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The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Essential Strategy Tips

Any player who wants to greatly improve their Ring Power and command a powerful army in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War should understand that this fantastic geo-strategic game is about constant growth and collective strategy rather than individual strength. A player belongs to a Faction, which automatically means that with the player’s strength, the Faction’s strength will increase too.

the lord of the rings rise to war

This guide will help you understand all the basic ways in which you can get stronger, from increasing your Ring Power and conquering better tiles, to upgrading your Commanders and completing various quests that will help you quickly increase your strength.

Start with understanding your Commander

Commanders are some of the most important units in the game, since they will help you conquer more tiles and grant additional stats to your troops. The Commanders will be able to only command a couple of troops at the start, but as they increase in level, they will be able to command larger ones.

the lord of the rings rise to war assemble formidable armies

You should also try to upgrade the Commanders’ skills as they level up (they will level up through conquering more tiles, completing Tips or doing Mock Battle) and the priority should always be the skills which better suit your play style. For instance, if you tend to do a lot of Tips, you should level up the skills that grant completing Tips some bonuses; otherwise, you can go for the ones that grant combat stats.

As powerful and important Commanders are, they are definitely not all there is in the game.

Keep the buildings at max level each time you upgrade your base

Upgrading structures and producing new soldiers is something that every player constantly has to deal with. Higher level units require more resources as well as conscription time – a lot more, compared to the low level ones.

the lord of the rings rise to war buildings

For that reason, once you’ve conquered the territory you want, you can reset your Ring skills and learn ‘Abundant Force’. Once you have access to level 3 units, this will make a big difference as it can save 10% hiring/conscription time at max level.

Resources might not seem like much early on, but in the late game they’re extremely relevant

It is important to keep the resource production balanced, but that can be hard sometimes depending on the territory players are in. If you are lacking a certain resource, or you are in need of more, you can try to trade for that resource in the Market, or conquer more (higher-power) territories that grant that resource. Additionally, you can reset your ring to learn ‘Harvest’, which boosts resource production.

the lord of the rings rise to war helm's deep

It will not only grant an extra 30% bonus on gathering at max level, but it will also unlock skills that provide hourly production bonuses.  

How to expand the territory faster

In order to expand the territory, you need to always work on upgrading the troops – and of course, acquiring better troops. The Commander also plays an important part, as he must level up as much as possible in order to be able to command a larger army.

the lord of the rings rise to war essential tips

If you’re trying to conquer a territory that is far above your power, you can try to prepare a couple of armies (you need to have at least 2 Commanders ready) and attack the land with one Commander after the other. If you failed to conquer it with one army, you can send in the second one before the tile has time to recover. This will ensure a win and you can try to aim for higher power tiles this way.