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Tap Sports Baseball 2015 Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 comes right on time for the new Major League Baseball season, offering hours of all-round fun for hardcore and casual followers of the game alike. The game by Glu comes with real-life MLB players rated accordingly and as accurately as possible. It allows you to take control of your favorite players, and of your team as well, as you can choose when to bunt, steal bases, run, call in pinch hitters, or sub in pitchers. It’s just as much about strategy as it is about knowing when to swing (you can’t play as a pitcher, unfortunately), and with that in mind, here’s our list of Tap Sports Baseball 2015 cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Check Your Team’s Statistics

This isn’t MLB: The Show or Out of the Park Baseball, so everything’s as simple as can be in Tap Sports Baseball 2015. Batters are rated based on their hitting (accuracy), power, speed, and bunt, while pitchers are rated based on arm (strength), control (how accurate they can pitch), and stuff (versatility of pitches thrown). Be aware of your team’s player’s stats, but also of your opponent’s players.

2. Always Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

As we said earlier, you can’t throw pitches in Tap Sports Baseball 2015, but what you can definitely do here is control your team’s batters. When doing this, keep your focus on the pitcher as he throws the ball. If you attempt to swing at a ball that won’t be landing your way, that’ll result in a strike. And you know how it goes in baseball – three strikes, you’re out.

3. Earn More Gold and Franchise Coins Through Bonus Games

You may, once in a while, be offered to play in a bonus game. These games only involve you in control of your team, and you don’t have to wait for your opponent to make their move. You can play until the end of the game, and once it’s over, you can get yourself some easy gold and franchise coins. There are also Quick Bonus Games, which are similar except for the fact that you enter the game in the ninth and final inning.

4. Grab Some Franchise Players

If you’re a sports fan, you probably don’t need any introduction to the term franchise player – they’re the best of the best. In the world of Tap Sports Baseball 2015, franchise players are those with extremely high ratings, and you can only get one for your team by means of franchise coins. But unlike the real world of baseball, you can only use franchise players for so many games before they automatically leave your team, unless you let them stay longer with another franchise coin or two.

5. Focus on Advanced Strategies

Sometimes you’ll be asked if you want to have one of your players steal a base, or have them advance to another base even if the ball isn’t batted. You can also bunt, or hit the ball lightly as opposed to hitting it as hard and as far as possible. Bunting is a great way to set up a stolen base, but you’ll have to take note of your players’ speed when trying to steal a base – slow players are more likely to be caught stealing, which results in an automatic out.