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Tencent Announces The Europe-Wide Launch Of MOBA Game Arena Of Valor

Tencent Games this week announces the European launch of Arena of Valor, the 5V5 MOBA game available on iOS and Android. Published by Proxima Beta, Arena of Valor is Tencent’s first step into the European gaming market.

Arena of Valor comes to Europe after a hugely successful launch across Asia, topping both the iOS and Android charts in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam after less than a year.

The development team behind Arena of Valor aim to marry together the best graphics possible with the much-loved MOBA gameplay and bring this to the world of mobile gaming. As a result, MOBA fans will really notice when it comes to the look and feel of Arena of Valor. Just like other brilliant MOBA titles, Arena of Valor offers players three lanes and a jungle, choices of gaming modes including 5v5, as well as a roster of interesting and fun heroes to play with. It gets even better too – the game’s soundtrack has been originally composed by Hans Zimmer.

Fans of PC MOBAs will love the way Arena of Valor allows them to be matched with players from around the world, pair with their friends on the battlefield and form teams with fellow players of the game. Using the game’s built-in voice chat, players can ensure they are in constant communication with their team members, whilst enjoying Arena of Valor’s fast-paced gameplay. Thinking strategically and coordination is key.

Arena of Valor has been designed to fit within the lifestyle of its players. With matches lasting on average around 15 minutes, the daily commute the work just became a lot more interesting.

If you have the skill required to win, you’ll soon start rising up the Arena of Valor rankings. The more you play, the more you earn in in-game currency. Use this to unlock most of the heroes available and avoid being overmatched by an opponent.

Arena of Valor is available to download on iOS and Android for free.

For more information, visit Arena of Valor on Facebook.

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