tiles in townest alfred's adventure

Activating these magic tiles (by matching them) will have the effect of releasing a number of magic crows on the board that will fly around and hit elements that need to be removed or collected from the board. The birds are very effective, so our recommendation is to always keep an eye for magic tiles. Especially, if you’re struggling to complete a level, activating these tiles might be just what you need to reach the level objective.

Depending on how many tiles make up your match, you might be able to release three, four or even five birds on the board. For this reason, you have to try your best to create larger matches. Sometimes that’s not possible, but other times, luck will shine in your favor. Try and be vigilant to make sure you don’t miss your chance.

4. Get The Extra Tools Involved

Still struggling to complete a level even after applying the tricks we’ve detailed above? Well, the game provides users with additional assistance in the form of pre-level power-ups and in-game tools.

townest pre-level boosters

The first category includes power-ups which players need to activate before a level starts. If you’ve failed to complete a puzzle several times, next time you go into a level make sure to activate one or both pre-level power-ups in order to increase your chances to achieve victory. There are two types of pre-level power-ups to choose from, which unlock later in the game, so they won’t be available from the get-go.

Line Elimination + Explosive Combo – places two power-ups on the board, before you have a chance to start the game;

Magic Energy Bottle Filler – fills the Magic Energy Bottle two times faster, so players can take advantage of more magic tiles on the board.

Pre-level power-ups are super useful when you’re dealing with a stubbornly hard level. However, despite their undeniable utility, you shouldn’t make a habit of activating them every time a puzzle seems a bit more difficult. On the contrary, as we explained in section 1, our advice is to try your best, as much as possible, to solve the level on your own.

If you tried and tried to no avail, then perhaps it might be time to use a pre-level power-up. Keep in mind, however, that pre-level power-ups are a limited resource, so you’ll run out of them pretty quickly, if you don’t use them carefully enough. Our recommendation is to conserve them as much as possible for future challenges. Hoarding, in this case, is a positive pastime, which you should engage in as much as possible.

In addition, Townest makes available two extra tools which can be activated from the right side of your display. These should be used as a last resort, preferably when you’re on your last five moves.

Mini Hammer – can eliminate a tile on the board;
Hammer – can remove an entire row and column of pieces.

These power-ups can usually turn the odds in your favor, when it looks like you’re very close to failing. Even so, make sure you use them excessively, or you risk running out of them fast.
Players can get more of these tools by unlocking prizes as they progress and through the game’s reward system.

5. How To Get More Diamonds

Once you successfully completed a level in Townest, you will be able to collect stars which are needed to drive forward the game’s narrative. However, it’s not the only resource you’ll gain. In addition, after each level players will also receive Rune rewards. These can then be used to unlock Chests.

Each Chest costs a small amount of Runes, and so after clearing a stage you’ll be able to crack open at least 3 chests. Under the lid you’ll find things like Diamonds, buildings (more about that in section 6), unlimited lives and more.

how to get more diamonds in townest alfred's adventure

Diamonds are another important resource in Townest, as they can be used to buy five additional moves after you’ve failed to finish a level on your own. In exchange for 900 Diamonds you can continue to play, but our advice is to shed the pennies only if you are absolutely sure that you can finish the level in five moves. Moreover, given that the amount you have to pay it’s pretty high, we suggest you only use this option if you’re really convinced there’s no other way for you to clear customs.

Another use for Diamonds is to buy empty plots of land to develop your merging initiatives. Unfortunately, these don’t come cheap at all, so you’ll have to save for a very long time if you want to unlock more space to place new buildings.

Players have several avenues to pursue when it comes to collecting more Diamonds:

Open Chests – open chests for the possibility to win extra Diamonds at the end of each level;

Open Prizes – the game marks your progress by offering up various prizes. For instance, solving 5 puzzles constitutes a milestone. Once you hit one yourself, you will be able to take advantage of a prize which might contain Diamonds;

Get the Daily Reward – visit the game every day and you’ll be rewarded with various rewards including Diamonds. Use the Double Prize button (if available) to double your earnings;

townest c ake master

Check Events and Grab the Available Rewards – events are always happening in Townest and they appear listed on the right side of the display. Make a habit of checking them every day to see if any rewards are available to be redeemed. To give you an example, during Magic pass, you can claim various rewards including Diamonds as you increase your Pass Level through playing. Alternatively, you can watch a quick ad in exchange for spinning a wheel to win prizes;

Play During Event – events offer great opportunities to win extra prizes, so whenever one that catches your attention is active, we recommend that you make some time to play the game. During Cake Master, beating levels has the effect of unlocking extra prizes, which might contain Diamonds;

Keep an Eye Out for the Balloon Birds – the balloon birds hoovering over the magic town contain rewards. Spot the ones carrying free rewards and tap on them for a chance to win free Diamonds;

Redeem Building Rewards – tap on the Book icon in the lower left part of the display. Find the Building List tab and check to see if there are any rewards in the form of Diamonds you can grab.

Redeem Random Rewards Around Town – sometimes interacting with random characters or doing random things around town will result in some random Diamond rewards. Make sure you grab those.

how to earn more rewards in townest alfred's adventure

An additional resource in Townest is Runes. The main technique to collect these is by finishing levels. However, there’s another alternative for expanding your Runes reserve. Buildings can produce Runes, as well, so make sure you check them every time you log into the game, in order to reap the benefits.

6. Start Merging To Expand The Town And Get Extra Bonuses Too

Townest is pretty unique in the match-3 niche due to its merging component. By cracking open chests, players have the chance to uncover small building unit they can then place in a special designated lot in town. Collect 3 of these level-1 buildings and they will automatically merge into a higher-tier one. Produce another two level-2 buildings and you will be able to create a level-3 building, and so on.

how to get extra bonus in townest alfred's adventure

On top of expanding your town, buildings have an additional function – they produce rewards in the form of Runes. These in turn can be used to crack open more Chests and thus reveal more level-1 buildings.

Be careful how much you build, though, as you might run out of construction space pretty quickly. If that happens, you’ll need to buy additional land, just remember that it’s a pretty expensive endeavor. In case you don’t feel like spending, there’s also the option to store these buildings, so they won’t get lost even if you don’t use them immediately.

7. Need More Lives? This Is How To Get Them

The default number of lives at your disposal is 5. Failure to complete a level will remove one life from that reservoir. Given the complexity of some challenges, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a position where you’ll require more lives in order to continue playing. What are your options then? You can either take a break from the game, and focus on something else thus giving the game the chance to refill its life tank.

how to get more lives in townest alfred's adventure

Alternatively, you can join a club and ask your fellow members to send you lives. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of twist here, as most clubs are full, so you won’t be able to join most of them. If that’s the case, you could start your own club, but that costs 5000 Diamonds – which in our opinion is a bit too much.

Instead, our recommendation is to rely on the game to get your fill of lives. Play to open gifts and keep an eye out on the random rewards and chances are you won’t have to worry about running out of lives.

8. Tips For Solving Different Levels

As you progress in the game, new and unique obstacles or objects will make their appearance. In this section, we’re going to give you some tips as how to tackle the different elements that show up along the way.

Single-match obstacles – include eyed-boxes, mirrors etc. These obstacles can be removed from the board by matching in their vicinity. During these levels, it’s important to remove the obstacles as fast as possible, because in doing so you’ll probably reach the level objective and win the challenge.

Multi-blast obstacles – include sealed boxes, double ropes and others. As before, the best strategy here is to focus on removing these elements from the board as fast as possible, in order to allow the gems to flow and spread unobstructed on the board. Using power-up combos is also advised to destroy obstacles faster.

Booster-only obstacles – include stones. These are obstacles that can only be destroyed by using a power-up. When faced with a level which includes such obstacles, you need to figure out fast how to create a few power-ups, so you can make combos and remove the hurdles swiftly.

tips for solving levels in townest alfred's adventure

Spreading Objects – include elements such as grass which need to be spread all across the board. During such levels, players need to make matches with pieces already on the grass in order to continue spreading the grass. A useful strategy is to try to make Rainbow Bottles on the grass and then swap them with different tiles, because they automatically transport the grass to other titles across the board.

Hidden Objects – includes elements like photographs that lie hidden behind layers of other materials such as sand. If you’re playing such a level, make sure to use power-up combos in order to clear the areas hiding the pictures fast and easy. The Magical Crows are also great tools during such puzzles, because they can remove pieces which can’t be reached easily.

Falling Objects – includes objects like stone flowers that need to drop all the way to the bottom of the board of the field to bloom and then be collected. When you’re dealing with these elements, it’s important to apply the classic strategy of matching towards the bottom. This way you’ll be clearing the path for the collectable objects. Use power-up combos to clear larger areas faster.

This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Townest: Alfred’s Adventure and we hope you enjoyed reading it. If you happen to know more tips and tricks for this game and would like to help out fellow players, you’re invited to share them with us in the comment section below!