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Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Win in Multiplayer Mode

The folks from Outfit7 released another Talking Tom game these days, and it’s called Talking Tom Bubble Shooter. Essentially, this game is Talking Tom’s take on one of the more popular casual sub-genres out there – the bubble shooter – and Outfit7 does promise new features for some seriously thrilling adventures. Aside from hitting trick shots to take out bubbles, you’ll also have some bosses to deal with, and the opportunity to unlock Tom’s friends, and the option to face “real people,” or other human players, in online multiplayer mode. It may sound super-easy, but Outfit7 warns that playing is “no walk in the bubblepark.”

You may think that once you’ve played one bubble shooter game, you’ve played them all. However, this game seems to focus on the multiplayer mode, and that’s what we’re going to focus on as well. So with that said, we invite you to check out our list of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter tips, tricks and strategies for multiplayer mode.

1. Know The Basics Of Bubble Shooting

You’ll know when the bubble wall will be moving down one step lower when you see the upper border glowing. That means you’ll want to be more careful than usual when shooting the bubbles; with each step down, the bubble wall will move closer toward the danger line. That, in a nutshell, explains the danger line, which is where you definitely do not want to be; focus on the first line of bubbles as that’s pretty much the front end that draws closer to the danger line.

Now it may take some time before the wall starts going down, and it may take at least a shot or two before that actually happens. One strategy you can try is to take your best shot in your first attempt, then work your way inwards, targeting bubbles of the same color in the first row, then in the second, until you’ve got only two or three rows remaining. What you want here is to keep the wall down to about three to four rows tops. In addition, you shouldn’t confine your efforts to the first row; it’s a good idea to move bubbles into anywhere empty on the board. The shorter your wall is, the more time it would take for it to make it to the danger line. But what about your opponents? Our next tip will tell you how to “work” their walls.

2. How To Make Your Opponent’s Walls Go Down

We’ve observed that all you have to do is to keep making matches while keeping your wall as short as possible, so it takes a while to go down. That usually results in the opponent’s bubble wall moving down faster; what you’re doing here is sending more lines to your opponent per bubble matched.

3. Rely On Your Bank Shot

This appears to be a consistent tip on many of the bubble shooter games we’ve checked out, but bank shots can be life savers if you can’t find any possible match on the first row of the wall. A bank shot is when you bounce the shooter bubble at an angle off the side walls, so that you can take out those harder-to-reach bubbles. Bank shots are usually utilized when there is a number of same-colored bubbles in hard-to-reach areas. They can also help you squeeze bubbles in to fill up blank spaces.

4. How To Remove Hanging Bubbles

It can be very irritating to see bubbles dangling off of a set of other bubbles, specifically those of the same color. What you should do here is to aim at the higher bubbles so you can get rid of the one connected to them. That would often cause the first row of bubbles to be gone quickly, as well as a huge drop of bubbles. Again, the bank shot can be a great way to get rid of those hanging bubbles.

5. About The Sticker Mechanic

The number on the large red bubble above the PvP button is your player vs player rank. For each time the bubble border fills up, you’ll earn a new rank in the game. And as you may have surmised, success in PvP battles is key to filling up that rank meter quickly. You will win a random sticker set for free once you’ve filled the meter up.

6. Another Way To Get Stickers

As a bonus tip, you can win sticker packets when playing in single-player mode; we’ve see that Levels 5, 10, 13, and 17, for starters, come with free sticker sets as a reward. You may even luck out and get yourself a gold sticker, the rarest one in the game. These sets, however, are normally available in the boss levels, such as Level 30.

7. You Can Also Trade Stickers

Moving back to the multiplayer aspect of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter, you can trade coins for other players’ stickers if you’ve only got one or two stickers missing in a poster puzzle. Simply tap on the sticker packet icon, then on the trading button found at the lower-right part of your display. You’ll see the stickers other players have, though those stickers will come at a price.

Duplicate stickers are also sent automatically to the sticker marketplace. Duplicate sticker prices, however, are set by the game’s AI, which could leave you holding the short end of the stick; normally, you’d expect to have a right to price stickers to your liking. Then again, we think Outfit7 is doing this to avoid the possibilities of players gaming the system.

8. Use The Bombs

Bombs appear at random on the board, and you should use them when you see them in multiplayer mode. Aim and fire bombs like you would normal bubbles, and they will detonate bubbles within its range. They can really speed things up for you and help you win in PvP, and while some may be difficult to reach, you can use your bank shot to detonate the bomb.

9. Take Advantage Of The Other Power-Ups Too

Bombs can be considered among the game’s power-ups, but when it comes to these power-ups, you cannot use them more than once in a game. What about the other two available power-ups? First of all, the lightning power-up destroys a group of bubbles anywhere on the board, and is best used when the first row is very close to the danger line, while the laser fires off a beam through the bubble wall, obliterating any bubbles the beam would hit.

And this completes our list of Talking Tom Bubble Shooter tips, tricks and hints. In case you know additional hints for this exciting new game, don’t forget to share them with us!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

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