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Timenauts Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Hints You Need to Know

DeNA’s new tower assault game for Android and iOS, Timenauts, doesn’t just stand out for its quirky gameplay. This happens to be the first mobile title endorsed by comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, whose caricature appears as the game avatar on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So what can you expect from this funny, quirky new Fluffy-endorsed game? In this mobile title, Timenauts transports you on a quest to save time as we know it, as you face enemies from various eras and face danger, discourse, and dilemma along the way. You’ll also need to protect your vessel, leading a team of Timenauts to destroy your enemies, and finding the “perfect combination” of both to create an “unstoppable force.” There’s also a MOBA mode here, thanks to the game’s PvP arena that allows you to test your team against those of other human players.

What can you do to come up with the perfect mix of Timenauts and vessels, as the game suggests? How can you beat more enemies and save time from the forces of evil? Read on, as we’ve compiled some general tips and tricks for you in this all-new Timenauts strategy guide.

1. Buy The Starter Packs

In order to get you started off on the right foot, Timenauts has some starter packs which you can purchase in the in-app store. Buying them would be completely worth it, as they allow you to advance quickly in the game, even if you’ve just started. However, they will require some gems to purchase, gems being the game’s premium currency, so you may need to play a while before buying your first pack.

2. Upgrade Your Heroes Regularly

It doesn’t matter what level they’re on, or on their rarity in the evolution scale. You want to upgrade your heroes whenever you can, as that makes them more powerful regardless of where they’re at. Each hero has up to 30 different upgrades, and these upgrades will unlock as your heroes level up. It may cost you some, but if you can afford it, use your coins to level up your hero and unlock a new upgrade.

3. Have Some Spells Handy With You

Your equipped spells do not get used up unless they’re utilized in battle. It’s as simple as that, and that means you need to have your spells ready with you at all times. This would be most of use when you’ve got a good winning run in the PvP arena, say, about five straight wins or more.

4. Level Up Your Vessels As Well

Just like you have to level up and upgrade your heroes, you also have to make it a point to level up your vessels. That increases their hit points, and makes them more powerful in terms of their skills. You may also see your max energy increase in certain levels, giving you just the edge you need over your enemies. Again, it’s all about having the perfect mix of Timenauts and vessels in place.

5. Complete Your Quests

The game will give you daily and weekly quests, which are objectives that can earn you experience, coins, and gems once you complete them. Normally, they would require you to participate in or win a certain number of arena battles or perform certain actions so many times, such as hero upgrades. In other words, you can complete quests in the natural progression of the game, but you wouldn’t want to leave them incomplete, or leave your rewards uncollected. Once quests reset, you lose all uncollected rewards, and all progress you’ve accomplished since starting the old ones.

6. Compete In The Arena

Why should you fight it out in the battle arena? Aside from adding a social element to Timenauts, arena mode also allows you to win some sweet rewards. As you climb in ranking in the arena leaderboard, you’ll earn more tokens, which you can then redeem in exchange for hero DNA or power-ups. You will earn more points for winning an arena battle, but you also earn points in defeat; either way, you’ve got some chances to move up that leaderboard, so give the arena a try whenever you could!

7. Ensure That You’ve Got A Balanced Team Of Timenauts

Just because this game features, and is endorsed by a popular comedian doesn’t mean you should treat your team like a laugh. Like in other games in this genre, it’s important that you have the right mix of character types. First of all, you need a good melee character (Damage) who does the heavy hitting for your team. Then, you need a reliable character who may not be the best offensively but makes up for it with a lot of hit points, and a lot of enemy damage to soak up (Tank). You also need a fast Runner for support, as well as a Balance(d) character that serves as your all-rounder.

Typically, you can have your Damage characters launching their attacks from the rear, with your Tanks up in front to take damage from the enemy. And you may also want to have one high-energy character, as heroes who take a lot of energy deploy are invariably much stronger, and could take out more enemies. Naturally, it would be best that this hero be a Damage hero, just as long as you’ve got them protected with some quick Runners and beefy Tanks.

8. Special Techniques For Quick Wins

When dealing with a large group of enemies, you might want to try this out for yourself. Start by using Wind to gather up all those enemies in one bunch, positioning them right in front of their vessel. After that, follow up with Lightning to take ‘em all out in one go. It won’t matter where the bolt hits – as long as it hits one enemy, it takes care of all of them.

Also, you can equip Overdrive and use it at the start of a battle. That’s going to give you a solid chance of overwhelming your enemy right away, leaving them little to no chance to fight back.

These would be our tips and tricks for DeNA’s new mobile game, Timenauts. Do you know other hints, that we haven’t shared in this guide? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know.