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Super Tank Blitz Is a Competitive Tank Fighter Coming to Mobile in July

Following the tremendous success of Super Tank Rumble, publisher Smilegate is now preparing to launch its hyped follow-up, Super Tank Blitz. By all accounts, it looks like a giant leap above the original game, serving up a greater level of tactical play, a new roster of Commanders, and deeper customisation options than ever before.

supertank blitz

Collecting and customising an extensive roster of themed tanks is the big draw here, though the PvP battles themselves are consistently fast-paced and enjoyable. This is no doubt thanks to the impressive number of weapons and many combat opportunities on offer.

At launch, there are 12 unique Commanders to level up and try out. They all offer individual combat styles, attacks, and skills that make them feel distinct and interesting to play as.

Likewise, the tanks themselves have a lot of personality, and what’s more is that you’ll have practically endless opportunity to customise them to your heart’s content. Some even have special themes that influence their overall design. For example, there’s a revolver tank, igloo tank, taxi tank, and more.

supertank blitz gameplay

Super Tank Blitz will blast off on iOS and Android in July, and you can pre-register to play right now on both Google Play and Blitz’s official site. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on if fast-paced, mobile-friendly tank battles sound like a good time to you.


Monday 15th of June 2020