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Surfingers Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score and Unlock All Characters

Yes, this is another one of those games where you’re riding a board. However, this time around, Digital Melody’s Surfingers isn’t about skateboarding or hoverboard riding. It’s all about surfing, and this immersive new mobile game allows you to go surfing by swiping your finger up and down, then double-swiping with both hands so you can get a higher score. And you won’t just be surfing in the waters; you’ll also be taking on other environments such as caves, snowy hills, and even sand deserts. You can unlock up to 20-plus characters and challenge your friends and other players in the global leaderboards. The game also counts a “changing, random environment full of dangers” as another one of its special features.

No, this isn’t the surfing the Beach Boys used to sing about. It’s a different kind of surfing, and this unique set of Surfingers tips and tricks can help you achieve the game’s main objectives, which are to top your previous high score time and again, and to unlock more, or maybe all of the characters.

1. Look Ahead Of You And Focus While Surfing

When playing this game, the one general tip you would want to follow is to stay focused. And while doing that, you will also have to look ahead of you. This would allow you to anticipate danger and choose whether to move up or down. Also look left and right, but mainly, look ahead so you can be ready for any unexpected situation.

2. Don’t Be Hyper-Focused On The Stars

As stars are the currency you’ll need to spend to unlock new characters, it does sound like counterintuitive advice – do not focus on the stars too much, and ignore them if you can. So why should you do this? It’s simple – focusing too much on the stars will throw you off on what should be your main goal, and you don’t want that to happen. Focus on the waves ahead of you and level your character with those waves. You will collect stars along the way, and most of them will come to you instead of you coming to them; no need to panic if you miss out on a plethora of stars!

3. Watch Ads To Push Forward On Your Run

Ad videos are available for you to earn more stars, and you’ll be given the option on random occasions after you’ve wiped out, or missed a wave. Only do this when you’re close to your highest score or on quite a roll so far; watching ads will also allow you to push forward on your run. And don’t over-watch those ads, as the game can only serve up so many videos!

4. Unlock Characters Smartly, Here’s How

While it’s cool to unlock all of the characters in the game, there is a technique that you might want to follow if you want to do this as efficiently as possible. You can try buying, or unlocking the character that requires 700 stars, then moving up gradually. Do not buy the characters that require less stars than that, because chances are you would be able to unlock them for free, simply by beating a certain score. Also, if you like Surfingers on Facebook, you’ll be rewarded with one free character for your troubles.

This would be our compilation of tips and tricks for Digital Melody’s new game, Surfingers. If you are an experienced player who knows more hints for this title to get a high score and unlock all the characters, don’t hesitate to share them with us!