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Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Ultimate Warrior

Bestia, once a town, now a flourishing kingdom, had been at peace for a long time since the defeat of the King Lich at the hands of a young fox.

tailed demon slayer rise guide

But such a peace did not last long. The Dark Mage, second in command to the King Lich, has emerged and called forth legions of demons to once again ravage the realm of the innocent. Where the Dark Mage’s legions prowled, the survivors fled. They found their own haven in the sky island of Magonia. Unfortunately for them, the demons also know of Magonia and have begun their attack to wipe out all of fox-kind.

A young fox named Ken, under the tutelage of Master Pan, might just be Magonia’s only hope. As the demons appeared, so too did an apparition of the young fox who defeated the King Lich. It is now Ken’s destiny to rise up and take the mantle of the Tailed Demon Slayer.

tailed demon slayer rise cover
Here we go!!!

CookApps, the same makers of Shadow Knights: Idle RPG, Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, released a sequel to one of their most played idle RPG, Tailed Demon Slayer; Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE. While Tailed Demon Slayer’s story took place in the past where the lands of Bestia have been plagued with war, pestilence, famine, and death, RISE’s story follows in the footsteps of a new hero from a surviving group of foxes.

What returns to this sequel is its non-stop action-packed battles that will keep you on the edge of your seats. That’s not all—RISE is, much like its predecessor, still very much an idle game. The new features it has in store for its players are its new challenges and new weapons exclusively wielded by Ken. An adventure of gigantic proportions awaits our little fox and you’ll be there to help him.

tailed demon slayer rise intro
A familiar face…

Such a mantle is quite a big one to fill. Will you help restore peace to Bestia and keep Magonia safe from the clutches of evil or will it fall prey to the dark demons’ delight? Read our beginner’s guide below and we will show you how to turn Ken into the ultimate warrior!

Note: We’re aware that the previous game called the villain the “Lich King”. For consistency, we’ll refer to him as the King Lich since that is what is written in the in-game cutscenes.

Of Idle Games and RPGs

tailed demon slayer rise curse
Not if Ken can help it.

The idle game genre is nothing new.

Years ago, idle games were known as incremental games wherein each progression in any of the games requires you to achieve a certain amount of points before progressing even further. For example, you will need a level of 10 to get past this one part. After getting past it, you’ll be told that you’ll require a level of 20, and then 30, so on and so forth. But this is a rather simplified version of the genre since idle games today have become increasingly complex in mechanics.

Gameplay-wise, idle games are as they imply in their genre title; they’re games that you leave idle. This isn’t to say that idle games are boring, though. Most of the heavy lifting is done by the game, and your job is to only improve the conditions present in the game so you can progress even further.

This means that you are in charge of upgrading all of the parameters that your character(s) possess(es). You usually earn these upgrades by accumulating a resource, usually money, and each upgrade rises in increment whenever you purchase them. There will be many other ways you can improve your situation in-game, but these would often get unlocked as you progress since higher levels will demand higher amounts of time and/or resources.

Idle games also come in a variety of types: from restaurant games to RPGs. Examples of idle games today are Eatventure, Hungry Hearts Diner Neo, Temple Run Idle, Cats & Soup, Blade Idle, Idle Miner: Tycoon, Gold & Goblins, Nonstop Knight 2, and both Tailed Demon Slayer and Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE.

With Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE’s premise and nature fully explained, let’s now talk about some basics on how you can make Ken the savior of Bestia.

How to RISE as a Tailed Demon Slayer

tailed demon slayer rise chosen one
Proof that Ken is the chosen one.

RISE is similar to its predecessor but also quite different in terms of gameplay mechanics.

While the original TDS was darker and invoked a sense of dread and death everywhere thanks to its grim and desaturated color palette, RISE gives off a sense of hope to the player because a new demon slayer is about to rise up and take the mantle albeit while fending off the demon horde. Differences in art aside, both games greatly differ in gameplay as well.

The original demon slayer, known simply as Fox, was only able to wield 2 weapons at a time whereas Ken is able to wield 3 different weapons at once. The weapons are divided into 3 categories

  • Short Range — Rapier and Hammer
  • Mid Range — Gatling Gun and Spear
  • Long Range — Crossbow and War Fan

In juggling the usage of these 3 weapons, Ken could continuously use his skills to wear the enemy down or eventually slay them in a spectacular combo of skills. As the names of the categories of the weapons imply, these denote the range in which Ken engages his enemies.

This also tells the player which weapons are the most mobile and which are the least mobile. In this case, the Short Range weapons have lunging attacks whereas the Long Range weapons are more focused on area control. The Mid Range weapons can juggle both duties since they offer a lot of strength from a certain distance.

For example, the Rapier has skills to get Ken into the fray, the Spear has wide, sweeping skills that reach around Ken’s immediate radius, and the Crossbow riddles the enemy with a torrent of arrows that can reach all sides of the screen. The weapons on their own don’t have any strengths or weaknesses, so it all amounts to player preference.

tailed demon slayer rise look out
Look out!

With these 3 different weapons, Ken ventures into lands unknown to begin cleansing Bestia of the demon scourge. After 10 waves (or stages) of fighting demons non-stop, Ken will have to confront a boss. If Ken slays the boss he proceeds to the next level.

But if Ken fails to slay the boss, he remains in the same level to kill an endless horde of demons so he can earn resources for upgrades. You can manually choose to summon the boss so Ken could challenge it again. Other ways you can ensure Ken’s progress is to upgrade his various stats, but we’ll get to that very soon.

Ken indeed shares similarities with the fox from the previous game, but even players new to this franchise need not play the first to understand this one. Both games are idle in nature, thus they are endless. TDS and RISE have their own little quirks here and there, but we feel that maybe RISE polished itself a bit more in elements that TDS could have done better in.

That said, if you’re ready to turn Ken into an unstoppable demon-killing machine, then read on!

Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE Tips and Tricks

Just like many idle games, Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE has its own quirks. Your biggest enemy here isn’t the army of demons trying to kill you; it’s progression. Each level is harder to obtain than the last because resource costs get steeper. But with what we’re about to tell you, maybe your path to power won’t be such a bumpy one. Read our comprehensive beginner’s guide below and get ready to make demons’ heads roll!

1. Watch Ads, Tend to the Clover

tailed demon slayer rise clover buff
This Clover will protect Ken from harm!

Let’s get this one point of contention out of the way: ads are actually a good thing!

While it’s unfortunate that ads are inescapable in most mobile games today, they can be useful and necessary. On your part, watching ads actually helps the developers earn passively, so you’re supporting them without having to pay so much, if not, at all! It’s a win-win: you get bonuses, the devs gain your support. Speaking of bonuses, RISE has its fair share of ads, but certain means of watching ads can make Ken substantially more powerful.

In the beginning of the game, Master Pan gives Ken an enchanted clover which he can use to increase his powers. When used at its fullest, Ken becomes a force to be reckoned with. In short, it’s this very clover that is powered by ads. Without its strength, Ken will struggle in some of his battles against demon bosses.

To access the clover, you must tap the upper-left part of the screen. You should see a clover-shaped object which looks empty. It is divided into 4 parts:

  • ATK — An increase in the amount of damage Ken does overall
  • Max HP — An increase in Ken’s total life
  • Gold Drop — An increase in gold earned from killing enemies
  • Boss DMG — An increase in damage dealt to bosses

Having all of these active after watching 4 ads to unlock each one, the game will be temporarily sped up. This means less time grinding and killing enemies but you get bigger rewards thanks to the extra gold you earn and progression due to the damage you deal to bosses.

One other thing you can use ads for is to accumulate more rewards after having Ken slay demons while you were away. This is par for the course since it’s an idle game, but the game offers you the option to obtain double the rewards. Don’t drop this offer! Getting more of the resources harvested by Ken is a great way to make him even stronger than before as we will discuss soon. Granted, this will also happen regardless of whether the Auto Mode has been turned off or not.

As you can see, having Ken run around and battle the demons on his own accord is rather efficient, but there is one thing you should always activate manually.

2. Play on Auto, But Never Auto Your Guardian

tailed demon slayer rise auto mode
This button here? Don’t enable it. Ever.

Auto Mode—it’s a feature that exists in many mobile games today. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. But RISE uses it for utmost efficiency. In fact, we encourage it!

While Auto-Mode can be turned off at any time, it’d turn the game into a difficult struggle, especially because you’ll mostly be fumbling with skills and weapon switching. It could even hinder your progress since most bosses operate on a time limit system.

If the time limit expires while fighting a boss, Ken is automatically defeated and he will have to repeat the level until you have enough resources to upgrade him. This could be difficult for you since your goal here is to get Ken stronger as quickly as possible.

One other aspect of Auto Mode is that the game has an Auto Guardian feature wherein Ken will call down a mighty Guardian from the sky to deal massive amounts of damage unto his enemies. While this idea may seem great on paper wherein he could easily wipe out hordes and hordes of enemies, it’s not always welcome, especially when you need that extra kick in damage while fighting a boss. Therefore, having Auto Guardian on could lessen your chances of progressing from a boss fight. You can turn this off on the lower right part of the screen.

Calling your accompanying Guardian in battle should be done sparingly. This is because after doing so, the Guardian gauge will require some recharging and you can only do this by having Ken fight the enemy or get him hurt a few times. Basically, the more Ken fights, the sooner his Guardian gauge will fill. This can’t be done in the span of a single boss fight if your gauge is completely empty.

That said, Guardians are powerful creatures that each specialize in the following:

  • Jujak — A massive, burning owl that causes conflagration each time it flaps its wings. Jujak is ideal in causing massive area damage as well as damage over time.
  • Hyoryu — An ancient frost dragon that spews a breath of Blizzard as well as rain gigantic hailstones from the sky. With winds of scathing cold, Hyoryu slows the march of the enemy, reducing their movement speed with each of its attacks. Hyoryu is an ideal companion if Ken specializes in the Gatling Gun, Crossbow, and War Fan weapons.
  • Kilin — A great thunderbeast that moves at the speed of lightning. Kilin’s presence sends a lightning storm directly into the enemy, slowing their attack speed while allowing Ken more time to regenerate his health.

As it’s observed from the 3 different Guardians, they each can offer different strategic advantages. For instance, if you’re going for a defensive stance in the fight, Kilin would be your best bet since it slows down the enemy’s attack speed. Most importantly, you should pick a Guardian that you’re comfortable using with the weapons that Ken is using.

Though, Guardians aside, Ken is only as good as his stats. After all, if a person wielding a weapon is weak, they’re hardly wielding it at all.

3. Level Up Stats as You Go

tailed demon slayer rise training
Rookie numbers!

Stat-building in RPGs is nothing new.

For different classes, having a slew of stats that they only benefit from is normally how things are in almost any RPG. For instance, a warrior or fighter class would require a lot of attack and max HP, whereas mages would require intelligence or max MP. While it would be interesting to think that RISE has a class system, it’s all Ken.

Our little vulpine hero is an all-around soldier. He can stab enemies with his sword, smash them with a hammer, shoot them with a gun, pierce them with a spear, snipe them with a crossbow, or cast powerful spells on them with an enchanted war fan. Regardless of what Ken uses, he only has a set number of stats which affect his overall performance. Unlike the first Tailed Demon Slayer which has only 3 stats, Ken has a lot of different stats to aid him in any situation.

Because you’ll be unlocking stats along the way, we’ll only tackle the first 5 stats that will be available to you during the early game. Mind you, unlike most RPGs, stats aren’t upgraded with EXP, but with gold, so take advantage of the amounts of gold that you receive each time you play. We’ll get to how you can earn more gold soon.

Below is a short list with brief descriptions on the first 5 stats that will be available to Ken during the first few stages:

  • Attack — This affects Ken’s overall damage. From the smallest of numbers to the biggest, this stat increases them all. In short, if you want Ken to off demons in a more timely manner, increase this.
  • HP — This affects how much HP Ken has. The more of it he has, the longer he lasts in a fight. Naturally, if Ken runs out of HP, he dies.
  • HP Recovery — Increasing this will allow Ken to recover his HP after a short delay in a fight. The more of this he has, the faster he will fill his HP. This also means that this goes hand in hand with the HP stat since having too little HP and too much HP Recovery will let Ken recover a little too quickly but he may also have the tendency to die just as fast. Too much HP and too little HP recovery and Ken won’t be able to recover enough in time, making this stat useless. More or less, this stat has to have parallel numbers with HP.
  • Crit Chance — One of the many unlockable stats. This stat allows Ken the chance to strike at the enemy with additional damage. This stat goes hand in hand with the one below.
  • Crit Damage — Another unlockable stat. Complementing Crit Chance, this affects the overall damage that Ken can deal whenever he scores a Critical Hit. Increasing both this and Crit Chance will allow Ken to kill his foes more quickly.

You will often be increasing the first 3 stats since they’ll always come up in the Quest Prompt on the lower right side of the screen. This means that oftentimes, your Attack, HP, and HP Recovery will all be at the same level. Though, sometimes, it won’t hurt to bump up these levels even though you aren’t currently doing these as a quest.

To further elaborate, if you feel like Ken isn’t killing a boss fast enough, then there is no harm in raising his attack or any other offensive stat a few hundred levels. This way, at least if you happen to reach the next requirement to increase any of your stats, you’ll probably have reached it.

That’ll be less gold spent at that time. Fortunately, the more you progress, the more stats you’ll unlock and the more gold you’ll be making. It’s a win-win situation that we can’t stress enough: don’t hinder Ken’s progression!

We briefly mentioned a Quest Prompt earlier. What is that exactly?

4. Follow the Quest Prompt

tailed demon slayer rise quest prompt
Get going!

In most RPGs, there exist such things as quests.

Quests always serve as a means to guide the player into following a story or getting stronger. Sometimes, it even rewards the player if they happen to complete rather difficult ones. In RISE, however, there are such things as quests that you can complete but more importantly, there is a guiding hand in the form of a little prompt.on the side of the screen. We call this one a Quest Prompt.

The quests given to the player by the Quest Prompt are quite simple. They often cycle from increasing Ken’s stats, to raiding certain dungeons, to progressing past a level. This serves as a means to get rewarded with gems as well as a steady form of progression.

Without such a guide, Ken would be mindlessly fighting with you struggling to figure out what you should improve on next or what you could attempt to do in order to progress. In other words, following this prompt rewards you in a way that will further improve Ken as you go. It’s neat and helpful.

As far as dungeons go, here’s a quick description of what you are to expect when you follow the Quest Prompt:

  • Donmani’s Gem Cart
tailed demon slayer rise donmani's gem cart
It’ll only get tougher from here.

Ken’s task here is to guard a grumpy hippopotamus. Donmani promises Ken a reward if his gem cart doesn’t get destroyed by the demons. However, this task gets more and more difficult because of how persistent and vicious the demon hordes become. Completing a gem cart run will reward Ken with some gems as a token of appreciation from Donmani himself.

  • Sloth King’s Gold Temple
tailed demon slayer rise sloth king's gold temple
… in a rich fox’s world!

Who knew that sloths could be such miserly creatures? These denizens of Bestia wish to hoard riches all to themselves and it’s here where Ken needs to punish them and give back what they stole… Or perhaps, Ken’s the one doing the stealing here! Regardless, Ken gets to keep whatever gold he took from the sloths while fighting them. Frequent this dungeon if you’d like to earn a lot of gold.

  • Great Library
tailed demon slayer rise great library
Can you keep up?

A trial of endurance for Ken. The demons here are more vicious than the usual breed since their attacks are even more relentless than those on the battlefield itself. In this dungeon, Ken will take a constant beating from the demons and his goal is simple: to survive. If you’ve raised his HP and HP Recovery high enough, he should be able to conquer this dungeon in particular without a hitch.

Unfortunately, unlike in the regular mode where Ken progresses through waves of demon soldiers, he cannot be accompanied here by a Guardian. These dungeons are more or less a test of Ken’s overall capabilities and how well you’ve raised his stats, especially the Great Library.

Naturally, if you fail to complete any of these dungeons in the time limits given (except for the Great Library where running out of time means a successful run), Ken will fail and the ticket used to enter the dungeon will be refunded.

While this is good to do at any time given, it’s better to do this simply when the Quest Prompt asks you to. That way, Ken should be in enough shape to attempt a run and (hopefully) succeed in it. Should he fail any of these, even after being told by the Quest Prompt, it simply means you may have to try any of the other things on this list.

One surefire way you can get Ken at his best is to focus solely on just 3 of the 6 weapons he can wield.

5. Focus on 3 Weapons at a Time

tailed demon slayer rise three weapons
A better understanding of Ken’s arsenal.

Rapier, Hammer, Gatling Gun, Spear, Crossbow, and Fan—these are all 6 weapons that Ken is able to wield. However, at a time, he can only wield 3 of these.

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this guide, each of the 6 different weapons have their own characteristics and are defined by their range. There isn’t much difference between two of each of the weapons in the same range type, but what should matter here is that you’ve properly invested in them. By investing in them, we mean working on their masteries properly.

Masteries are a way Ken will be able to strike the enemy harder with specific weapons. To elaborate, masteries increase the efficiency and damage of each and every skill that a weapon possesses. You can only acquire currency for these masteries by raiding the Great Library. Focusing on just 3 of these will save you resources and ensure that Ken’s training isn’t spread out too thinly.

Turning him into a jack-of-all-trades won’t do him any good since that will become his biggest weakness. In other words, being good at all weapons means that he won’t be good at any of them and this will surely hinder his progression since it’ll take him much longer dispatching his enemies.

There is another way you can increase the power of your chosen weapons, but we’ll get to that soon. The best advice we could give you while starting out is to experiment with the different weapons you have and combine those that you think work best with each other.

Eventually, you should be pouring a lot of your resources into your 3 favorites. There will be moments where you might have costumes that don’t fit your current loadout and you’ll resort to using weapons that you haven’t mastered yet (this is fine), but you’re more prone to unlocking better equipment as you progress anyway.

Speaking of which, how does Ken get more gear? In RISE, it’s a very interesting way that’s unlike most RPGs.

6. Constantly Summon and Level Equipment Up

tailed demon slayer rise summon
Humble beginnings.

Getting new gear and loot in RPGs, traditionally, involves raiding dungeons or killing enemies. If you have the funds for it, then it’s a trip to the local blacksmith, hoping they have that spanking brand-new weapon that you’ve been needing. Otherwise, you’ll be prying your new favorite sword from the corpse of a mighty boss that you’ve single-handedly defeated. The fantasy of these is nice, but that’s not how it works here in Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE.

In a similar vein to games like Blade Idle, RISE’s means of giving Ken some new equipment is through the state-of-the-art action of summoning. “Summoning gear?” you say. Yes, summoning gear. You just need to pay a small sum of gems in order to open a treasure chest containing a slew of different equipment. All of which vary in grade and tier.

Most importantly, constantly summoning equipment from under the Summon menu will drastically increase the chances of Ken receiving high-end gear. The more summons have been performed, the sooner Ken will be getting more powerful equipment. This can be measured through a progression bar in the summoning interface.

The numbers denote the amount of gems needed for the summoning to “level up” in order for higher-tier gear to be given to Ken. We recommend summoning gear in bulk so the duplicates can be merged in the equipment section.

tailed demon slayer rise auto level up
Press it. You know you want to!

Earning duplicates of gear can be merged in the Hero section. Merging all of Ken’s equipment will improve the quality of the gear that he has available. Simply tapping the Auto Level Up button will instantly merge all gear available if it can be done.

This usually becomes available after each summon. The more times you merge your gear, the better the quality of the gear becomes. This’ll allow Ken to hit harder and survive for much longer, therefore increasing his likelihood of progressing a few levels forward. Additionally, you’ll also make Ken stronger by collecting any and all gear he comes across through the Album (located on the upper right).

But did you know that it isn’t just equipment that are the only things that Ken can summon? That’s right, if you want him to become even stronger, he has to harness the power of unlikely allies, and we don’t mean the Guardians.

7. Equip Hard-Hitting Fairies

tailed demon slayer rise fairies
Cute but deadly.

Ken is no stranger to mystical beings. From the massive and intimidating Guardians, to the very demons he fights, he rubs shoulders with them every day. However, there are yet smaller beings that he can still befriend. These beings are Fairies.

Much like the original Tailed Demon Slayer, RISE grants Ken the ability to ally with Fairies. However, unlike the Fox from TDS, Ken is able to bring along 4 Fairies at the same time instead of just 3. This means 4 times the spells and 4 times the mischief. Before you start summoning them, there are a few things we need to let you know first.

Fairies are similar to pets. But unlike in most RPGs, they don’t require food or extra maintenance. Apart from their cute appearances, they also have icons to show which region they’ve come from in-game. Let their adorable physiology fool you, though, they’re competent warriors who fight with great pride and might. They’ll also see Ken as a worthy enough ally once he’s progressed far enough into the game (yes, that means you’ll have to unlock these Fairies eventually).

Each Fairy has their own special ability. When you’re at the Fairy interface of the game, you’ll see that each of their abilities behave quite differently from one another. This could make for some interesting setups where Ken could efficiently thin out the horde of demons each time he encounters them. We highly recommend picking out Fairies who deal increased amounts of damage in order to keep Ken from exerting himself too much.

tailed demon slayer rise kamu
Collect ‘em all!

In addition, Fairies have their own passive stats. You’ll notice that they each have their own “Effect in Possession”. In contrast to the bonuses that Fairies give Ken while they’re equipped, Effects in Possession simply allow Ken to draw power from them as long as he has them in his inventory. Therefore, getting more Fairies means a greater increase in stats thanks to the Effect in Possession stat, so go find yourself some Fairies!

summoning fairies in tailed demon slayer rise
Set them free.

“But where do Fairies come from?” you ask. As we’ve mentioned before talking about this bullet in the guide, Fairies are summoned just like Ken’s equipment and just like the equipment summoning, Fairy summoning can also level up, yielding you higher-end Fairies each time the meter fills. This’ll grant you access to Fairies that could even give the Guardians a run for their money eventually!

Regrettably, summoning both equipment and Fairies will take a toll on your gem count. There is a way you can mitigate this, however.

8. Claim Rewards Wherever You Can

tailed demon slayer rise rewards
Shiny, shiny things!

Anything and everything you do in Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE is rewarding.

Apart from simply letting Ken slay the demons or running dungeons, you are often rewarded with the most precious commodity this game has to offer: gems. Gems are used in a lot of things and are given to you en masse each time you make an achievement in-game or complete a quest.

To add to this already constant flow of rewards, you are given gems whenever server maintenance has been completed or each time the game gets an update. Thus, getting gems simply happens by playing the game. You don’t have to assist Donmani in protecting his gem cart all the time.

Getting as many gems as possible could be quite beneficial in your quest to make Ken stronger. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you use gems to summon new weapons, Fairies, and more. The more gems you have, the faster you’ll progress because you’ll be getting all sorts of cool equipment. Not to mention, having the right Fairies is always a big deal, especially if there’s that one boss you can’t seem to get past.

Not everything is all about fighting, though. Even warriors need to clear their minds every now and then.

9. Meditate for Extra Growth

tailed demon slayer rise meditation
Keep that other eye closed, Ken!

Did you know that RISE has a minigame?

Match-3 games are quite popular in the mobile market. You have various titles and genres, from the ever-popular Candy Crush Saga or the classic Bejeweled to more obscure titles like Match Land or Puzzle Quest 3. They’re enjoyed by players of all ages and people from all over the world. This minigame in question is actually yet another means for Ken to become even stronger. Though, it isn’t just any minigame; it’s a puzzle. Help Ken clear his thoughts by aiding him in his Meditation.

tailed demon slayer rise meditation 2

Meditation may look like a match-3 type of game at first glance, but we assure you that it isn’t. For one, this isn’t simply a switch and match type of mechanic that you’re dealing with. How it works is you need to put your finger first on a colored stone. Once it’s on, drag the finger toward an adjacent colored stone and try to connect as many as you possibly could. In other words, multiple stones can be linked at once, albeit without the player lifting their finger from the board (or their move will be consumed).

Uncolored stones, Fox Orb Fragments, or Meditation Stones that are on the board play as wildcards—stones that can be matched with any color that you are currently trying to link. The moves at which you may assist Ken with his meditation are finite but regenerate over a short span of time, therefore each move has to count; link as many stones of the same color as possible!

However, just like most match-3 games, Meditation has its own set of tools or powerups that can aid Ken in harvesting even more Meditation Stones than usual. Surprisingly, there are only 2 of these that are available as opposed to match-3 games bearing far more:

  • Meditation Paint
tailed demon slayer rise meditation paint

This allows you to remove the color of any stone, making it linkable with any other stone.

  • Meditation Bombs
tailed demon slayer rise meditation bomb

Using a Meditation Bomb on any stone will destroy all other stones that share its color. For example, destroying one green stone with a Meditation Bomb will destroy all other green stones on the board.

These powerups don’t come for free, though. Coming across them is probably even harder. Thus, when you have either Meditation Paint or Meditation Bombs, it’s imperative that you use them sparingly.

tailed demon slayer rise mental training
The mind is the hidden weapon.

Upon successful Meditation, you can use these Meditation Stones in the Mental Training feature at the Sky Island (accessible on the lower left of the main screen, just above the Hero button). This is where Ken can obtain powerful passive bonuses. However, unlike most other stats that are instantaneously upgraded, the bonuses here take time to develop. If you so choose to rush their development, you may pay a sum of gems to complete them instantly.

tailed demon slayer rise awakening
Power concentrated.

Meditation Stones aside, Fox Orb Fragments can be used on Ken’s Fox Orbs in the Awakening section in the Growth menu. These shimmering Fox Orbs are the key to Ken’s latent power, each of which boosting several of his different stats whenever upgraded. There are 9 of these orbs. Here is a list of all of them and what they upgrade:

  • I — ATK
  • II — HP
  • III — HP Recovery
  • IV — Rapier Attack
  • V — Hammer Attack
  • VI — Gatling Gun Attack
  • VII — Spear Attack
  • VIII — Crossbow Attack
  • IX — Hand Fan Attack

As you can see, this hearkens back to what we talked about regarding focusing on 3 weapons at a time. With these Fox Orbs, you can specifically boost Ken’s performance with your chosen weapons. Just like we said earlier, focusing on just 3 will help you maximize your Fox Orb Fragments; you’ll be spending them on weapons that only matter to you the most as opposed to making Ken an all-arounder.

In the end, the biggest boosts that Ken could ever receive actually come from the things he wears, and it’s not the equipment we’re talking about!

10. Costumes Make the Superfox

tailed demon slayer rise costume
Falcon Punch not included.

Superheroes—they always come to save the day in their flashy and otherwise awesome costumes. Did you know that the same can be done for the people of Magonia? You, too, can turn Ken into a superhero by giving him awesome costumes.

The costume system in RISE is an interesting one. Besides giving Ken some massive bonuses to his stats, some of the higher-end costumes can really turn Ken into a force to be reckoned with. The high-rarity costumes that can be obtained through using Costume Tickets (spent through the Summon menu), come with active skills that allow Ken to wield magicks that can ward off demons.

Each magic spell also reflects the element of which the costume is based on. To illustrate, the Falcon Knight armor has an affinity with the ice element and thus, when Ken is wearing it, he can call down a massive hailstorm from the sky and unto his demon foes.

tailed demon slayer rise daily goodies

Perhaps the best thing about costumes is that they can also be upgraded just like equipment and Fairies. The way they’re upgraded is different, though. You will need Elemental Stones from the Elemental Caves wherein you have to fight massive crystals whilst equipped with costumes of the corresponding elements. That is to say, if you’re in the Fire Elemental Cave, you will cause the most damage if you’re wearing only costumes bearing the Fire Element. This also means, out of all the Guardians, you can only bring Jujak along.

Each time you tackle a crystal, you’ll notice that your damage towards it only goes upward. The rule here is the more damage you deal, the more Elemental Stones you will receive from it. It also has a meter below the damage gauge that will temporarily increase the amount of damage it receives from Ken’s attacks.

tailed demon slayer rise overloaded

When this happens, the screen will go dark and the word “OVERLOADED” will be present on the screen. This moment should be your cue to summon your equipped Guardian for maximum damage. After which, your prize should be some Elemental Stones based on the amount of damage you dealt overall. Naturally, if you upgrade your gear and progress further into the game, you’ll get even more of these.

Each costume also bears a star level. These levels are what drastically increase the bonuses that the costumes offer to Ken. To increase these star levels, you must summon the costumes from the Summon menu (provided you have enough Costume Tickets), and the moment you get duplicates of costumes you already own, these will add to the costume’s “experience”.

Admittedly, it is a bit tricky getting Costume Tickets since they’re quite difficult to come by. Though nothing quite beats just playing the game and earning them slowly. Eventually, you’ll have enough to summon plenty of costumes at once, greatly empowering the ones you already own, thus granting Ken an even greater chance at progressing through each level.

tailed demon slayer rise mission complete

In summary, Tailed Demon Slayer: RISE might be an idle game, but it’s no walk in the park. It’s a game that will test your hard work and determination to make Ken the greatest demon slayer who ever lived. Most of your progress will indeed be derived from the hard work you put into the game. While the path ahead is going to be a long, long one, just remember what you’ve learned from this guide:

  • Ads are your friends! They help greatly in giving you extra rewards. They also give Ken a massive boost in performance thanks to the Clover buffs.
  • Auto mode is great. Just don’t rely on it when you have your Guardian equipped. You will always need your Guardian for whenever the boss arrives and when you need to deal that mortal blow.
  • Ken’s stats must be constantly upgraded. This is specifically because of the Quest Prompt. It will consistently guide you and tell you to level up some of Ken’s stats.
  • Speaking of the Quest Prompt, it’s a guide that could easily carry you forward. Whenever you’re lost and don’t know what to do, look here!
  • Focusing on only 3 weapons at a time will allow you to save resources and turn Ken into a powerhouse more quickly.
  • Summoning equipment is a surefire way to get Ken better gear, especially since you can upgrade your gear this way. Better gear means demons are made dead faster!
  • Fairies are powerful spirits that can help kill enemies quickly. Equip only those that hit the hardest!
  • Get rewards anywhere, everywhere. They’re your key to getting a steady flow of gems.
  • Meditation helps give Ken some powerful passive bonuses from the Mental Training on the Sky Island. Make use of it when you think Ken needs a boost in stats. It also allows you to further focus on only 3 of his weapons thanks to his Fox Orb upgrades in the Awakening tab.
  • Costumes are what make Ken the best demon slayer he could be. Draw these often from the Summon menu and upgrade them by raiding the Elemental Caves. Don’t slack off on this one, especially!
tailed demon slayer rise fight

Ken’s journey is only beginning. You’ll be facing even greater challenges, larger demons, and more hellish enemies along the way. It’s entirely up to you to turn him into the savior of Magonia. The Dark Mage’s minions will grow more violent the farther Ken goes, but remember that only he can become the new Tailed Demon Slayer. Let him rise, rise, RISE!

Have you foreseen what lies ahead in Ken’s travels? Are you a seasoned player of the game? Do you have an impressive wardrobe of costumes? Leave your thoughts in the comment area below this article!