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Super Sharp Cheats, Tips & Guide: 4 Tricks for Solving More Puzzles

Super Sharp is an iOS game that can be categorized as a casual title. Its premise is that you have to “cut with skill” in order to complete the 120 levels included in the game as you become a “cut master.” That’s all developer 1Button SARL says in the game’s description, though such short and punchy descriptions aren’t unusual for games in the casual category. We can tell you, however, that this is a physics-based puzzle game where the cutting is actually slicing through objects and aiming at targets, with different environmental elements coming into play and making it progressively harder to hit said targets.

Playing Super Sharp is a lot like trial and error, as many have related. But that’s the hallmark of these games – they may be easy to pick up, but they’re hard to master. That’s the reason why we’ve come up with several Super Sharp cheats, tips and tricks that could help you cut through and complete more levels.

1. Know The Color Mechanics

In Super Sharp, you can slice through all objects that are white, or any other solid color (emphasis on solid) except for black. Putting this into practice, that means a black ball will roll off if you cut a corner of a white/solid-colored box. You wouldn’t be able to cut the ball, and neither would be able to cut corners surrounding objects of a solid color or white. This may take some time getting used to, but this color mechanic remains the same through all of the game’s levels.

2. Slice The Right Way

This game isn’t about slicing arbitrarily; there is some strategy involved, as it would infinitely better to make that one cut count. Slice through multiple objects by lining up as many objects as possible. Make use of the clues the game throws at you, such as arrows on an object that may help you slice precisely down the object’s center. Keep on slicing as long as there’s something to be cut, but keep good strategy in mind if you want to finish more levels. And remember as well that some puzzles may only require a small cut to solve.

3. How To Deal With Moving Objects

It is possible to prepare your slice in advance, before letting it go and cutting accordingly. This is the best way to deal with moving objects, which you need to cut at a specific angle.

4. Think Out Of The Box

On other occasions, there will be puzzles that require you to clear a path before you move a piece to where it should be. Even rarer than that are the puzzles where you have to move the piece before you clear the path. To solve these puzzles, you can try toggling between cutting to clear the path and cutting to move the piece. Always look closely and carefully at the objects, and view them from more than one angle; to this end, you can tilt or turn your iPhone or iPad for an alternate angle. Lastly, feel free to try and try again until you figure out how objects move; don’t be discouraged by the high number of swipes, just as long as you learn from your mistakes and tweak your strategy as you go.