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Surfy Cheats: 8 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Surfy is a game that has you playing a surfer and in here you’ll be choosing from different types of surfboards, taking on players from around the world and doing all sorts of awesome tricks and gathering power-ups. It’s a bit on the casual side, but then again, we did mention the different boards and the gameplay, which involves earning points through the tricks you pull off, as well as earning coins and treasure. We’ve collected several Surfy cheats for you, all with the goal of helping you earn more of those points and get the most out of your gaming experience.

1. Go With A Slow Board For More Coins

While logic may suggest that you should go for the fastest and best surfboard available, you may also consider choosing a slower board if you’re looking to collect more coins and remain on the tube for a longer period of time. We suggest working on figure-eight patterns and riding through seaweed, as this would let you take it nice and slow as you gather those coins.

2. How To Avoid Flying Fish Attacks?

They may seem relatively harmless in real life, but in Surfy, your surfer should always avoid the attacks of flying fish. All you need to do here is ride low on the wave, though you’ll also need to be wary of the possibility of hitting rocks.

3. Catching Golden Marlins

While flying fish are best avoided, golden marlins are something you’d definitely want to catch. This is where playing with the sound on works to one’s advantage, as those chirping sounds are a sign that a golden marlin may be approaching, and a sign that you should act quickly to catch one.

4. Dealing With The Helicopter

Your power-ups would come in handy here, as they could help you ram the helicopter while it’s still on your display. Once you’ve gotten three direct hits on it, that should take care of the chopper.

5. Use Your Boosts When The Screen Starts Shaking

When you see this happening, that means the waves are churning and a wipeout may be coming your way. In order to stay on your board and avoid wiping out, use your boosts once you notice that shaking in your screen.

6. Combine Anti-Gravity And Superspin Power-Ups For More Spinning Ability

Do this at the same time and your surfer could get more spins and more hangtime when making jumps.

7. Reversals And Leaps Of Faith Get You Big Points

If you want to pull off a trick that will earn you a whole lot of points, do a reversal – when jumping, spin clockwise, then counter-clockwise in the same jump. The Leap of Faith is another far-out trick that will get you a lot of points; after getting significantly ahead of the wave, jump backwards. It doesn’t have to be right or left, just as long as it’s a substantial one.

8. Reaching Planets

It’s only a game and you certainly won’t see any surfing pros doing such a thing in our lifetimes. But if you’re looking to jump to outer space, time your boost while you’re making your way on a speed ramp; this should allow you to jump as high as Saturn, or even beyond that.