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The Big Capitalist Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your Profits

The Big Capitalist is a newly released tap game where you tap your way to innumerable fortune. The game starts slow but after just a few hours your empire will produce billions of dollars per hours, and that’s just the beginning. The goal is to expand to three continents (at the moment North America, Africa, and Europe are the three continents available in the game) and conquer the world economy by your super manufacturing empire that relies on taps.

Of course, if you’d have to tap your way to trillions of $ you would probably go insane so it is a welcome addition that the game offers many different managers that streamline your production. The most important ones are those who automatize the process, but more on that later. There are lots of different businesses to acquire and each of them gives more and more profit per one tap. On the other hand, each new business needs more time to shell out money, so it is a constant battle of thought of whether you’ll gain more profit per minute by upgrading higher tier or lower tier business. It can be a bit annoying but a simple observation for a couple of minutes followed by a quick calculation usually is enough to solve the problem of which business should be upgraded next.

The Big Capitalist features simple but effective art style, with high-resolution artwork and a simple main menu that includes all of your businesses along with all options that you might need. There are a couple of options hidden inside menus, but they aren’t needed frequently so that’s okay.

During the course of the game, you will be bombarded by offers that grant diamonds and other types of premium currency but don’t fall into temptation – The Big Capitalist is much more enjoyable when you just let the game unfold at its regular pace. Games like this are much better when not using any kind of premium currency to speed up your climb to the top. When playing The Big Capitalist you can buy premium currency, get enough money to expand to all three continents in one day and kill all motivation to open the game ever again. Or, you could just enjoy the journey, see your fortune steadily increase while you wait for that next milestone that will allow you to acquire a new business, or to upgrade a business you already own, decreasing its production time.

Of course, while The Big Capitalist is to be enjoyed without succumbing to constant premium currency offers, you will want to know handy ways to increase your profit and to speed up your economy grow that will make the game more enjoyable without magically gaining premium funds and finishing the game in one afternoon. Conquering Africa and Europe is the ultimate goal, and tips, tricks, and advice in this guide will make reaching that goal one highly gratifying experience. Stay with us and find out how to maximize your profit, how to know which business to upgrade next, and how to become The Big Capitalist.

1. Acquiring Managers Is The Most Important Thing To Do In The Big Capitalist

Instead of having to manually tap to make the profit, you can hire a manager capable of automatizing the process. And while this may look like a dumb suggestion because all of you will want to automatize the process in a tap game, you should hire a manager right after you buy a new business. We say this because it might happen that you visit the game once per day. And during that daily visit, you could find out that you are able to buy two new businesses. You buy them, upgrade them and then satisfied, you leave the game.

And once you visit The Big Capitalist the next day you find out that your newly acquired businesses didn’t get you any profit because you forgot to hire managers! Yup, that can and will happen so you should hire a manager right after you get your hands on a new business. If you lack the funds, just wait a bit inside the game until you amass enough money for hiring a manager. Only when you automatize profit gathering of your new business you may leave the game.

2. Pick Which Businesses Should Be Favored When Upgrading

Aside from hiring managers, upgrading businesses is the second most important thing to do in The Big Capitalist. And if done correctly, this can give you way higher profits in short time. The secret is in careful observation. Of course, the first couple of projects can be upgraded to a level where they shell out cash non-stop, but more expensive businesses ask for huge amounts of cash for higher upgrade levels, so let’s talk a bit about this.

As you probably noticed, a business cuts the time needed to give profits in half. Use this to calculate when will a project give profits fast enough and then just decide whether is it worth upgrading. The second part of the formula is the amount of money earned each time profit is collected. IF the amount is smaller than that of a higher tier business even before upgrading, you should observe how much money the two projects give in a period of time. For instance, if your car manufacturing plant gives $2 billion every 10 seconds, and the one above it (smartphone manufacturing plant) shells out $5 billion every 50 seconds it is clear that it’s better to spend money on upgrading car plant. Use this method each time you amass lots of money and want to upgrade a business.

3. Always Use The Max Upgrade Option

In The Big Capitalist, you have many different options when it comes to upgrading businesses. You can pick to upgrade them one level, five, ten, or max levels your current amount of money allows. We advise you to pick the max amount because that is the fastest way to upgrade business. And it is the best way to spend your money because you will be able to quickly see how many levels each business can be upgraded, and when you combine observation method above with the max upgrade option you will be able to always know which business will benefit the most from expansion.

This also cuts the time needed for expansions and allows you to massively cut the time spent in The Big Capitalist. And also, since after unlocking expensive businesses upgrade costs rise massively, the max upgrade level is great because you won’t need to think is there enough money to upgrade two projects, just upgrade one for max levels and the other can be upgraded the next time you visit the game.

4. Let The Game Earn Money Instead Of You

As you probably noticed, The Big Capitalist works even when you’re out of the game. Each time you enter the game you will be notified of the amount of money you earned. There’s an option to watch a video to double your profits and we highly recommend you to use it every time, especially after you’ve been away for the night off for a whole day. Now, the game grants lower profits when you are offline, meaning that if you can spend time in-game non-stop you will earn much more money.

The best way to maximize your profit is pretty simple. When you know you won’t need your phone for long periods of time (while at work, on a class, or while sleeping and the phone is hooked to a charger) just do this. Go to display settings, enable the option that keeps the screen on forever and turn the brightness to minimum. Then just go to The Big Capitalist and let the game plays while you are working or sleeping. This way you will be able to amass the highest amount of profit and your battery won’t drain as fast because brightness will be at a minimum.

5. A Couple Of Handy Tips For The End

There are a couple smaller tips that can help you greatly when you play The Big Capitalist. For instance, you should visit the main menu of the game as soon as you start playing it and tap on “Gold Boosts.” The game will then give you 10 free gold coins that are able to permanently increase a business of your choice by x7.77. Just don’t use the gold coins right away. Wait a bit and see which business looks like the most promising when it comes to earnings and only then use the permanent profit boost.

Next, after you upgrade a business to level 100, its production will get 2 times as fast every 100 levels instead of every 50 levels. Bear that in mind because more expensive businesses will be near impossible to level up to level 200, and it is better to focus on upgrading businesses that actually can reach level 200.

You should watch videos and get 4 hour boosts for profits and faster production times. This is a great way to constantly have your profits doubled. The best time to use these boosts is right before you go to bed, or when you know you won’t visit the game for long time. Just max the boost time by watching four video ads for both profits and production rate boosts, giving you double profits for 16 straight hours!

And finally, upgrade profits of every business as soon as you can in order to reap the max amount of profit. It can be done by visiting menu and then tapping on upgrades. Do not forget to do this for every newly acquired business.

Okay, folks, that was all. We hope this guide helped you in becoming the biggest capitalist of them all and to conquer not only North America but also Africa and Europe. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

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