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Tom & Jerry: Chase Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Overwhelm Your Opponent and Win the Battle

For a lot of people, childhood memories are incomplete without mentions of Tom & Jerry, given that the iconic duo has been present on small and big screens alike for the last 80 years. Paying tribute to the franchise is renown developer NetEase Games who designed a 1v4 casual mobile game based on the famous children’s’ animation. Titled Tom & Jerry: Chase, it has been available in China for over two years now, but this month the studio has finally decided to release the game to more territories in Southeast Asia.

This fast and fun asymmetrical battle game for mobile is licensed by Warner Bros. itself and allows users to step in into the shoes of either cat or mouse. As the cat, players are pitted against a team of four mice whose objective is to push 5 wedges of cheese through holes in the wall and escape from the house where the action takes place. It’s the cat’s job to mess up their plans by catching and sending them off into space before they have a chance to do so.

tom & jerry chase strategies

Alternatively, players going into the game as a mouse will join a team of other three mice in a race to outsmart the cat. To pursue their respective goals, the cat and mouse characters can both interact with the objects scattered throughout the environment to turn them into tools and weapons. In addition, the game also has a strong card component which allows players to boost their character’s capabilities.

If you’re new to the game and you’re still trying to figure out what the best strategies to win during battles, you’ve come to the right place. As it happens, we’ve put together a Tom & Jerry: Chase beginner’s guide, in which, we’ve made sure to include tips and tricks that will hopefully tip the scales in your favor during gameplay. In what follows, we’re going to detail strategies for both roles (cat & mouse), so you can get the best directions no matter which character you decide to play as.

Complete The Guided Tutorials

While the basics of Tom & Jerry: Chase are pretty straightforward – as the cat chase and catch mice, as a mouse find and push cheese through holes, then escape from the house – it will take you longer to fully grasp all the subtleties of gameplay.

Coming to your aid, the game serves up a series of tutorials as you enter the game for the first time. These sessions are designed to help new players understand the game’s basics from the different cat and the mouse perspectives. We recommend that you pay attention to them as they require active participation from your part.

tom & jerry chase tutorial

Besides, there’s a dedicated Training tab you can access from the game’s main menu. We suggest you make good use of it, as well, and go through all the Basic and Expert Tutorials.

Tutorials are important because, on top of teaching you the controls of the game, they also explain handy maneuvers that make gameplay a lot easier. For example, showing you how you can quickly travel through pipes from one room to another.

Another major benefit of doing tutorials is that can you gain Perk points from doing so. These are important rewards because they provide you with the currency to purchase Perk cards. Players can use these cards to make their characters stronger and faster in the face of the enemy. You normally win Perk points every time you go in a match (even if you haven’t won), but getting extra points is always more than welcome.

Playing As Cat

Playing as the cat is generally harder than playing as a mouse – and that’s because at least a couple of reasons. First of all, the cat is on its own and doesn’t receive any additional support from team mates. Secondly, catching mice poses a real challenge in dexterity and keeping your frustration in check, as the rodents are very small and extremely fast.

Luckily, the cat does have some advantages. For instance, as the predator you have visual access to the house’s map and the locations where the cheese is stored at. Since the main goal of the mouse team is to retrieve the cheese and push it through holes, the cat will know exactly where to go in order to find the mice and start the chase.

playing as tom in tom & jerry chase

As the cat, the ultimate objective is to stop mice from going through the space in the wall that which opens once all the cheese pieces has been pushed through. The cat can win even if it hasn’t managed to catch and send off any mice into space (it does that by strapping them to a rocket).

If the feline can stop at least two mice from going through the hole and escape, it can win the game. So from this perspective, the cat’s objective is a bit easier to achieve. Comparatively, the mice have to push cheese through the holes and escape to be able to prevail.

Anyway, below you’ll find a list of tips and tricks you can employ while playing the cat character in Tom & Jerry: Chase.

Plant The Mousetrap In A Good Spot

The cat starts the game holding a mousetrap in its paws that needs to be carefully planted. Our advice is to make sure that you place it in front of a mouse hole. Mice enter the game through holes, which is why they represent the perfect place for lay a trap.

where to place the mousetrap in tom & jerry chase

Later in the game, you might stumble upon other traps around the house. Pick them up and again set them near a hole. Chances are that as the mice come running fast towards the hole they won’t be able to stop in time and get caught in the trap. Make sure your cat keeps watch on that hole, so that it can quickly grab the mouse when it comes.

The basic idea is this – don’t just plant the mouse trap anywhere in the house. If you don’t want to waste its potential, you should install it in front of a hole, because holes inevitably attract mice. Just make sure you stick around enough to be there when a mouse finally activates the trap.

Remember The Location Of The Rockets

This is extremely important, because if you catch a mouse and you don’t manage to get it to the rocket in time, it will escape and all your hard work will be for nothing.

rocket location in tom & jerry chase

At the beginning of each match, both the cat and mice will go on a scouting trip through the house. During this stage, make sure you keep an eye for where rockets are located. Remember their position, so that you know how they are spread out throughout the house.

Also, know that every time you tie a mouse to a rocket, the others rockets will be show up on the map, which is handy if you are a bit forgetful. Take advantage of that moment and put your memory to good use, so next time you catch a pesky mouse you will know directly where to go to dispatch it.

Activate The Cat’s Skills

The cat character boasts three Skills that can be activated by gaining in-game EXP. During the scouting phases, the cat’s main goal is to chase and catch the robot mice in order to gain some of that EXP. If it manages to do so, it will be able to start the match with one or more Skills already activated.

To activate a Skill, you are required to tap one of the glowing “+” buttons on the right side of the display. Skills are very important because they can help enhance the cat’s mouse catching abilities. And let’s face it you’re going to need all the help you can get, given that you are alone against four enemies.

tom and jerry chase cat sills

To learn about each skill in part and understand what they do, go to the main menu and select Characters from the menu located in the lower right part of the display. Tap on Cats and find the cat you’re playing with to learn more about its Skills. For example, the standard Tom can employ the help of the Long Claws Skill – which boosts attack range by 6%. Players who can gain additional XP can upgrade the Skill to level 2 and 3 for extra attack competency.

It should be said here that Skills are the result of employing Perk cards, but we shall detail this aspect in section 14.

Protect The Rocket Once You’ve Tied A Mouse To It

Once you’ve caught a mouse, make sure you hold on to it tightly, as the bugger might try to escape. What’s more, don’t just tie him up and leave in search for the other mice. Actually, it’s our recommendation that you stay as close to the rocket as possible, in order to defend your catch.

A captured mouse will be able to send out distress signals to his team mates to beg them to come to its rescue (they do, most of the times). Additionally, the hostage has the capacity to postpone the rocket’s take off, thus giving its friends plenty of time to come and untie him.

how to protect the rocket in tom & jerry chase

To prevent that from happening, the cat needs to guard the mouse and be ready to defend it against the others. When the mice do come around, do your best to try and fight them back. Use your Skills and catching abilities to prevent the intruders from setting the mouse you already caught free.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch another mouse. In that case, you won’t probably be able to run to another rocket to tie him up, as that would mean leaving the first catch unattended, but at least you’ve have immobilized the meddling rodent for a few seconds.

Prevent Mice From Escaping Through The Hole

Even if the mouse team has managed to get all 5 slices of cheese through the holes, the battle is still not lost for the cat. As explained above, unless you let 2 mice escape through the crack, there’s still hope to achieve victory.

In the most favorable scenario, you would have already sent off 2 mice into space before the crack is open. In such a case, you’d have to focus on preventing just one mouse from escaping. When the hole opens, make sure to travel to the location as fast as possible. The mice will have to widen the exit before making a run for it, and that will take a while, so you can use this time to attempt and distract them from their assault on the wall breach.

how to prevent the mouse from escaping in tom & jerry chase

If you find yourself in a less than favorable scenario and you have to go against four mice who are trying to escape, your odds aren’t so good, but there’s still a chance you might be able to prevent the mice from leaving. The strategy should be focus on doing anything in your power to catch a mouse. This act will lure other mice away from tackling the hole and hopefully buy you some time.

Be wary of mouse teams that are aggressive and tend to gang up on you, as these matches tend to be the most difficult ones of all. Make sure you use the Skills you have available as much as possible, and perhaps make use of some of the magic potions that lay scattered around the house too. The green one, for example, can grant invisibility, and so, will allow you to take the mice by surprise.

Playing As Mouse

Use The Scouting Session To Find The Cheese and XP

At the beginning of each level, the mouse team is allowed to do a quick scouting session using a host of robot mice. This interval is essential for the rodents to figure out the location of the cheese in the house, so use this time wisely.

how to find cheese and xp in tom & jerry chase

There are other things to watch out for during scouting including collect EXP cakes and potions. But most importantly it’s necessary to avoid the cat as much as you can. If the feline catches you, the scouting session will come to an abrupt end and your opponent will gain EXP and so, be allowed to activate its Skills from the very start of battle.

When scouting, make sure you cover the areas that haven’t been explored by the other mice. It’s important to remember that you are part of a team, when playing the mouse, and so adapt your strategies accordingly.

Help Push Cheese

During battle, if you ever come across one of the other mice pushing cheese in a hole give them a helping hand. Cheese fully gets through the hole after it’s been shoved for several seconds in a row. If two or more mice participate in the process, the time needed to get the cheese in gets reduced considerably. So make sure to help every time you can!

pushing cheese in tom & jerry chase

As a mouse, you can also view your team members on the map and a quick look will reveal whether a rodent is in the process of pushing cheese through the hole. If you notice this happening, go ahead and head over there to provide assistance.

Gang Up On The Cat If Possible

Take advantage of the fact that the cat is all alone (with some occasional help from Spike the dog) and gang up on it with your team members. Throw things and confuse the predator by running around. The mice are faster than the cat and so it’s possible to bewilder the beast quite easily.

how to overwhelm the cat in tom & jerry chase

Since it’s a bit complicated to communicate with your team during the match and concoct an attack plan while playing, this tactic is particularly effective in the later stage of the match when the mice are trying to escape through the crack in the wall. All your team mates will gather in one place, so it’s the perfect moment to start harassing the cat.

Like the cat, the mice also have Skills they can use to their advantage. Some of these skills are extremely effective like for example the Hammer or the Smoke bomb, which also have a stun effect. Follow the instructions in section 4 on how to read up more about the mice Skills and how to activate them for your character.

Answer Your Team Members’ Cry For Help

Always keep in mind that for the mouse team to succeed at least 2 mice need to escape through the hole in the wall. So it’s definitely not good news when the cat finally manages to dispatch a mouse into space using the rocket. If the cat manages to dispatch 3 mice, the match is all but lost for the rodent team.

helping team members in tom & jerry chase

Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. For example, you’ll get a visual notification on your screen whenever a team member needs assistance. When you see it, quickly travel to their location and help them get untied. The whole affair lasts a few seconds and you’ll need to either stun the cat or lure it away for a bit, so you can allow your team mate to escape.

On the other hand, if it is you who has fallen in the cat’s clutches, go ahead and tap the display in quick succession as a means to alert other team members that you are in need of help. Alternatively, make sure to tap the button that appears on your right to prolong the time needed for the rocket to take off. This way, you give the other mice more time to make it to your location.

Tips For Both Cat And Mouse Playing Modes

Eat Food To Restore Health

Constantly being harassed and accidentally stepping into booby traps throughout the match will have the effect of bringing your character’s health meter dangerously low. If that happens, quickly look around for a food item and devour it to get your life juice up again. Food is plentiful around the house, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something to eat.

how to restore health in tom & jerry chase

Just make sure opponents are not around when you do so. The process of eating an item takes a few seconds, and if you’re interrupted you won’t be able to take advantage of the positive effects food ingestion brings with it.

Throw Items At Your Opponent

There are plenty of items around the house which can be turned into weapons. Things like vases, fruits or balls can be picked up by the players and used to weaken the foe.

Be sure to take the tutorial where you learn how to throw, so as to master this action because you’ll need to make good use of it during the battles. Our suggestion is, never to walk around the house without holding something in your hand. But given that everything moves so quickly around you, you’ll have to practice, and practice some more in order to become a good thrower, because hitting a target is not easy.

Get Familiar With The Different Type Of Characters You Can Play

While the game is built around the iconic Tom & Jerry duo, the developers accounted for many fan-favorite characters which are available to play. The cat faction includes Butch (Tom’s rival), Topsy, Lighting and Cowboy Cat. On the mouse side, there are various instances of Jerry to try including Detective Jerry, Robin Hood Jerry, Pirate Jerry, Tuffy, and more.

tom & jerry chase characters

Not all characters will be accessible from the get-go, as you will need to unlock their respective cards first. Or you can simply purchase them in exchange for gold and gems.

Note that each character can have different skins. For example, Tom can turn into King of Pop or Secret Agent. Each of these characters and their respective skins come with their unique sets of skills and attributes. Make sure that you learn about them before equipping them, so that you know how to deploy your character most successfully.

Keep Acquiring Perk Cards

Perk cards allow players to enhance their characters by giving them new powers. You can get perk cards by going to the Perk Cards tab in the main menu. Here tap on Get Perk Cards and if you have enough Perk points you will be able to purchase new cards.

Cards will give a competitive edge to your characters and are available for both mice and cats. For example, the Firm Grip card for cats makes mice less prone to struggling when they get caught. Each card has three different levels and each improves the prowess of the card.

how to acquire perk cards in tom & jerry chase

To equip a Perk card, go to Characters in the main menu, select your character and then tap Perks (middle icon in the lower left corner of the display) and select the card you want.

If you remember we told you in section 1 that you can collect Perk points from playing the game and doing the tutorials in the Training section. However, there are other ways to get your hands on Perk points and we will be detailing those in the next section.

Grab The Daily Bonuses

When you log in the game for the first time during a day, make sure to grab all the daily bonuses available. Tap on the Gold Benefits icon in the top right corner (first one) and select Benefits and then Daily Benefits from the dropdown menu. Also Claim the Daily Privilege gift box from the Privilege tab.

Next, check the Events tab located on the left side of display. There are always events going on in Tom and Jerry: Chase which low-key generate rewards including Perk points.

tom & jerry chase daily bonuses

Here make sure to check all the tabs and see if there’s something you can grab. For example, at the time of writing this review, the 7-day login event is ongoing, and so players are invited to redeem a reward every day. These can range from gold and Perk points to Silver and more.

Last but not least, check the Quests tab which is located in lower right corner (last icon) and see what’s available to redeem in the Daily and Weekly Lists. All the rewards here consist of Engagement which is collected and used in the Chase Pass challenge. Gather enough Engagement, level up and unlock more rewards.

By ensuring that you collect all the daily rewards available, you will maximize your chances at getting Perk points which is a highly valuable currency. The game makes use of other resources as well, and we’ve listed them below, for your convenience.

Diamonds: can be used to by Skins, Frames or Stars. Unfortunately, they are available only via paid-bundles.
Gold: obtained from Chase Pass and events. Can be used for buying characters, new Skins from the Shop or items from the Fancy Mirror.
Silver: get it from playing the game, the Chase Pass (in Quests) and events. It’s possible to use this resource to upgrade Perk cards.
Skin Gems: obtained by dismantling Skins, Avatar and Frames. Can be used to buy high-class Skins.
Chase Tokens: obtained from the Chase Pass. Can be used in exchange for various items in the Exchange shop including Boxes filled with goodies (Gold, Perk points and others).

While playing you will automatically gather a lot of these resources. You can then spend them to buy other necessary assets in the game. Unfortunately, in some cases like buying a new character card, paid resources such as Diamonds are needed to complete the transaction.

With this we conclude our Tom & Jerry: Chase beginner’s guide. This is a complex game that blends strategy with competitive elements, so don’t feel too bad if you don’t succeed from the start, especially while playing the cat character. At first, just do your best to train as much as possible, so you can unlock Perk cards and start the journey towards building powerful characters.

Once you get acquainted with the Tom & Jerry: Chase, move on to PvP matches, to start levelling-up and gaining experience. Make sure you apply all the tips outlined in this guide as you play, and hopefully you will start to see a shift in your fortunes. If you already familiarized yourself with the game, and noticed some tips and tricks that we haven’t discussed here, you’re invited to share them with the community, in the comment section below.


Sunday 11th of October 2020

The tom and jerry chase is a game that's so good.


Wednesday 9th of September 2020

You should not guard the rocket. 1. You have no way of insta-killing the mice. They can endure more than 1 hit. Due to the long recharge hit time, the mice will probably be rescued and ran using a nearby pipe. 2.The fuse initial launch time shortens every time you tie the mice to the rocket. If you catch the same mice enough, they’ll be gone in 5 seconds