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Toon Squad Cheats, Tips & Strategies: 6 Stunning Hints for a Successful Campaign

Toon Squad is an iOS puzzle game from TangoMe, and in here, part of your job is to assemble your own squad of fighting Toons – you can recruit from hundreds of Toons to form your team of “belligerent misfits” and take part in player vs player battles. In terms of mechanics, the game combines Match 3 puzzles and city-building games, and as you know, those are arguably the two most popular types of mobile games out there. In other words, you’ll also get to create your own base aside from solving puzzles, but if you’re having trouble with one or both of these things, we suggest you to head over to our Toon Squad cheats, tips and tricks, as they may be just what you need.

1. Follow The Requirements When Upgrading Or Building New Structures

When it comes to creating a new building or upgrading an existing one, it would be most recommended to meet the requirements by checking the requirements list and following the instructions through the links. You can always follow another link if you are currently unable to upgrade at the moment.

2. Mix Special Pieces Together For The Ultimate Effect

As we said above, there are some Match 3 mechanics in Toon Squad, and they are pretty similar to how they work on games such as Candy Crush. For starters, you can create special pieces by matching more than three pieces. Creating a striped piece would allow you to clear a line, while creating a rainbow piece will clear all pieces of the same color, regardless of where they are on the board. If you can mix two special pieces, you can clear a board much quicker, especially if you mix two rainbow pieces, as that clears the entire board.

3. Check Your Character’s Elements

There is an elemental aspect to playing Toon Squad, just like what you may know from many popular RPGs. Fire beats earth, water beats fire, and earth beats water – oftentimes, it’s as simple as that. But there are a few characters where you will really need to look at their stats so you can figure out the damage they can deal out with a specific element.

4. Upgrade Residences And Team Centers

Talking about upgrades in your town, the residences and team centers would be the most important ones to upgrade, as that allows you to have a bigger and more powerful squad.

5. Join A Squad And Complete Achievements To Get Free Gems

The main, or non-premium currencies in the game are cash and oil, while the premium currencies that are much harder to come by (unless you spend real money) are gems. Joining a squad (very important) and completing achievements can help you get free gems, though you won’t be able to get free gems by clearing certain parts of town like you would in Clash of Clans.

6. Merge Your Unwanted Toons To Rare Toons To Make Them More Powerful

Heading to the lab will allow you to merge common or less-powerful Toons to make them stronger, and this will come into play as you find yourself dealing with tougher opponents.