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The Walking Dead: Our World Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down More Zombies

The Walking Dead is one of the longest running TV series around right now, and it shows no signs of stopping. Fans of the show are thrilled to know that they can finally live out their zombie apocalypse dreams in The Walking Dead: Our World! Created by Next Games for Android and iOS devices, this game uses Augmented Reality to let you fight zombies in the real world. Just whip out your device’s camera and explore the world in search of zombies to kill, survivors to save, and resources to gather. You can roam around to clear your territory and leave your mark to let other survivors know where you are. Work with other players in order to overcome weekly challenges. Build shelters and wipe out the undead from your city. Of course, eradicating zombies is easier said than done. Make sure you are fully prepared by reading our The Walking Dead: Our World tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Taking Down Zombies In The Walking Dead: Our World

Before you get excited and run around outside your house looking for zombies, it is probably a good idea to wrap your head around how to actually kill them. There are two scenarios that can pop up while you are exploring the world. The first one is marked by a yellow icon with a single skull. This is called an Encounter. You will usually just need to eliminate all zombies within the Encounter in order to clear it. You will be given a weapon to kill the zombies with. To shoot, just repeatedly tap on your target until it is dead. Keep in mind that head shots deal more damage, allowing you to take down enemies more quickly. Prioritize tapping on heads as much as you can. A device with a larger screen can give you a slight advantage in this aspect.

how to kill zombies in the walking dead our world

The second type of scenario is an Infestation. It works pretty much the same way only there are even more zombies. If you find yourself overwhelmed, just tap on the grenade icon to blow up all the zombies in a small radius. Don’t worry because the grenade magically leaves your character unscathed.

2. Know Your Target

Not all zombies are created equal. You will find that there are several types of zombies in The Walking Dead: Our World, each with its own characteristics. Knowing the type of zombie you are facing will help you figure out how to deal with them. It will also help you choose which targets to prioritize during battle. We have listed the different walker types below for your reference.


As the name suggests, this is your generic zombie. Mediocre build, damage, speed, etc. Feel free to kill as you please.


These guys go down faster than your Regulars, but they also move more quickly. You may want to prioritize them because they will be right on top of you within a heartbeat.


Annoying bunch of Regulars who happen to wear protective gear. They are a bit more difficult to kill. Try to focus on them over the Regulars because they may be able to reach you before you can put enough bullets in them to take them down.


They may be slow, but they are massive creatures than can squish you like a bug. Don’t waste bullets on body shots for these thugs. You will need to aim for the head if you want to have any hopes of survival.

3. Protect Your Companion

The game allows you to bring along a companion during battle. A Companion is another character, usually from either the comics or TV series, who can fight zombies alongside you. There is a catch, though. If your Companion takes too much damage during battle, you will not be able to take that person with you until their cooldown timer is up. To prevent this from happening, make sure you keep an eye on your Companion. Check if he needs help and take down a few zombies coming his way. Companions usually fend off zombies well enough on their own, it is just a matter of making sure they do not take on too many enemies at once.

4. Rescue The Survivors

Some of the Encounters you will find will involve rescuing survivors. You will see a stick figure icon beside them on the map to indicate a rescue mission. When you enter these missions, you have to make sure you protect the survivor at all costs. After a successful rescue, you can drop off the survivor at the nearest Safe House. You will reward you with different items depending on the type of structure you have built. If you have a Shelter, you will receive Hero Cards. An armory will reward you with Weapon Cards. If you have a Trading Post, you will get coins. Finally, if you have a Warehouse, you will be rewarded with Perk Cards.

how to rescue survivors in the walking dead our world

After saving enough survivors, you will be able to level up your Safe House. This is important because a Safe House that does not level up will disappear after 10 days. Leveling up your Safe House also increases the chances of getting better rewards from rescues. If you need more building materials for your Safe Houses, you just need to look for those multi-skull Infestation icons on the map. Clearing them will reward you with the materials you need along with some rare or epic cards.

One more thing to remember is that you don’t actually have to own the Safe House to be able to drop off survivors. Since Safe Houses need to be built with some distance between each other, there might be a chance that you can’t build yours nearby if someone else beat you to it. You get bigger bonuses for dropping off survivors at your own Safe House, but you still get rewards for dropping off elsewhere. This is useful in case you ended up building your Safe House too far, and you want to be able to rescue more people with your remaining energy.

5. Travel Is Optional

One of the usual problems of AR games is that your gameplay is limited by a lot of factors. If it is scorching or drizzling outside, you can’t really run around with your device. There are several possible reasons for you to be stuck indoors. The good news is that won’t be as much of a problem in this game. You just need to check your device once in a while since Encounters and Infestations regularly spawn near your location. You should be able to get a few even if you stay indoors. That means you will be able to enjoy the game even if you don’t have the time to run around town.

That being said, you could still benefit from busting out those walking shoes once in a while. There are Supply Drops around the map that don’t really move. You will need to actually go to them if you want to get what’s inside. Supply Drops usually contain useful things like grenades, coins, and other materials. Moving around town also helps you pick up more Encounters compared to just staying put and waiting for them to spawn.

6. Level Up Everything

At this point, you are probably wondering what all those cards we mentioned are for. If you are familiar with games like Clash Royale, you would be able to understand these cards more quickly. Cards give you access to new Companions, Perks, and Weapons. Weapons and Companions are self-explanatory. Perks are cards that affect your player such as maximum energy, grenade capacity, and number of surivors that can follow you at once. Getting duplicates of these cards will allow you to level up the ones you already have. Once you have the required number of duplicate cards, you will just need to spend some coins in order to level up your chosen card.

how to upgrade weapons in the walking dead our world

Keep in mind, though, that the number of cards needed increases as the level goes up. The first couple of levels only require a handful of cards. By the time you hit level 3, you will need 10 cards to get to level 4. Finding duplicate cards in this game is not really that difficult, though. You get cards as rewards from practically everything you do. Kill off zombies, rescue people, and complete challenges to collect more cards. Your primary roadblock in this game is that you will eventually run out of coins with all the things you are leveling up.

7. How To Earn More Coins In The Walking Dead: Our World

As we mentioned above, having enough coins to keep up with upgrade costs can be challenging in this game. You will need a whole lot of coins in order to level up all your cards efficiently. If you feel like spending real money, you can just buy Gold, the game’s premium currency. You can then exchange your Gold for more coins. If you are frugal like us, however, here are a few things you can do to earn more coins.

Clear Infestations

Infestations are basically Encounters with a lot more zombies. Every wave of zombies other than the final one will reward you with a handful of coins. The more Infestations you clear, the more coins you will earn.

Complete Missions

Once a day, the game will send you a special mission to complete. Clearing this mission will reward you with a lot of coins as well as other useful items. You also get several regular missions that do not reset. They do not always reward you with coins, but it is always worth it to complete them. You can find missions on the left side of your screen, indicated by different white icons. Tap on them to find out what you need to do, or tap on the three-bar icon to see everything at once.

Do Group Challenges

When you join a Group, you will be able to access special Challenges. These Challenges can be completed by anyone from your Group, and some of them can be completed by multiple members. Each completed Challenge will reward you with coins. Just look for the green icon on the grid then tap on it to claim your reward.

Level Up Your Safe House

Aside from extending the lifespan of your Safe House and getting better items, you also get coins with each level up. The amount of coins you receive will depend on the number of survivors you dropped off prior to leveling up. That means you should rescue as many people as possible before proceeding to the next level.

Build A Trading Post Nearby

Trading posts give you coins in exchange for rescuing survivors. If you are ever short on money, it helps if you have a nearby Trading Post, so you can just go get some survivors and drop them off for some quick coins.

Look For Supply Drops

If you have the time and energy to do so, go out and look for Supply Drops. As we mentioned before, there are a lot of rewards waiting for you inside these boxes. That includes plenty of coins that can be used for leveling up your cards.

8. Recruit Better Companions

The first Companion you get is some generic guy with a weapon. Since you will only encounter Low threats at first, he should be more than enough to keep you company. As the threats become more dangerous, however, you will start needing better back up. Rare characters are a lot stronger than the basic ones and can practically clear low-level Encounters without your help. On top of that, rare characters are usually stars of the show, giving you more incentive to collect as many of them as you can. As you can probably imagine, acquiring these rare Companions will not be as easy. Here are a few things you can do to help collect them.

how to get better companions in the walking dead our world

Prioritize Rare Encounters

Since you have limited energy to spend on Encounters and Infestations, make sure you check all nearby missions for Rare ones. You can tell an Encounter is Rare based on its glow. If it is glowing blue, it is Rare. A purple glow means Epic. An orange glow means Legendary. Don’t miss out on any of these Encounters because they will drop valuable cards that can get you the best Companions in the game.

Save Those Survivors

If you remember, we mentioned that dropping off survivors at Shelters will reward you with Hero Cards. Leveling up your Shelter will increase the chances of getting rarer Hero Cards. Keep dropping off survivors at Shelters and you will be getting better cards for sure.

Check The Shop

Once in a while, the Shop will offer special deals in order for you to get specific character cards. Keep an eye out for great offers that you can take advantage of. As of this writing, there is a special deal that can get you a lot of Michonne cards in exchange for coins. Deals like this should not be missed!

9. Before You Enter Battle

Upon tapping on an Encounter or Infestation, you will see a small window containing your currently equipped Weapon and Companion. On the left side, you will see the type of zombies to expect in the upcoming battle. Each Weapon and Companion specializes in dealing with certain types of zombies. While you would normally take your best cards with you, it may not be enough in advanced levels of the game. Soon, you will be encountering threats that you can barely overcome. The specialization of your cards may be the only things that can ensure your victory.

You can check the information screen of each card to see the Strong Against section. Compare this with the zombie icons in your loadout to see if you are bringing the right cards. The game also puts a green arrow pointing upward if either your Weapon or Companion is strong against the zombie type indicated in your loadout.

Ridding the world of the zombie menace is not an easy task, but with the help of our The Walking Dead: Our World beginner’s guide, you will be eliminating walkers in no time!