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Tofu Hunter Cheats & Tips: 6 Hints for a Productive Hunting Season

Tofu Hunter is a new hunting game by Adult Swim Games, and it’s available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. In this game, your goal is to open fire on a wide range of soy-based creatures, which means you’re going to be literally hunting for tofu in here. You can unlock powerful weapons, earn extra points by taking on bounties, and hunting in different environments. Even the achievements here are on the quirky side – you can earn them for stopping stampedes, avoiding Tofu Leopards, and sparing the lives of Tofu Does. And if you’re ready to shoot some tofu, then read on for our list of Tofu Hunter cheats and tips.

1. You Don’t Have Go For Headshots

Unlike games where you’re required to shoot people, with a head shot resulting in an automatic kill, firing any kind of shot at the tofu will have the same effect, regardless where you hit it. And that actually brings us to our next tip, which is all about speed and accuracy.

2. Focus On Speed And Accuracy

You shouldn’t merely be an ace with the gun in terms of accuracy. Of course, that’s important, but you should also be a quick draw with your weapon, as you can earn prizes and get higher scores by switching quickly from tofu creature to tofu creature.

3. Contracts Are Time-Sensitive

Each contract you fulfill is time-sensitive, and that’s another reason why firing quickly and accurately matters. But if you aren’t able to fulfill a contract on time, you have the option to watch an advertisement video in lieu of paying gold. We’d advise you to save up on your gold and just sit through the ad video. It won’t take too long anyway, so feel free to watch without having to spend in-game currency.

4. Upgrade Your Weapons

At some point, your stock weapons won’t be enough to kill the tofu and complete the round. That’s why it is important that you regularly buy upgrades for your weapons. You should also buy more powerful weapons over time, such as shotguns and machine guns, which you will definitely need to be using in certain levels.

5. Read The Instructions For The Bounties

Bounties can earn you extra points and a whole lot of other rewards, but before you take one of them on, you want to fully check the instructions. This may include shooting down certain types of tofu creatures, and shooting down a certain number of these.

6. Get More Gold, Here’s How

Gold is the game’s premium currency, and there are a few ways you could earn more quickly. Completing a new level for the first time is one way, or you may also have an especially tough bounty that you just completed. But other than those two methods, the only other way to get more gold in Tofu Hunter is to pay real money. Just be patient and you’ll be getting gold without having to part with your hard-earned cash.