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Survival Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Help You Become the King of Survival

From Snail Games USA Inc., the developers behind popular RPGs like Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter, Dragon Revolt, and Age of Wushu Dynasty to name a few, comes a new game unlike any you’ve played before. Survival Heroes is both a MOBA and Battle Royale game that has a lot to offer to even the most experienced players of these genres. If you’re a fan of MOBA games like Mobile Legends or Battle Royale games like Fortnite, then prepare to get hooked on this one as it delivers a fun and exciting mix of the newest game genres in one differently challenging game.

In a nutshell, Survival Heroes puts you and up to 99 other players on a sizable map where you must continuously fight mobs, loot treasures, and battle other players to become stronger while constantly moving within a shrinking safe zone. There’s hardly any idle time in this game as you will be forced to continuously be farming while constantly being on your guard once the battle starts.

survival heroes beginner's guide

The game offers a quick and easy tutorial where you learn all the basics as well as a good feel of an actual battle. You can immediately join another round of battle afterwards with the hopes of getting better results than your previous run but whether you’ve played loosely similar games before or you’re totally new to the genre, our Survival Heroes beginner’s guide can help you boost your standing on every succeeding battle you join in the game.

1. Practice At The Training Camp

While conventional MOBA games offer a variety of characters with different skills to learn and master, Survival Heroes works differently in the sense that each player practically has a similarly able character to start with. The varying skills are instead embedded on the different weapons you can loot in the battle arena. As you have looted and used a couple or a few more weapons on your first battle, you still need to test the rest of it out at the Armory’s Training Camp.

survival heroes training camp

There are a total of twenty-two weapons currently available in the game, ten of which are readily usable and twelve others that you can unlock. Learning to use these weapons will give you a better idea on how to engage a battle while using them and readies you when encountering opponents in the battlefield who wield these weapons. As it may take some time and effort to unlock the other weapons, you should also get an actual feel of what these weapons can do before you pursue to unlock them.

2. Team Up With Other Players Before Joining A Battle

Like in many Battle Royale games, you can choose to play solo, with a partner, or three teammates before jumping into battle in Survival Heroes. There’s really no argument that in any multiplayer game, the best choice is to go with three other people. You probably have friends or gaming buddies that started playing the game as early as you did or, perhaps, you can count on a few to jump into the game with you. If this is the case then setting forth and aiming towards being the number one survivor in a battle can be an easier goal to accomplish as you can discuss strategies, ensure you have different yet complementing sets of skills, and develop new ones together as you dive into rounds after rounds of Survival Heroes. If not, pairing up with randoms is still the much better option than going solo. It may be possible to be among the top survivors while playing without a team on the ground that anything is possible but it is highly improbable.

3. Join A Guild As Soon As You Hit Level 8

survival heroes guild

Any game that has a guild system almost automatically means that you should be in one. In Survival Heroes, this option opens up at level 8. You can apply to as many as ten guilds at a time, and as of this writing, most guilds are very open to members in that there’s hardly any guild that requires approval prior to your joining. Though you can create a guild with either 50,000 gold or 500 diamonds, which you probably still don’t have at this level, simply being in one can earn you additional resources to boost your character’s level and potentially get new character and weapon skins too. Aside from item gains, being in a guild opens up better opportunities to gain additional in-game friends and allies whom you can team up with on your succeeding battles.

4. Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades, Or At Least Try To Be

It’s only natural to have a favorite weapon early on in this game the same way you would favor one hero over others in any conventional RPG or MOBA game. As you try to establish your play style and become accustomed to performing a particular role in every battle, you may feel that the road to victory can best be travelled by mastering only one weapon. This approach isn’t always the most efficient, especially in Survival Heroes. As your skills depend on the weapons you loot in the battlefield, which are randomly generated, it may happen that your preferred weapon may not be on the random drop roll in one round. Given the scenario, you’d find yourself in a bind as you struggle trying all sorts of weapons you most likely never or hardly use.

To be an efficient player and member of any squad, it’s best to have a chosen best weapon which complements the preferred weapons of your teammates. Additionally, you need to be proficient with at least three to four other weapons in the event that your main isn’t around. This will also be advantageous in the event that your preferred weapon isn’t doing well in a particular encounter. Remember as well that more weapons you are proficient with, the better prepared you are when fighting against players who use them in the battlefield.

5. Have Varying Roles In Your Squad

There will never be a 100% guaranteed best formula for selecting which combination of skills are best for every given scenario. Even in RPGs and other MOBA games, there are as many combinations as there are skill sets to choose from when forming a team. Perhaps the best way to decide on how to build your squad around this concept is to play as much as you can together to determine who’s best at which particular role before choosing which weapons to focus on for each member. Given as well that not all weapons may be readily available at the initial stages of the battle, your squad must be ready to make quick adjustments as needed to effectively handle most, if not all, threats that come your way.

Again, this will be a lot more challenging being in a squad of people you’ve never played with before. As such, knowing how to properly utilize a variety of weapons to readily take on a different role in the midst of battle will be your key to survival and perhaps, ultimate victory.

6. Stay Close To Your Team

survival heroes stick together with your team

It’s practically a given that when you’re playing with friends you would all be sticking together from the get-go. Staying close doesn’t necessarily mean being within an arm’s reach of one another as you also need to cover as much ground as fast as you can to farm and become stronger. Rather, what’s important is being close enough to see at least one member and being able to assist or seek aid in the event of a surprise encounter. Perhaps on some occasions anyone can stray a little off, but still, within the risks of being able to get back to the team in case of an unexpected assault. This is especially challenging when playing with randoms as the probability of having a coordinated drop-off is very low. Choosing to follow one of your teammates before jumping off to the battlefield guarantees that you’d be with him or her when you land but being able to connect back with the rest of the team may be a problem. This is where you exert effort to bring everyone together as you choose to travel, as far as practicable, closer to more of your teammates and well within the safe zone.

7. Don’t be A Hoarder

In most games, it’s almost a given that taking everything you can grab along the way is the only way to go, even if you have an overabundance of a particular item and don’t have any need for it whatsoever. In MOBA games, especially this one, you have to be very particular about what you put in your bag. Be sure to only take enough of what you really need. Given the very limited slots and the hassle of removing items late in the game, being well conscious of your inventory capacity from the start of the battle saves you the trouble of worrying about not getting a much needed item in the heat of the battle as a result of having a full inventory.

8. Use The Bushes…Properly

how to use bushes in survival heroes

There are a lot of bushes in the map that you can use to avoid detection and it’s a must to learn how to utilize them properly. For one, camping on bushes for the most part of a battle is definitely a no-no. While it can’t be helped that there will always be campers in battle royale games, being one may help you survive longer in the game but more likely won’t help you to become the King of Survival. You constantly need to be moving and using bushes to travel from point A to point B is the best way to do it. Being within the enemy’s field of vision while running towards the bushes also won’t work so when you need to recover or while waiting to fully charge your abilities, it’s best to move away from the enemies’ sight first before jumping into the bushes.

9. Know When To Fight And When To Flee

You can’t always charge into battle when you see an enemy and expect to always succeed in the encounter. There is always a chance that you’ll meet a stronger player or squad and you’re only option is to retreat and re-strategize. You basically have only one life in battle (and no chance for revenge) and that is why it’s mostly important to stay alive. It may also happen that while chasing an enemy you seem to be dominating, your opponent suddenly leads you to an ambush that quickly turns the tide of the battle against your favor, knowing your capability against the given enemies will be the key determinant on deciding whether you can hold to down at least one of them or immediately turning tail.

10. Learn To Differentiate Between Dying And Dead Enemies

Reducing the opponent’s HP down to zero sends them crawling on their hands and knees. That’s not the end of it though. While they’re practically helpless and will perish within a few seconds you should continue to attack them till that faded, constantly depleting life bar empties and they finally die. As they may still be revived by their teammates, the primary objective is to finish them off. If the downed opponent’s teammates or other enemies are within the vicinity, then you should try and take care of them first.

11. Try To Spectate Every Once In A While

survival heroes spectate

Regardless of how experienced you are with MOBA or Battle Royale games, there will always be something new to learn by watching other people play. Aside from being able to spectate on your teammates when get eliminated from battle, there’s also an option to observe how other people play in the game’s Spectate feature. It may be tough to pick which player to watch and there will always be players who may perform much worse than you on your worst game. In any case, you’ll find someone you can pick up new strategies from sooner or later.

12. Be Sure To Equip Those Runes

survival heroes runes

You’ll be introduced to the Rune System early on in the game. As you level your character up, you’ll be able to unlock more slots for the runes you’ve collected. Each rune provides a buff to a particular stat or two and while these are very minimal, it’s still helpful. Initially, you’d be okay just by equipping whatever rune you have. Later on, however, you’ll have to align these runes to perfectly support your preferred build and accompanying weapons.

13. Don’t Forget To Claim Those Rewards

Survival Heroes has plenty to offer as well when it comes to handing out extra experience points and currencies with milestones you accomplish while playing. Additionally, there are rewards to claim too for simply logging in on the game every day.

how to get more rewards in survival heroes

And this wraps up our Survival Heroes beginner’s guide! We hope you found our strategy guide enjoyable as well as useful. If case you have additional Survival Heroes tips and tricks, that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below!