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Superstar Life Cheats & Tips: 6 Tricks to Help You Get Famous the Right Way

Want to become the next big celebrity? Nanobit’s Superstar Life is a game for iOS and Android devices that puts you straight in the glamour world of stardom and famous celebrities. There are countless dresses, hairstyles, handbags, makeup types, and other kinds of accessories that would allow you to customize your celebrity in just about any way you wish. You can also go dating and be seen with other celebrities, pursue different types of Hollywood careers (or even a businesswoman, if you wish), and enjoy all the perks of being rich, beautiful, and famous. Now, since being a celebrity isn’t all fun and games, we suggest you to check out the following Superstar Life cheats, tips and hints to help you deal with the advantages…and disadvantages of being somebody famous.

1. Complete The Kelly Quest

Beginner players usually find themselves stuck when they aren’t able to visit Kelly early in the game when visiting her is the main quest requirement. There’s really nothing to it – go to the Social tab under the Play menu, register your name, and invite some friends to play Superstar Life. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and visit Kelly anytime you want, thus completing one of the game’s earlier quests.

2. Focus On Completing Other Missions Too

Aside from Kelly, there are two other girls who can give you quests or missions in Superstar Life. The aforementioned Kelly will usually ask you to go on shopping sprees, though that’s going to improve your style. Jennifer’s missions typically deal with career decisions, and these are the ones you want to take on if you want more cash. Amanda’s missions are more time-consuming than those of the other girls, but you still want to take them on.

3. Maximize Your Style Points

When maximizing style points, the soundest strategy would be to buy the best item in all available categories. That would include tops, skirts/pants, dresses, shoes, and accessories. It may not always be fashionable in a real-world sense, but as far as this game is concerned, going for the best in each category is usually the safest and most effective technique if you want to maximize your style points.

4. Play The Carnival Mini-Games

Head over to the Carnival and you’ll be able to play different mini-games once a day – be sure you play each of these games daily and complete the required tasks. That’ll give you more tickets, and once you redeem your tickets, you’ll get even more items that could really help you look more stylish.

5. Choose The Right Career / Job

There’s really no best or least-ideal career choice in Superstar Life. It’ll all come down to your personal decision, but once again, your success in your Career will depend on your style points. Follow the above tips, spend as much as possible on items, and get yourself a Fabulous reward in the process, for even more items and a higher Fame rating.

6. Become The Master Of Dating

It’s all about picking the right interests when talking to a guy – date him in the Nightclub, and once you’ve successfully dated him by choosing the correct interests and talking to him about those things, he’ll become your boyfriend, and you can take him to the Coffee Shop for subsequent dates and more rewards once you’ve filled the Love Meter. As a bonus tip, we can tell you that Brandon is a guy who’s into sports and music, so talk to him about those things for a successful date.